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We are quickly approaching the August 4th primary date and we want to highlight two recently endorsed candidates for their desire to push democracy forward. PPAA is proud to endorse Gabriella Cazares-Kelly for Pima County Recorder and Stephanie Stahl Hamilton for Arizona House of Representatives - LD 10. These candidates are in competitive primaries and they need your help! If elected, both candidates will be first time office holders and will bring fresh perspectives to Arizona politics. Every day, new headlines make it painstakingly clear that the majority of our current leadership is out of touch with the needs ofArizonans today. If you are tired of having elected officials that don’t represent your communities, vote on August 4th for these candidates who will fight for inclusivity and accountability.

Gabriella Cazares-Kelly for Pima County Recorder

After more than two decades, there’s about to be a new recorder in town – and we’re certain the best candidate for that job is Gabriella Cazares-Kelly, for Pima County Recorder. As a life-long Pima County resident and advocate, Gabi worked to change access to the voting booth for communities that are largely forgotten: youth, elders, indigenous people, undocumented and disabled communities. As Gabriella says, a county recorder’s race is not as sexy or flashy as some of the others PPAA gets into. This doesn’t make these races any less important. To the contrary; The local offices that serve as gatekeepers to community access and democracy resources are exactly the kind of races we need to pay close attention to. Join PPAA as we endorse candidates that prioritize voter engagement and access to the voting booth. As for this race in 2020 – it will likely be decided in the August 4th primary, so time is of the essence. Make sure you vote and support Gabriella Cazares-Kelley!

Representative Stephanie Stahl Hamilton- 10th Legislative District 

Another candidate in an important primary race is Stephanie Stahl Hamilton, a parent and public-school advocate running for the House seat in LD-10, formerly held by Rep. Kirsten Engel (she is endorsed in the LD-10 Senate  race). Stephanie has fought for school funding resources for the past decade. She served on the community advisory board for the review of Tucson Unified School District’s sex education curriculum and made strides for honest and accurate sex ed. She is a strong voice for education (beyond sex ed) and is focusing on what the state legislature has denied folks due to the state’s budget. She’s ready to fix it. Make sure to get out and support her race on or before August 4th!

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