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PPAZ CEO Condemns Attorney General Mark Brnovich’s Effort to Reinstate Pre-Roe Total Abortion Ban

Today, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich announced his intention to ask an Arizona court to reinstate the state’s currently enjoined 1901 total abortion ban. 

The 1901 law - ARS 13-3603) - is a law that criminalizes all abortions except when the pregnant person’s life is in danger.

“It’s a devastating day in Arizona. We are outraged by Attorney General Mark Brnovich’s cruel and callous effort. Abortion providers and their patients have been living in a state of distress, confusion, and chaos since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade just five days ago. Now, our extremist Attorney General has announced his plans to reinstate an antiquated, enjoined 1901 law that will ban all abortion in Arizona until the new law takes effect. It’s unconscionable and drastically out of line with the 7 in 10 Arizonans who support abortion access.” 

“Today’s announcement is a cowardly move by the chief legal officer of our state and will be catastrophic for people seeking abortion care in Arizona. Planned Parenthood Arizona is prepared to fight back in court against the Attorney General’s efforts because no one should be forced to flee their community and cross state lines in secret to access essential health care. Everyone deserves the legal right and ability to access abortion, regardless of where they live, and we are hopeful that we will soon be able to block this law in court. But Planned Parenthood’s doors remain open to provide other essential sexual and reproductive health care services. We stand with you. Now, and always.” 

- Brittany Fonteno, President and CEO, Planned Parenthood Arizona:


The most important action you can take is to VOTE!

Arizona law makers have been making it more difficult for you to get an abortion by passing nearly 40 restrictions on abortion since 2009.

The most important action you can take to secure the right to abortion is by voting for candidates who are champions of sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Are you registered to vote? At your current address? Registering to vote is simple, just scan this QR code to register to vote online! 

The Primary Election is August 2, 2022, when each side determines their prime candidate for the General Election in November.

The General Election is November 8, 2022, with candidates who won their primary, local candidates, and ballot questions. It will take voting for champions at all levels to make inclusive abortion access a reality again in Arizona.

Your vote and voice matter! Register your friends, family, and community, because abortion impacts all of us! Send them this QR code today and help them get registered today!

Click here for QR Code

The are the kinds of champions who can bring abortion access back to Arizona. 

PPAA Endorsed Candidates

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona Stands with #BlackLivesMatter

Ways to Get Involved


Planned Parenthood volunteers serve in a wide range of capacities, including on the phone, at the Capitol, on campus, online, and in the community to voice their support and advocate for comprehensive health care access.    

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