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The adage “all politics is local'' can be easily associated with Arizona. It is local officials who are keeping our society running, even in the midst of this ongoing global pandemic. Dedicated to ensuring that justice prevails in Arizona, attorneys Will Knight, of Maricopa County, and  Laura Conover, of Pima County, are incredible public servants. They have been fighting for real criminal justice reform, striving to protect Arizonan’s abortion access, environmental health, and the progressive values we strive for. Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona is appreciative of both attorney’s battles for progressive victories and we are proud to endorse both Knight and Conover for election in crowded County Attorney Democratic primaries on August 4th.

Maricopa County Attorney Candidate Will Knight

Will Knight, a longtime resident of Maricopa County, has always been a champion of the most vulnerable populations in Arizona. Prior to launching this campaign, he served for three years as a Maricopa County Public Defender.. Knight first learned of the true costs of excessive criminal justice when after escaping captivity with his family from  Colombian drug cartels, his father was arrested by U.S authorities due to his association with the drug organizations. This experience proved to Knight that not only perpetrators of criminal acts suffer consequences, but family members and friends suffer needlessly as well. 

Before serving as a public defender, Knight worked with the Arizona Justice Project pro bono to exonerate those wrongly imprisoned and fought to ensure marriage equality for the people of Arizona. Recently, he was named by the Hispanic National Bar Association as one of the United States’ top Hispanic lawyers under 40 years old. Furthermore, in the service of vulnerable communities, Knight volunteers as a coach for Latino law students in mock trial competitions, as well as sitting on the Arizona Commission on Minorities in the Judiciary and Access to Justice. Will Knight stands in stark contrast to current County Attorney Allister Adel, and the citizens of Maricopa County are ready for a change in representation.

Pima County Attorney Candidate Laura Conover

Arizona is on the precipice of crippling environmental degradation if the tides of climate change are not slowed. Pima County in southern Arizona is home to the Sonoran Desert, a treasure of American biodiversity—and for years, Laura Conover has fought corporations to ensure accountability for the damage done to natural lands. Conover stands for equal access to clean water, air, and lands and understands that it is disproportionately low-income communities and communities of color who suffer at the hands of the climate crisis. 

Conover stands for the progressive efforts beyond climate justice.She believes if the newly appointed Washington conservative judiciary overturns Roe v. Wade, it will be on county attorneys to press back against anti-abortion efforts in Pima County and beyond. Conover is the right choice to succeed Barbara LaWall, and she needs our support on August 4th.

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