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We Need Our Representatives to Fight for Us —
Not Play Politics. 

While Arizonans combat a serious health crisis and nearly 420,000 have lost their jobs, we need leaders we can count on to support us during these uncertain times.

Your state legislators oppose help for Arizonans that would save lives during this public health crisis and provide health care to our communities who need it most. 

Back in May, seven Arizona Republican lawmakers, including Sen. Sylvia Allen and Reps. Walt Blackman and Shawnna Bolick, signed a letter from the American Legislative Exchange Council urging the federal government not to provide funding to states and cities coping with the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. The letter argues a federal bailout “would reward states that have made poor financial decisions.” It’s clear Sen. Allen and Rep. Blackman don’t have Arizonans’ best interests in mind. 

What’s more, Arizona has one of the lowest unemployment benefit amounts in the country, and State Senator Sylvia Allen argued against unemployment benefits for those that lost their jobs during the public health crisis. 

Standing in the way of our health care access and livelihood during a time when many people have lost their jobs is irresponsible and shameful — and Arizonans need to know that their leaders failed them.