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A lot is going on right now. Legislative districts are being redrawn across the state, abortion access is at risk at the U.S. Supreme Court, and its Let’s Talk Month—a time dedicated to encouraging parents to talk to their children about sex and sexuality.

Your sustained advocacy in this moment ensures a better future for all Iowans.

This month, you can take action by supporting the case for Planned Parenthood, making space for talking about sex education, and demanding legislators draw fair voting maps.

1. Share your story

Planned Parenthood impacts real lives, including yours. Whether you’ve turned to a Planned Parenthood for essential health care, learned something important in a sex ed class, or advocated to protect reproductive rights during a Lobby Day, your story strengthens the case for the indispensable work of Planned Parenthood.

That is why, Planned Parenthood needs to hear from you. Share your story today to make a difference. You will help show lawmakers, the media, and supporters what we are fighting for.

2. Talk about comprehensive sex education

Let’s talk about sex, baby.

No, really. Talking about sex is often considered taboo and that stigma keeps people from engaging in important conversations like sex education. Normalizing such conversations makes space for understanding what exactly comprehensive sex education is and how we can work alongside friends, family, and our community to give everyone access to the scientifically accurate, LGBTQ+ inclusive, consent-centered, culturally responsive, and shame-free sex education that saves lives.

This is especially important in Iowa, where our sex education programming has been dismantled by the state government, creating even greater disparities among young Iowans, especially in rural areas.

That’s why we made a guide for advocates to engage in these vital talks about comprehensive sex education to spark change in our state.

3. Demand fair maps

Our democracy is strong when every person can vote and every vote is counted equally. Every ten years, legislators can ensure that every vote carries equal weight through a fair redistricting process. ‘Redistricting’ is the process of evaluating and redrawing lines for voting districts to reflect population changes. It occurs every ten years, after residents in the United States are counted in the Census.

When done well, the newly drawn districts will reflect the same number of people and represent the residents of that area. When done poorly, the people who draw the maps will manipulate the district lines to favor one party or interest.

While our system for redistricting in Iowa was built to deter political influence, the pandemic has slightly altered this process, shortening the timeline for reviewing maps. As a result, this year’s process has a greater opportunity for partisan influences.

We must demand our legislators stand by our history of nonpartisan maps to continue our legacy of fair districts. Sign Progress Iowa’s petition today to show politicians that Iowans expect fair maps from the people elected to represent them.

To learn more about this process, visit ACLU of Iowa’s guide to redistricting. 


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