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Today Republicans on the Senate Committee on Government Operations, Legal Review and Consumer Protection passed SB 923, the Texas-inspired bill to ban abortion on a party line vote. The Texas-inspired bill would ban abortions after 6 weeks, before most people even know they are pregnant, and includes a $10,000 bounty reward for people to sue anyone who provides abortion care. This bill could now be placed before the Senate for a full vote. This committee vote is part of a larger effort by Republicans to ban abortion in Wisconsin. Recently, every Republican member of the Legislature refused to support a bill to repeal WI's 172-year-old law that criminalizes abortion at every stage of pregnancy, without exceptions for rape, incest or the health of the woman.

Statement from Mike Murray, Executive Director, Planned Parenthood Advocates of WI

“Despite the tragedy that continues to unfold every day in Texas impacting the lives of women
and their families, Republicans are doing everything they can deny people the health care they need. This is not the future that women in Wisconsin deserve. Our family members, friends, and neighbors—should not be denied the ability to safely access time-sensitive health care.

We have a choice to support a different vision of Wisconsin's future, which is also supported by the vast majority of Wisconsinites. Everyone who wants to protect the ability to make their own health care decisions and access the health care they need should contact their legislators and hold them accountable.”

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin is the advocacy arm of Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin. PPAWI engages in legislative and educational activity and works to elect candidates to office that support these goals.