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Kansas Amendment


The Kansas constitution protects personal autonomy, including the right to abortion. Now, that right is under attack because of a constitutional amendment on the primary ballot on August 2, 2022. If the amendment passes in August, politicians will move quickly to ban abortion outright.



In 2019, the Kansas Supreme Court found that all Kansans have a right to “bodily autonomy” in the KS constitution. That means we can make our own healthcare decisions, including the right to have an abortion. 

Then in 2020, an amendment to remove the right to abortion from the state constituion was proposed. But through the efforts of our dedicated supporters and volunteers, we lobbied and stopped the amendment! A bipartisan group of lawmakers voted it down! 

However, later on in 2020 we lost some of the moderate legislators that were on our side after the election. So with the makeup of our legislature being different in 2021, the amendment was proposed again, and this time it passed, putting it on our August primary ballots for this year. It  will now be up to the people of Kansas to vote NO to protect the right to abortion in Kansas!



  • All people who can become pregnant, including women, trans, and non-binary people, will no longer be able to make personal decisions about abortion free of government interference.
  • This amendment will harm people all across Kansas, but the impact will be most felt by Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and other people of color, young people, and poor and working class people.
  • The amendment includes intentionally misleading language to confuse voters. There are no exceptions for rape, incest, or the health of the pregnant person.
  • Our region has seen an onslaught of bills introduced that would decimate access to abortion. We know now more than ever how an attack on abortion access in one state is really an attack on access in the whole region. That’s why it’s crucial that we join together to defend abortion rights in our neighboring states, including Kansas.



  • Tell your friends: Ask your friends to scan the QR code on this flier and make their Pledge to Vote NO!
  • Become a Kansas Reproductive Freedom Defender at bit.ly/ksreprodefend: Volunteer with us to defeat this amendment!
  • Register to vote at www.ksvotes.org: Anti-abortion interest groups want to undermine your voice: putting this amendment on the August 2 primary election, when fewer Kansans vote. Any Kansas voter can vote on the amendment, no matter if you’re a Democrat, Republican, Independent, or Unaffiliated.