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Planned Parenthood Illinois Action Supports Workers Rights!

Planned Parenthood Illinois Action has worked to make sure that the dignity of workers is respected in Illinois. That is why we have joined in coalition to fight for pro-worker policies, including the raise in the minimum wage and the implementation of a fair work week, which will allow workers to arrange for childcare, budget effectively, and advance their education.

This November, workers are on the ballot and we’re proud to support the passage of the Workers’ Rights Amendment in the Illinois State Constitution. This amendment will guarantee every Illinoisan has the right to join together to negotiate for better pay, improved benefits, and safe working conditions.

Planned Parenthood of Illinois patients frequently work in jobs that are the target of anti-worker policies. The passage of this constitutional amendment will not only ensure that workers are respected and are able to build for their financial future, but it will also improve health outcomes for workers and their families. 

Across this country, we are seeing the erosion of basic rights. We already know that our opposition is focused on restricting the right to abortion and is starting to attack our friends in the LGBTQ community. All freedoms are on the ballot this year, including workers’ rights. 

We must safeguard the rights of workers to organize for better pay, improved benefits, and safe working conditions. We are proud to join with the Workers’ Rights Amendment coalition to ensure the passage of this important constitutional amendment to the Illinois State Constitution.

Vote YES for Workers’ Rights

At the top of your ballot, vote yes for the Workers’ Right Amendment to help us make our workers, economy, and community stronger. 

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This November We Take Control

All freedoms are on the ballot this year. This November, we must take control of our bodies and futures by electing leaders who are committed to fighting for our rights. 

Here's how you can help us win in 2022: