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Planned Parenthood Illinois Action Supports Kwame Raoul for Attorney General

Kwame Raoul (D)

Attorney General Raoul has been a nationwide leader in ensuring that access to safe and legal abortion is preserved in Illinois

I proudly rally and march in the streets for a woman’s fundamental right to choose! I further lift my voice as Attorney General in court and in legislative advocacy to preserve and protect that right!

— Kwame Raoul

Source: Twitter

Kwame Raoul understands that when it comes to the most important decisions in life, such as whether and when to become a parent, that  a woman is able to consider all the options available to her.

As a state senator, Kwame Raoul stood firm in opposing legislation that would restrict a woman’s right to comprehensive reproductive health care, including abortion.

Why We Support Kwame Raoul:

  • He has led efforts nationally to submit amicus briefs to the United States Supreme Court in support of abortion rights in the Dobbs vs. Jackson Woman’s Health case, the case that has overturned the landmark Roe vs. Wade ruling
  • Attorney General Raoul has successfully defended the Reproductive Health Act in the Illinois State Courts, making sure that Illinois remains a haven for abortion access in the Midwest.

Why should I care about this race?

The Attorney General’s office is tasked with defending laws in the Illinois State Courts. In order for these laws to stand the legal test in our Illinois Courts, we must have an Attorney General that will actively and aggressively defend these laws.

Why the other guy is bad

Thomas DeVore (R) is the wrong choice for Illinois Attorney General. He holds extreme views on everything that we care about. He has sued Governor JB Pritzker around the life-saving COVID-19 restrictions that he put in place in 2020. He is also actively encouraging his supporters to opt their children out of personal health and safety instruction in Illinois schools. Tom DeVore is too extreme for Illinois. 

How you can help us win

We need to keep Illinois advancing towards progress, but we need your help!

Here's how you can help us win in 2022:

Make Your Voice Heard

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