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Planned Parenthood Illinois Action Supports JB Pritzker for Governor

JB Pritzker (D)

Governor Pritzker has been a lifelong champion for protecting the right to choose and supporting families across Illinois.

Illinois is not going back on a woman's right to choose. As long as I'm governor, abortion will remain safe and legal. Because in this state, we trust women.

— JB Pritzker

Source: Twitter

Governor Pritzker is the leadership we need during this critical time for safe, legal abortion access across the country.

Pritzker has shown time and time again that he stands with reproductive rights by enacting legislation that protects and expands access to abortion care in Illinois.

Why We Support JB Pritzker

  • In 2019, Governor Prtizker championed and signed into law the Reproductive Health Act, which affirms the fundamental right to abortion in Illinois
  • Governor Prtizker has worked to improve the lives of all Illinoisans by ensuring Illinois is on track to pay workers a living wage at $15/hour. 
  • Governor Prtizker signed the landmark Keep Youth Safe and Healthy Act, which implements culturally appropriate, age appropriate, medically accurate personal health and safety education for schools grades K-12 in Illinois.  

Why should I care about the Gubanational race? 

The Governor is responsible for implementing legislation that is passed by the Illinois General Assembly.  The Governor also plays a vital role in ensuring progressive priorities are implemented across the state government to keep Illinois moving forward.

Why the other guy is bad

When Roe v. Wade was overturned, Darren Bailey (R) celebrated the end of the fundamental right to choose. He has promised to go even further by enacting dangerous restrictions on abortion access in Illionis and repealing the Reproductive Health Act and Keeping Youth Health and Safety. Darren Bailey cannot become governor of Illinois. There’s simply too much at stake.

How you can help us win

We need to keep Illinois moving forward. We must not only protect our reproductive rights but expand them. We need JB Pritzker for Governor. 

Here’s how you can help us win in 2022:

Make Your Voice Heard

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Join our #DigitalActionSquad

Impactive is one of the many tools Planned Parenthood Illinois Action uses to mobilize our supporters. It’s a hub for digital organizing, where you can raise awareness, share calls to action, and contact your state legislators all with a click of a button. To join us on Impactive, download the app and use campaign code 667088 to connect.