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Planned Parenthood Illinois Action Future of Choice Committee

Future of Choice is an advocacy, education, and fundraising committee focused on engaging and activating people who are passionate about reproductive rights. The Future of Choice is affiliated with Planned Parenthood Illinois Action (PPIA).

what we do


Our advocacy activities include: calling elected officials about issues impacting the Planned Parenthood community and organizing actions with coalition partners


We raise money to support pro women's health candidates in Illinois.


Election matter. Getting out the vote and educating voters about PPIA endorsed candidates is an important part of our work. 

Building community

We are a group of young leaders who are dedicated to Planned Parenthood Illinois Action's mission and to having fun! You could find us canvassing one weekend and getting Korean BBQ the next. 

[this needs more about what FoC is doing to build community]

Why join Future of Choice?

With Future of Choice, there’s the opportunity to be a committee leader or run for an executive board position. You can launch your advocacy ideas with resources and support from Planned Parenthood Illinois Action. You can socialize with PPIA leadership, learn about public policy from our Springfield sponsor (whoo Rianne!), and rub elbows with elected officials. You also have the opportunity to socialize with and learn from a network of folks who pay attention to what’s going on in the world.  

In return, we’re looking for driven and motivated people who can bring diversity of thought and experiences.

What are the requirements to join Future of Choice?

You must be able to attend 75% of our monthly meetings in person or over the phone. Also, you set your own yearly commitments for donations given and hours volunteered based on what makes sense for you.

Who are the current Future of Choice members?

Young people from all walks of life and backgrounds who care about Planned Parenthood’s mission.

How is Future of Choice different from being a Planned Parenthood volunteer?

We lead, create, organize and are responsible for our own events. You would have lots of opportunity to shape our group’s direction. [ this needs a better answer to not put down the PP volunteer activities and the work they're doing ]

What are qualities of a Future of Choice member?

Social media savvy, creative, and enthusiastic! A person who has a background in fundraising, policy or campaign experience would also make a great addition to our group. If you haven’t had these experiences, but are interested in learning, we would love to have you involved too.

[need to include interest in repro rights, health equity, social justice, etc. ]

What has Future of Choice actually organized?

We are involved in really making a difference in our communities. Our fight goes beyond healthcare, we have extended our advocacy work to focus on key issues like fighting against the Trump-Pence administration's harmful immigration policies. We've had great fundraising success too, in 2018 we raised over $10,000 for PPIA.