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Maine Legislature 2019

This was a landmark year for reproductive health and rights in Maine. Legislators passed six new laws, including two expanding access to abortion, and more than 100 legislators earned a 100% score for their votes on sexual and reproductive health care. Where do your State Representative and State Senator stand on reproductive health and rights?

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Bills Scored

2019 Senate Scorecard

2019 House Scorecard

*Names in pink denote legislators with 100% voting record on reproductive health and rights.


Here are just a few of the legislative leaders who championed reproductive health and rights this year.

Senator Linda Sanborn

Doctor and Senator Linda Sanborn sponsored LD 494 to provide much-needed updates to Maine's family planning laws. A former family physician in Gorham, Doctor and Senator Sanborn believes political rhetoric should never govern health policy. Thanks to her work, Maine is once again leading the way to a world with more affordable and accessible health care. 

Senator Cathy Breen

Senator Breen is the Senate Chair of the legislature's budget-writing committee. A long-time champion of reproductive health and rights, Senator Breen testified in support of three of this year's pro-reproductive health bills, including LD 820. She shared a letter from one of her constituents, Chris Marine, about his and his wife Elise's experience ending a wanted pregnancy. You can read Chris' letter here

Rep. Denise Tepler

Rep. Denise Tepler is the House chair of the committee that approved LD 1261, the bill to repeal the ban on qualified, trained Advanced Practice Clinicians providing abortion care to patients. In her statement in support of the bill, she perfectly captured the need for the law change.

Rep. Rachel Talbot Ross

Because of social and economic inequality linked to racism and discrimination, women of color are disproportionately likely to be insured by the Medicaid program and are more likely to be impacted by the Hyde Amendment. Rep. Talbot Ross ensured these disparities were known, understood, and part of the conversation about LD 820. Learn more about the impact of the Hyde Amendment.

Rep. Jay McCreight

Rep. Jay McCreight sponsored two of the pro-reproductive health bills, including LD 820 guaranteeing public and private insurance coverage of abortion. A reproductive rights leader in the legislature, Rep. McCreight is also a member of GRR - Grandmothers for Reproductive Rights. 

Rep. Maggie O'Neil

Rep. Maggie O'Neill spoke on the house floor in support of LD 820 and shared her personal experience  as a survivor of rape and domestic abuse. She spoke about the importance of access to reproductive health care, including abortion, particularly for survivors.