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Nearly 100 lawmakers earn a 100% voting record for abortion rights

 As legislatures across the country continue to restrict and eliminate access to abortion, nearly 100 legislators in Maine have earned a 100% voting record with the Planned Parenthood Maine Action Fund.

For the first time ever, U.S. states enacted more than 100 abortion restrictions in a single year, including the draconian Texas abortion ban outlawing abortion at six weeks (before many people even know they are pregnant) and creating a vigilante bounty system for individuals to sue anyone helping a Texan obtain an abortion and collect $10,000.

Maine is not immune from these attacks: anti-abortion legislators introduced an unprecedented number of bills this year attacking abortion care in Maine. With a majority of legislators supportive of access to abortion, the House and Senate defeated all of the bills, but the makeup of the legislature could change with the next election -- giving anti-abortion politicians in Maine another chance to restrict or ban abortion as Texas has. 

The Supreme Court failed to intervene to stop the Texas abortion ban and in December the court will hear arguments in the case Jackson Women’s Health v. Dobbs that could be used to reverse or further dismantle the legal right to an abortion guaranteed by Roe v. Wade.

“In the face of unprecedented abortion restrictions and a Supreme Court stacked against us, state legislators are critical to ensuring abortion remains accessible in Maine and across the country,” said Nicole Clegg, Senior Vice President of Public Affairs for the Planned Parenthood Maine Action Fund. “Terrible laws like the Texas abortion ban start in state legislatures. One of the best ways to ensure abortion remains accessible is to maintain a majority of state representatives and state senators who will protect and strengthen access to abortion. We thank all of the leaders in the State Senate and the State House who stood up to repeated attempts to shame and judge abortion patients, restrict access to abortion, or push it out of reach entirely.”  

The complete Maine Senate legislative scorecard and Maine House legislative scorecard are available on the Planned Parenthood Maine Action Fund website, ppmeaf.org