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Dr. Maris Toland Testimony in Support of SB 399 and SB 436, to Protect and Expand Abortion Access

My name is Maris Toland and I am a resident physician in obstetrics and gynecology. I am writing this testimony to be included on the public record in support of SB399 and SB436 as I was taking care of patients and unable to be present in person at the legislative hearing today. 

Your current legislation banning abortion later in pregnancy and mandating unnecessary tests sends a message of mistrust and derision to doctors who are already in short supply, burned out, and overworked. By threatening doctors with a felony for providing the most up-to-date, compassionate, and evidence-based medical options to patients you invalidate our training and our expertise, and to what end? You alienate the medical community, which will deter young physicians (such as myself) from choosing to practice in the state of New Hampshire. This is not a theoretical or abstract concept. I have a choice in where I practice when I finish my residency in just over one year. The legislative efforts of this state to restrict access to life-saving medical care, to take autonomy and choice out of patients’ and out of doctors’ hands, and to penalize providers such as myself for providing reasonable and safe medical treatment options in impossible situations saddens me and frustrates me to the point that I no longer desire to practice in this state. I do not want to see the repercussions of these actions on the constituents of New Hampshire. I want to provide all medically appropriate options to my patients without fear of legal ramifications.  I know I am not alone in this. Pass senate bill 399 and senate bill 436 to repeal these inflammatory bills and protect the rights of patients. Please stop attacking the medical community. We are simply trying to provide the best care possible, and it should not be so hard.