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Time for Republicans and leaders to denounce the violence, prosecute attackers, and hold anyone who aided the attacks accountable

St. Paul, MN— On January 6, right wing militants and white supremacists attacked our democracy and our country. Five Americans died in the premeditated and violent attack, which was encouraged and promoted by multiple Republican elected officials, most prominently President Donald Trump.  Looking forward, we face verified threats of ongoing violence in all 50 states.  The U.S. House is considering articles of impeachment, while the U.S. Senate waits for Senator Mitch McConnell to share his position on impeaching the President.

Statement from Sarah Stoesz, President of the Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota Action Fund:

“As right-wing militias, Christian nationalists and white supremacists openly plan more attacks on our country, it is beyond time for Republicans and leaders all across our country to denounce the violence, prosecute attackers, and hold anyone who aided the attacks accountable for their treasonous actions. Armed militants have occupied our U.S. Capital, and we cannot stand by while more attacks are planned on our communities and our democracy. The injustice of the inadequate police response last week is undeniable, especially when Black Lives Matter protesters are repeatedly met with the National Guard and riot gear.

These same extremists are the people who have fueled the anti-abortion movement for years. The same fears, tactics and frankly violence are not new for them and this is not a new violent movement—it’s been growing for some time but our leaders have minimized the seriousness of the threat. Consequently, while we definitely need to hold those responsible for last Wednesday’s attack accountable, we also must act now to diminish the strength of the underlying movements that will destroy our country if left unchecked.

Donald Trump and his political allies are clearly and undeniably at fault for instigating these attacks and for spewing lies about our democratic process that fueled the flames of division. This is no longer about party loyalty and it hasn’t been for quite some time. This is truly about love of country over party. It’s about seeking truth and justice for all, in the land of the free. Our American ideals cannot be pursued while we let right wing militias, Christian nationalists and white supremacists plan violent attacks based on a false premise spewed by a dangerous leader.

The path forward must be accountability, justice, and democracy reform to bring significant change and to ensure this never happens again. This moment demands that we stand against this injustice—for our children and for the future of our country.”


Founded in 1992, the Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota Action Fund is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit organization. As the advocacy and electoral arm of PPMNS, we mobilize supporters of all parties to defend and increase access to family planning services and fact based, medically accurate sexuality education. We work to inspire and engage citizens to take up the cause of reproductive health and rights through education, electoral activity, grassroots organizing and legislative advocacy.