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Birth Control Access

North Dakotans should have easy and affordable access to contraceptives and other reproductive health services in order to plan their families and achieve their goals.

We believe all people deserve access to birth control and other preventive care.

Thanks to the passage of the Affordable Care Act, all preventative care, including birth control, is now available to most North Dakotans with health insurance at no added cost.

Making effective methods of contraception available to women who want them but could not otherwise afford to use them prevents a considerable number of unintended pregnancies. That, in turn, reduces the incidence of unplanned births, abortions, and miscarriages that would otherwise follow. Additionally, according to numerous studies, contraceptive use enables women to complete their education, get and keep a good job, support themselves and their families financially, and invest in their children’s future.

In the absence of the federally funded supported family planning services provided, the rates of unintended pregnancy, unplanned birth and abortion for all women would be 56% higher in North Dakota, and the teen pregnancy rate would be 53% higher.


  • Publicly supported family planning centers in North Dakota helped avert 2,800 unintended pregnancies in 2014, which would have resulted in 1,400 unplanned births and 1,000 abortions.
  • Publicly supported family planning centers in North Dakota served 11,470 female contraceptive clients in 2014.
  • The total public cost for unintended pregnancies in 2010 was $197 per woman aged 15-44 in North Dakota.
  • In North Dakota in 2010, the federal and state governments spent $25.5 million on unintended pregnancies.

Contraception has real health benefits for women and their families in North Dakota.

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