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(Every corner of Pa.) --- Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania Advocates (PPPA) launched its coordinated campaign efforts tonight with endorsed lieutenant gubernatorial candidate Austin Davis, Representative Leanne Krueger and PPPA volunteers from all across the state of Pennsylvania.

“Reproductive rights are on the ballot every year, but 2022 is different,” said PPPA coordinated campaign spokesperson Lindsey Mauldin. “Federal protections for the right to an abortion are gone, the Pennsylvania General Assembly is moving forward with a constitutional amendment that would erase our state’s rights as well. Who we send to Harrisburg this year will decide what we can do with our own bodies. Our health care, our privacy, our right to determine our own future is on the line here.”

Voter registration, and PP volunteer sign ups, have surged in Pennsylvania since the Supreme Court decision that erased the protections of Roe v Wade and so has an interest in protecting our right to an abortion. Planned Parenthood has recruited volunteers from across the state to fight for the candidates that are fighting for us.

“When it comes to protecting access to reproductive health care for every woman in our Commonwealth – the stakes of this election could not be higher,” Lieutenant Governor candidate Austin Davis said. “As a member of the Pennsylvania General Assembly, I have watched as my Republican colleagues have passed bills time and again to restrict abortion in Pennsylvania – and I know Doug Mastriano would sign every one of those bills. Josh Shapiro will veto them and I will be proud to stand next to him as he protects reproductive freedom and ensures abortion remains legal and safe here in Pennsylvania. I’m grateful for Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania PAC's support in this campaign and with their help, we will reach voters in every corner of our Commonwealth, protect our fundamental freedoms, and move our Commonwealth forward.”

“Here in Pennsylvania, choice is literally on the ballot this November,” said endorsed candidate and current PA House Representative Leanne Krueger. “Educating voters and electing pro-choice candidates is the number one thing we can do to ensure that abortion remains safe and legal in our state.”

PPPA has made endorsements in the race for Governor, and in many seats of the state legislature. See the full list of endorsed champions for reproductive health here:

Southeastern PA 


  • Paul Friel (HD-26)
  • Steve Malagari (HD-53)*
  • Greg Scott (HD-54)
  • Matt Bradford (HD-55)*
  • Liz Hanbidge (HD-61)*
  • Dan Williams (HD-74)*
  • Joe Ciresi (HD-146)*
  • Alexandra Wisser (HD-147)
  • Mary Jo Daley (HD-148)*
  • Tim Briggs (HD-149)*
  • Joe Webster (HD-150)*
  • Melissa Cerrato (HD-151)
  • Nancy Guenst (HD-152)*
  • Ben Sanchez (HD-153)*
  • Napoleon Nelson (HD-154)*
  • Chris Pielli (HD-156)
  • Melissa Shusterman (HD-157)*
  • Christina Sappey (HD-158)*
  • Cathy Spahr (HD-160)
  • Leanne Krueger (HD-161)*
  • David Delloso (HD-162)*
  • Mike Zabel (HD-163)*
  • Gina Curry (HD-164)
  • Jenn O'Mara (HD-165)*
  • Greg Vitali (HD-166)*
  • Kristine Howard (HD-167)*
  • Lisa Borowski (HD-168)
  • Kevin Boyle (HD-172)*
  • Mary Isaacson (HD-175)*
  • Joe Hohenstein (HD-177)*
  • Ben Waxman (HD-182)
  • Elizabeth Fiedler (HD-184)*
  • Rick Krajewski (HD-188)*
  • Joanna McClinton (HD-191)*
  • Morgan Cephas (HD-192)*
  • Tarik Khan (HD-194)
  • Donna Bullock (HD-195)*
  • Danilo Burgos (HD-197)*
  • Chris Rabb (HD-200)*
  • Stephen Kinsey (HD-201)*



  • Christine Tartaglione (SD-2)*
  • Art Haywood (SD-4)*
  • Maria Collett (SD-12)*
  • Tim Kearney (SD-26)*
  • Katie Muth (SD-44)*


Western PA


  • Chelsea Oliver (HD-4)
  • Emily Kinkead (HD-20)*
  • Sara Innamorato (HD-21)*
  • Dan Frankel (HD-23)*
  • La’Tasha Mayes (HD-24)
  • Arvind Venkat (HD-30)
  • Jess Benham (HD-36)*


  • Lindsey Williams (SD-38)*
  • Wayne Fontana (SD-42)*


Central PA 


  • Kris Walski (HD-18)
  • Josh Siegel (HD-22)
  • Tim Brennan (HD-29)
  • Perry Warren (HD-31)*
  • Paul Takac (HD-82)
  • Mike Sturla (HD-96)*
  • Patty Kim (HD-103)*
  • Maureen Madden (HD-115)*
  • Mark Rozzi (HD-126)*
  • Mike Schlossberg (HD-132)*
  • Pete Schweyer (HD-134)*
  • Meg Rosenfield (HD-139)
  • Tina Davis (HD-141)*
  • Mark Moffa (HD-142)
  • Gwendolyn Stoltz (HD-143)
  • Brian Munroe (HD-144)
  • Illya Breyman (HD-178)
  • Tarah Probst (HD-189)
  • Alan Howe (HD-199)


  • Ann Marie Mitchell (SD-6)
  • Steve Santarsiero (SD-10)*
  • Nick Miller (SD-14)
  • Mark Pinsley (SD-16)
  • Jill Dennin (SD-24)
  • Judith Higgins (SD-28)
  • Jennifer Shukaitis (SD-40)


MEDIA CONTACT: Brittany Crampsie, 717 712 3480




Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania PAC (PP PA PAC) is the electoral arm of Planned Parenthood in Pennsylvania and exists to advocate for sexual and reproductive healthcare, including abortion, that is accessible, affordable, and affirming for all Pennsylvanians.