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HARRISBURG, Pa. (April 9, 2020) --- Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania PAC today endorsed two statewide officeholders who are running for re-election and 53 candidates for state House and Senate seats for their work to protect access to basic health-care and reproductive rights for all Pennsylvania residents.

Attorney General Josh Shapiro and Treasurer Joseph Torsella, along with 45 incumbent House members, five incumbent Senators, and three challengers, are included in this first wave of the organization’s endorsements for the 2020 election cycle.

“With the unprecedented and coordinated attacks we have seen on reproductive rights over the last few years, it is more important than ever for us to have champions in the state General Assembly who will stand up and fight for the basic health care services our residents need and deserve,” said Emily Callen, Executive Director of Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania PAC. “All of these leaders will do exactly that, and we are proud to stand with them just as they have stood with Planned Parenthood.”

Those receiving endorsements in the House include:

  • HD 19: Jake Wheatley
  • HD 20: Adam Ravenstahl
  • HD 20: Emily Kinkead
  • HD 21: Sara Innamorato
  • HD 22: Peter Schweyer
  • HD 23: Dan Frankel
  • HD 24: Edward Gainey
  • HD 31: Perry Warren
  • HD 33: Frank Dermody
  • HD 34: Summer Lee
  • HD 35: Austin Davis
  • HD 53: Steve Malagari
  • HD 61: Liz Hanbidge
  • HD 70: Matthew Bradford
  • HD 74: Dan Williams
  • HD 95: Carol Hill-Evans
  • HD 115: Maureen Madden
  • HD 132: Michael Schlossberg
  • HD 133: Jeanne McNeill
  • HD 141: Tina Davis
  • HD 143: Wendy Ullman
  • HD 146: Joe Ciresi
  • HD 148: Mary Jo Daley
  • HD 149: Tim Briggs
  • HD 150: Joe Webster
  • HD 153: Ben Sanchez
  • HD 155: Danielle Friel Otten
  • HD 157: Melissa Shusterman
  • HD 158: Chris Sappey
  • HD 161: Leanne Krueger
  • HD 162: David Delloso
  • HD 163: Mike Zabel
  • HD 165: Jenn O'Mara
  • HD 166: Greg Vitali
  • HD 167: Kristine Howard
  • HD 175: Mary Isaacson
  • HD 177: Joe Hohenstein
  • HD 181: Malcolm Kenyatta
  • HD 182: Brian Sims
  • HD 184: Elizabeth Fiedler
  • HD 186: Jordan Harris
  • HD 191: Joanna McClinton
  • HD 192: Morgan Cephas
  • HD 194: Pam DeLissio
  • HD 197: Danilo Burgos
  • HD 200: Chris Rabb

Those receiving endorsements in the Senate include:

  • SD 1: Lawrence Farnese
  • SD 3: Sharif Street
  • SD 7: Vincent Hughes
  • SD 17: Amanda Cappelletti
  • SD 19: Carolyn Comitta
  • SD 37: Pam Iovino
  • SD 43: Jay Costa

All of the endorsed candidates are incumbents except for Kinkead in the House and Cappelletti in the Senate, both of whom are challenging for contested seats. Comitta, currently a House member, is running for an open Senate seat.

Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania PAC has a proven track record of propelling champions for reproductive health care to victories up and down the ballot. In the 2020 election cycle, the organization is working nonstop to elect candidates who are committed to defending and expanding access to care in Pennsylvania.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Pennsylvania moved its primary from April 28 to June 2.

At the national level, Planned Parenthood advocacy and political organizations previously announced a historic investment of at least $45 million in key battleground states, including Pennsylvania, to fund large-scale grassroots organizing programs and targeted canvass, digital, television, radio and mail programs.


The Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania PAC has been the electoral arm of Planned Parenthood in Pennsylvania for the last two decades and is the leading advocate for women’s health and rights with a proven track record in winning elections in the Commonwealth. Polls consistently show voters trust us when we speak about issues important to their health and economic well-being.