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(Harrisburg, Pa.) --- Following the passage in both chambers of the General Assembly, Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania Advocates Executive Director Signe Espinoza issued the following statement:

The General Assembly abdicated its responsibility to govern, chose instead to use the constitutional amendment process – bypassing the Governor’s office - and have taken a significant step toward forcing their radical anti-abortion agenda into the Pennsylvania Constitution.

Furthermore, every step of this process has been taken to avoid public scrutiny of their unpopular policies.

In the Senate, they waited until after 11pm to amend the anti-abortion amendment into Senate Bill 106 during a committee meeting. During that committee meeting, they rejected every amendment offered by Senate Democrats. Early the next day, they began full floor debate – not even 12 hours after introducing this amendment language.

Immediately following that vote, the House took it up for consideration and passed it less than one day after we saw this amended bill for the very first time. In less than 24 hours, and most of that time under cover of darkness, anti-abortion legislators have advanced a bill that will take rights OUT of our Constitution. The bill can pass again in January, be on the 2023 primary ballot, and lead to abortion bans by this time next summer.

This is the most expedited timeline possible, and we know that these extremists have been planning for this since they stacked the United States Supreme Court with the sole goal of overturning Roe v Wade. This process was not transparent, and that was intentional by a far right majority deadset on advancing a fringe ideology.

Our bodies are under attack. Our autonomy is under attack.

Not only do we need to be on guard for legislation passing the General Assembly, we must be on guard for parliamentary tricks to bypass the legislative process.

We saw what they did today and we know that they will try it again.

But they need to know that we won’t forget what they did, and it will be at the forefront of many minds in November.

We will not go back.



Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania Advocates (PPPA) exists to create a Pennsylvania where sexual and reproductive healthcare, including abortion, is accessible, affordable, and affirming for all. We achieve this, in partnership with the 3 Planned Parenthood affiliates in Pennsylvania, through electoral and advocacy campaigns, lobbying, and organizing.