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  • We are officially launching SCOPA September! Before we dig in and share some exciting ways for you to get involved, we want to share what we mean by “SCOPA.” When we say “SCOPA,” we are referring to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania
  • SCOPA was established in 1772. It is  the oldest appellate court in the country. As the state’s highest court, the justices make the final decisions interpreting Pennsylvania’s laws and Constitution and hear cases involving issues of immediate public importance arising from any court in the Commonwealth. The Supreme Court is also responsible for supervising and administering Pennsylvania’s entire judicial branch of government. Even if you have never had a case in court yourself, so many of the decisions made there affect your rights and freedoms.
  • We are talking about voting rights, workplace rights, property rights, family Law rights, civil rights, REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS, and more. The Supreme Court protects our constitution and this November, we have the opportunity to make our voices heard. 

So What's SCOPA September, Anyways?

Throughout the month of September, we are going to have some exciting  happenings and opportunities for engagement surrounding the upcoming election on November 7! Judicial elections often get the least attention, but have the final word on whether and where we can access care. Courts are deciding all around the country what kind of reproductive care you can get. So, we have work to do. And we need you.


  • Digi events
    • We are launching a series of social media events with local content creators. Stay tuned!
  • Virtual events 
    • Coming soon!
  • Educational events 
    • Coming soon! 
  • In-person events
    • Coming soon!

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