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This week, we’ve got a special edition of our blog. Our Texas Thorn is Governor Greg Abbott for fostering fear and hate among the people of Texas. 

Under the guise of “protecting children”, Governor Abbott has made it his mission to perpetuate hate and discrimination by supporting policies that further marginalize and bully the LGBTQ+ community, especially transgender youth. He has also cut access to reproductive healthcare, criminalized abortion, and conspired with Ken Paxton to bring forth a bogus lawsuit against Planned Parenthood Texas seeking $1.8 billion. And we haven’t forgotten about his continued hateful and racist anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies such as Operation Lone Star.  

The reality is that Abbott has fostered an environment of fear, division, and uncertainty for countless Texans.

At the same time, Abbott has failed to bring forth meaningful gun violence prevention measures our state desperately needs, emphasized yet again by the recent tragedy in Allen, Texas

Governor Abbott, you cannot continue to neglect critical issues that directly impact the lives of Texans while selectively focusing on issues that align with your political agenda. Protecting Texans entails protecting ALL of us, no matter our gender identity, race, or legal status. 

This week, our Legislative Stars are Texas activists for their determination and resilience in fighting for the rights and well-being of all Texans. 

Every day, these tireless advocates have taken their voices to the steps and halls of the Capitol to denounce attacks on transgender youth, support reproductive rights, advocate for gun violence prevention legislation, and so much more. 

Activists from across the state have rallied, organized, and educated the public, highlighting the need for comprehensive reproductive healthcare, bodily autonomy, and violence prevention. Despite the recent attack by DPS troopers at the Capitol, Texas activists will not be intimidated and are determined to build an inclusive state where everyone can live, thrive, and be proud of.

We are so thankful for their remarkable strength and dedication to fighting for marginalized communities' rights and unwavering commitment to progress, inclusivity, and justice in Texas.

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