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Senator Lois Kolhorst is this week’s recipient of the Texas Thorn award given her voting record, but let’s focus on her latest shenanigans: Senate Bill (SB) 24.

This bill would permanently funnel millions of our taxpayer dollars to Crisis Pregnancy Centers, aka “fake clinics”, that are not regulated like actual medical facilities or even required to have medically trained staff on hand. But hey, who needs real doctors when you’ve got non-medical volunteers dressed up like they’re auditioning for Grey’s Anatomy? 

These so-called Crisis Pregnancy Centers often have religious affiliations and use sneaky ads to lure in vulnerable women, then give them inaccurate and often religious opinions on pregnancy and abortion. 

Kolkhorst claims that SB 24 will promote healthy pregnancies and childbirth.

But excuse us, how is fake medical care from fake doctors promoting health? If she really cared about pregnant people, she’d extend postpartum Medicaid eligibility and listen to the Texas Maternal Mortality and Morbidity Review Committee.

Sen. Kolkhorst, drop the act and stop wasting taxpayer dollars on fake clinics with extremist agendas. Texans need quality, non-judgmental healthcare that actually helps people.

Senator Sarah Eckhardt is this week’s Legislative Star for pushing bills prioritizing pregnant people’s health, such as the C.A.R.E. No Matter What Act (SB 1314/HB 3606).

This bill would restore funding to reproductive health centers and family planning programs like Planned Parenthood, which were defunded by Republican extremists in 2011. As a result, many clinics had to shut down, leaving low-income and rural communities without access to essential care. 

SB 1314 can make things better by removing unfair funding restrictions. 

It would give back thousands of Texans access to affordable reproductive health care, including birth control, cancer screenings, and STI testing. When working at full force, Planned Parenthood is a critical resource for fighting Texas’ alarming maternal mortality and teen pregnancy rates.

A big round of applause for Senator Eckhardt for fighting for quality health care and her unwavering support of Planned Parenthood and reproductive rights. We need more legislators like her who put Texans first. Thank you, Senator!

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