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On Election Day in 2022, Vermont voters made history by PASSING Proposal 5, the Reproductive Liberty Amendment! Vermonters supported reproductive freedom in all four corners of the state and in EVERY town, and they believe that our reproductive decisions are ours to make without interference from politicians.  

The Reproductive Liberty Amendment is now part of Vermont’s constitution. This means that even with no federal right to abortion, your right to decide whether and when to become pregnant, carry a pregnancy to term, use temporary or permanent birth control, or seek abortion care is protected in Vermont. 

While we celebrate this incredible achievement, our work is not done. Threats to reproductive rights across the country could impact us here in Vermont. People who are against reproductive rights are trying to pass a nationwide abortion ban and even trying to shut down Planned Parenthood entirely. 

We won’t rest, and we can strengthen this movement with your help. Ways to get involved include: 

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Together we can show that the majority of Americans support abortion & reproductive rights. We won’t back down.  

What do Vermonters say about reproductive liberty?

Planned Parenthood Vermont Action Fund asked Vermonters, “What does reproductive liberty mean to you?” Click to view their answers. 

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