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It's clear the U.S. Supreme Court is ready to overturn Roe v. Wade. There's no time to wait: We must pass the Equality in Abortion Coverage Act (H 7442 / S 2549) to end Rhode Island's abortion bans and ensure all people have equitable access to abortion care in our state. Tell the General Assembly to act for abortion! 

This fight isn’t over. There’s only a few weeks left in session, and we need this bill passed out of these committees and called onto the floor of the General Assembly for a vote. 

Our leaders need to hear from you! Make a call or send an email to leadership, and ask them to act for abortion access:      

Sen. Ruggerio
Senate President

(401) 222-6655 

Rep. Shekarchi
Speaker of the House

(401) 222-2447 

Sen. McCaffrey
Senate Majority Leader

(401) 222-3310 

Rep. Blazejewski
House Majority Leader

(401) 222-2466 

Sen. Coyne 
Chair, Senate Committee on Judiciary

(401) 276-5583 

Rep. Abney,
Chair, House Committee on Finance

(401) 222-8028 

If one of these legislators represents your district, it's even more important that they hear from you! Be sure to tell them you’re a constituent who cares about abortion access, and you want to see the EACA passed by the General Assembly. Write your own message, or use our template below.

Dear [elected official],
The U.S. Supreme Court is ready to overturn Roe v. Wade and eliminate our constitutional right to abortion. Now is the time to end Rhode Island's abortion bans and take action for abortion access in our state. All Rhode Islanders deserve equitable access to abortion care. Right now, our state laws prohibit more than 330,000 residents (nearly 1 in 3) from using their health insurance to cover abortion. People are forced to pay out of pocket if they can afford the cost: This is unacceptable.

This is a matter of fairness, equity, and justice. The right to abortion is meaningless if you can't afford access to care.

Like all abortion bans, these restrictions impact Black and Latinx communities, people with low incomes, and anyone shut out of our health care system the hardest. No one should be denied coverage for abortion because of who they are, where they work, or how much money they make.

We need you to support the Equality in Abortion Coverage Act (S2549/H7442) to remove these bans and add abortion coverage to our state's Medicaid program. Politicians and judges across this country won't stop until they eliminate abortion access in America. This is an urgent moment for reproductive freedom, and we cannot wait.

Sincerely, [Your information here]