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By Luis T., student at Davidson College in Charlotte, NC and Planned Parenthood volunteer

I grew up in a household where two things were clear 1. Women have the same capabilities as any other human being on this planet and 2. Sexual health is non-negotiable. The last year and a half have been a sobering experience that have allowed me to understand that women are not as free as a I thought. I came from a household where my mother was the main breadwinner, as well as a sexoligist. Sex ed and reproductive rights have been a cause close to my heart ever since I was a child. However, if someone truly wishes to support a cause, it cannot be done by turning a blind eye to the ones who need us most.

The Power of Pink conference held in Detroit, MI last month taught me how to become an agent of change that adapts to my community’s needs instead of imposing what allies believe to be reproductive justice. The Power of Pink conference gave me the opportunity to connect with other people in my community that have the same goals as me, and brainstorm how we can put them into action.

Anti-women’s health politicians have been setting legislative priorities that don’t ultimately affect them, such as enacting restrictive laws on access to reproductive health care, for far too long. It’s time we change the course of history and allow people color and LGBTQIA+ folks to lead the way into a society that we all want and deserve. Trainings like Power of Pink allow us to come together to take collective action and plan how we will seize the future.

The future is female, the future is queer, the future is of color. The future is ours.


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