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 Dunnavant deploys falsehoods and dangerous anti-abortion rhetoric in latest ad 

RICHMOND - Planned Parenthood Virginia PAC condemns Siobhan Dunnavant’s latest television ad, which uses lies and misinformation to advance an agenda meant to end access to safe, legal abortion. This deceptive ploy against health care champion Debra Rodman is the worst of political gamesmanship being played on the backs of Virginia families who need access to safe, legal abortion.

Statement of Paulette McElwain, Board Chair, Planned Parenthood Virginia PAC:

“Don’t be fooled. Siobhan Dunnavant’s latest attack has no basis in facts, medicine, or reality. It is fear-mongering at its worst. There is no such thing as “abortion up until the moment of birth” and this dangerous rhetoric is part of an agenda to ban abortion. In fact, Dunnavant’s ad pushes the same false claims as the politicians who forced through near-total bans on abortion in states like Alabama, Georgia, Missouri, and more. If Dunnavant had her way she would completely ban abortion — a safe and legal medical procedure. Siobhan Dunnavant would make abortion illegal, even to save the life of the woman.  She is pushing an extreme anti-choice agenda using lies to manipulate voters, and we cannot let her succeed.

“In contrast, Debra Rodman’s bill would protect access to an abortion when a doctor determines the patient’s life is at risk. Rodman is a fearless champion for women, and will work to protect health care for all Virginians. She will always protect our ability to make our own personal medical decisions, without interference from politicians, and is committed to protecting safe and legal abortion. Rodman will fight for us and our families. Dunnavant and her allies want to ban abortion and Virginia families would suffer.

“Our health and our rights are at risk. This November, Virginians must send a clear message to outside groups and the politicians that work for them: we will not stand for attacks on our health care.”

Background on Siobhan Dunnavant’s extreme anti-reproductive health agenda:

  • She wants to ban access to safe, legal abortion: Dunnavant was caught on tape telling campaign donors she’ll push for an extreme ban on abortion.
  • She would restrict access to birth control: Dunnavant was one of 6 extremists to oppose a bipartisan bill to increase a woman’s access to birth control.
  • She would subject people seeking an abortion to needless hurdles and procedures: Dunnavant voted to subject women to unnecessary medical procedures before having an abortion.