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Decision strikes down Roe v. Wade and Casey v. Planned Parenthood

Richmond, Va. – Today, the United States Supreme Court voted to overturn Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey in a 6-3 decision. This cruel decision fully strikes down federal protections of abortion rights. The status of abortion is now up to each state to decide, with 13 states enacting trigger laws, quickly banning abortion for patients. The majority of Americans support abortion rights and this decision creates severe inequities in access for abortion-seekers across the country. Despite this ruling, abortion remains legal in Virginia. 

Jamie Lockhart, Executive Director Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia:

“This is a devastating decision that will impact millions of people across the country,” said Jamie Lockhart, Executive Director of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia. “PPAV’s mission has always been to protect abortion access for those who need care in Virginia and beyond, and this decision does not change that. We will continue to hold anti-abortion legislators accountable and work with our champions to ensure they block any attempts to restrict access to care for those who need it. In this moment, we see and stand with the majority of Virginians who want abortion to remain legal. Not only that, but Virginia voters will be watching how legislators react at this moment and remember when it comes time to head to the ballot box.” 

Jenny Black, CEO Planned Parenthood South Atlantic:

“For now, abortion is still legal in Virginia. But this dangerous and chilling decision will have devastating consequences across the South, forcing people to travel hundreds, sometimes thousands, of miles for abortion care or potentially be forced to remain pregnant against their will,” said Jenny Black, CEO of Planned Parenthood South Atlantic. “Our highest priority is making sure our patients can get the care they need. Our health center doors remain open, and we aren’t going anywhere.”

Dr. Laura Meyers, CEO Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, DC:

“We are outraged. Personal medical decisions about people’s sexual and reproductive health should be made by patients, and patients alone. Politicians and judges should never be making personal medical decisions about other people’s bodies,” said Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, DC President & CEO Dr. Laura Meyers. “Today’s ruling will most impact Black and Brown women, trans and nonbinary folks, people earning low incomes, and people who live in rural communities, where health care can be extremely hard to access,” said Meyers. 

Paulette McElwain, CEO Virginia League for Planned Parenthood: 

“The Virginia League for Planned Parenthood is more committed to its mission to provide high-quality health care than ever before. Community care begins with each of us, and VLPP staff remain committed to meeting the unique needs of every patient, whether in-person or through telehealth. The Court’s decision to strip people of their bodily autonomy and delay access to essential health care is sure to have a cataclysmic impact on individuals, families and communities. We vow to counter this grim decision by continuing to provide compassionate care every day. We have weathered many storms across the Commonwealth, and we will weather this one too. We were built to provide hard to access and stigmatized care and education - we will use everything we’ve learned until now to stand arm-in-arm with our partners to provide the care and information every person deserves.” 

Abortion providers in Virginia have consistently served those seeking care within the region and beyond. This need for compassionate abortion care will only increase as a result of this decision, causing extreme strains on both providers and patients who will be coming from across America to receive a basic health care service. Regardless, Planned Parenthood remains committed to welcoming all patients with open arms and will continue to provide abortion care – no matter what.