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Vote Josh Kaul for Attorney General on November 6th

The attorney general is the people’s lawyer, and Josh Kaul will work to make Wisconsin better for everyone.

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin trusts Josh Kaul

He is a strong advocate for women and families and a leader who will fight for justice for everyone in Wisconsin. He understands people across the state need better access to affordable, high quality health care. Josh will fight against unconstitutional laws that block women from the care they need. 

Josh is committed making our state fair for everyone by ending discriminatory voting laws, defending laws that protect the rights sexual assault survivors, protecting access to birth control and rejecting the biased attempts of politicians to interfere in women’s health care and the doctor-patient relationship. We need an attorney general who shares our values.

Vote for Josh Kaul for attorney general on November 6th

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As attorney general, Josh Kaul will be a champion for Wisconsin women and families.

Protecting Access to Health Care

Josh Kaul knows that access to health care is a top priority for Wisconsinites, which is why he is dedicated to protecting the 2.4 million people across our state who have pre-existing conditions by upholding key parts of the Affordable Care Act that help people in Wisconsin get insurance.

In addition, he knows that a woman is the best person to decide whether to start or add to her family. That’s why he supports protecting access to birth control, abortion care, and other essential health care service provided by Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin.

Voting Rights

Across the country, we’ve seen more and more restrictions on our right to vote, including reducing or even ending early voting opportunities, making it harder to register to vote, and requiring voters show government-approved ID to access the ballot box.

These restrictions are biased and mostly impact women, young people, seniors, and people of color, which means they have to jump through hoops just to access one of our most basic rights as Americans.

Josh Kaul will continue to work to break down unreasonable mandates that only make it more difficult to make our voices heard.

Upholding Environmental Regulations

Josh Kaul is committed to protecting our air, our water, and our natural resources by enforcing environmental laws meant to keep Wisconsinites safe and healthy.

He’ll do that by making sure to hold polluters accountable for violating laws and regulations that help our environment stay clean and safe for everyone. 

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