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We have seen first hand the role that the courts can play in upholding progressive pieces of legislation. Too often our progressive gains are threatened by an overzealous conservative court. We are seeing progress being slowly undone at the federal level.

In Illinois, our courts operate under a different system, but are no less important.  Instead of the governor appointing members of the court, members are elected. This year, we have the chance to elect two members of the Illinois State Supreme Court. These seats are critical to ensuring that not only pro-reproductive rights, but also progressive legislation such as union rights, LGBTQ rights, environmental legislation, and immigrant rights are all upheld at the state’s highest level.  

Learn more about how the courts can impact each of these issues and why we must work to elect justices to the Illinois State Supreme Court that will uphold progressive values. 

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We must keep a pro-choice majority on the Illinois State Supreme Court!

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Impactive is one of the many tools Planned Parenthood Illinois Action uses to mobilize our supporters. It’s a hub for digital organizing, where you can raise awareness, share calls to action, and contact your state legislators all with a click of a button. To join us on Impactive, download the app and use campaign code 667088 to connect.