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Planned Parenthood Illinois Action supports Ann Gillespie for State Senate!

Why We're Proud to endorse Senator Gillespie:

  • She is a strong supporter and advocate for sexual and reproductive health care. She has taken active steps to ensure Illinois remains a pro-choice haven in the Midwest. 
  • She is sponsoring legislation to protect providers that offer care to patients that cross state lines. With more and more states banning abortion, more and more patients are coming to Illinois to seek care. Those providers need to be protected from actions from anti-choice states that would seek to punish them.  
  • She has pledged to work with us to ensure that Planned Parenthood of Illinois Health Centers are able to deliver the life saving care that people, and now the region, have come to depend upon.

Why Should I Care About This Race?

The Illinois Senate has a pro-choice majority. But the loss of even one seat in the Illinois State Senate could put that position in jeopardy.  We need to maintain and grow our pro-choice majority in the Illinois House to make sure that we can continue to be a pro-choice haven in the Midwest.

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Why the other guy is bad

Bill Robertson has not taken a public position on the issue of abortion. With the fall of the Roe v. Wade this summer, securing access to abortion now falls to members of state legislators. This is NOT a time for politicians to stay silent on this issue. 

We cannot take a chance to elect leaders that may not protect access to abortion. This issue is too important to take that kind of chance.

This November We Take Control

All freedoms are on the ballot this year. This November, we must take control of our bodies and futures by electing leaders who are committed to fighting for our rights. 

Here's how you can help us win in 2022:


Join our #DigitalActionSquad

Impactive is one of the many tools Planned Parenthood Illinois Action uses to mobilize our supporters. It’s a hub for digital organizing, where you can raise awareness, share calls to action, and contact your state legislators all with a click of a button. To join us on Impactive, download the app and use campaign code 667088 to connect.

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