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Like so many, Marie was distraught by the results of this fall’s presidential election. It felt like this country had turned its back on so many people; women, immigrants, people of color, non-Christians, the LGBTQ community. The defeat felt particularly acute since she was expecting a child and the future was feeling especially grim. It was obvious that Planned Parenthood was in for a fight. After weeks of grieving it was time for action; it was time for the Women's March in Minnesota.

I couldn’t wait. I needed the catharsis. I wanted to be surrounded by optimism, by others wanting change, who won’t accept the status quo, and were as angry as I was. I wanted to fight for the future and for those who cannot fight for themselves.


There was one minor hurdle; Marie was 40 weeks pregnant on the day of the March. "No biggie," she thought, "I can March. I am strong. Everyone there will be supportive." As it turns out, her baby had other plans and the only marching she did that day was into the delivery room.

When Marie learned that she had a daughter, she was thrilled and terrified. Terrified because she knows what it means to move through this world as a girl and as a woman and terrified that her daughter would soon know it too. Terrified of the day she’ll have to try to explain to her daughter that the world is not a perfect place. Terrified that her daughter will be fighting the same battles women have been fighting for decades.

In the days after the Women’s March, Marie saw pictures and videos marchers from around the country. She was brought to tears more than once by protesters signing “I Can’t Keep Quiet” and drew strength from all of those who marched for her when she could not.

A few weeks after the Women's March, Marie signed up to participate in a Planned Parenthood Day of Action on February 11. Now, even more than ever, she felt the importance of taking a stand. On the Day of Action, more than 6,000 Planned Parenthood supporters came together to counter-protest.

As we were walking down Charles Avenue, I kept expecting to circle back around, but it just kept going. I was proud to stand with so many others in support of Planned Parenthood and to say enough is enough. Proud to lend my voice to those in support of Planned Parenthood and show how important it is to the community. It felt amazing to know that even after this horrible setback there were so many people who would not back down and would to stand up and fight for future.

Marie is committed to fighting for our rights today, but also for fight for the future. She wants to make a world that is better, and more just, for our children.

We fight, like our mothers and grandmothers did, with the hope that someday, our daughters or granddaughters don’t have to.


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