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President Trump’s executive order signed yesterday restricts the ability of immigrants and refugees to enter this country based on their country of origin and religious background. This is a disgraceful attack on refugees and Muslims, designed to stoke fear and hatred. The Planned Parenthood community is made up of people from all walks of life -- including immigrants and refugees of all backgrounds and faith communities, including Muslims.

Refugees, who have left everything behind and are forced to negotiate their lives in unfamiliar countries and language, also face unique barriers to health care. We’ve seen firsthand, through our clinics and our education programs, how important Planned Parenthood can be for these individuals and families. This executive order singles out and targets those in need of access to care and education, and will only make it more difficult for them to access the health care they need.

The ability to live and thrive without fear of deportation, surveillance, or having your family torn apart, and the ability to access health care, are basic human rights. Planned Parenthood is proud to provide high-quality care and education to everyone regardless of faith, country of origin, immigrant or refugee status, or to those who may otherwise have nowhere else to turn for health care. We are committed to standing with immigrants and refugees.

This Executive Order hurts the most vulnerable in the world, people fleeing in terror for their lives, or people simply coming from a different faith, just when they need our help the most. The United States was founded on the values of refuge and compassion. That’s who we are as a nation and that’s who Planned Parenthood is.


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