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The 2022 midterm elections will play a critical role in our work to rebuild reproductive freedom in Missouri and to protect and expand health care access in Illinois. We know power starts and ends in the states and those whom we elect to lead on abortion access, preventive care, and all rights and freedoms that impact the communities we live in. Advocates of Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri is proud to endorse these candidates for Illinois and Missouri state and local offices:


Governor: JB Pritzker

Lt. Governor: Juliana Stratton

Attorney General: Kwame Raoul

Treasurer: Michael Frerichs

Comptroller: Susan Mendoza

Secretary of State: Anna Valencia

House District 112: Katie Stuart

Senate District 57: Christopher Belt


Missouri House

Jess Piper (House District 1)

Jamie Johnson (House District 12)

Maggie Nurrenbern (House District 15)

Eric Woods (House District 18)

Ingrid Burnett (House District 19)

Emily Weber (House District 24)

Patty Lewis (House District 25)

Ashley Bland Manlove (House District 26)

Aaron Crossley (House District 29)

Kemp Strickler (House District 34)

Annette Turnbaugh (House District 36)

Kathy Steinhoff (House District 45)

Jessica Slisz (House District 49)

Doug Mann (House District 50)

Rene Vance (House District 52)

Jim Hogan (House District 62)

Marlene Terry (House District 66)

Jay Mosley (House District 68)

Jessica DeVoto (House District 69)

Gretchen Bangert (House District 70)

LaDonna Appelbaum (House District 71)

Douglas Clemens (House DIstrict 72)

Alan Gray (House District 75)

Rasheen Aldridge (House District 78)

Rebecca Sharpe Lombard (House District 80)

Bill Stephens (House District 81)

Sarah Unsicker (House District 83)

Delbret Taylor (House District 84)

Yonee Fortson (House District 85)

Joe Adams (House District 86)

Luke Barber (House District 89)

Barbara Phifer (House District 90)

Jo Doll (House District 91)

Kyle Kerns (House District 94)

Ann Zimpfer (House District 95)

Deb Lavender (House District 98)

Ian Mackey (House District 99)

Colin Lovett (House District 100)

Melissa Greenstein (House District 101)

Gregory A Upchurch (House District 104)

Cindy Berne (House District 105)

Tracy Grundy (House District 107)

Susan Shumway (House District 108)

Sally Brooks (House District 118)

Betsy Fogle (House District 135)

Stephanie Hein (House District 136)

Amy Freeland (House District 140)

Bernadette Holzer (House District 143)


Missouri Senate

Michael Sinclair (Senate District 2)

Michael Baumli (Senate District 12)

Brian Williams (Senate District 14)

Tara Anura (Senate District 16)

Benjamin Hagin (Senate District 22)

Tracy McCreery (Senate District 24)

John Kiehne (Senate District 26)

Raymond Lampert (Senate District 30)


St. Louis County 

St. Louis County Executive: Sam Page 

St. Louis County Assessor: Jake Zimmerman

St. Louis County Prosecutor: Wesley Bell

St. Louis County Council: Rita Heard Days (District 1)

St. Louis County Council: Vicki Lorenz Englund (District 3)

St. Louis County Council: Lisa Clancy (District 5)

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