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A note from a Planned Parenthood supporter named Annie that says "The nurse at Planned Parenthood made me feel safe and validated!"

Thank your Planned Parenthood health care provider

Planned Parenthood health center staff show up every single day to deliver excellent care to every patient who walks through the door. No matter who they are, where they come from, how much money they make, or what they need. 

If you or someone you care about got care and compassion at a Planned Parenthood health center, values the work doctors, nurses, and other staff do every day, or knows how important Planned Parenthood health centers are to their communities, send a note of thanks.

Help Planned Parenthood support patients and protect our rights 💝



Planned Parenthood literally saved my life. As a young woman, I had no health insurance. Planned Parenthood provided health care & I got my 1st pap smear @ a Planned Parenthood clinic. That's when I was diagnosed with the 1st signs of cervical cancer. 

Thanks to Planned Parenthood, my condition was caught & treated in time, saving my life. I will forever be grateful to Planned Parenthood. 

- Treasa

I have counted on Planned Parenthood for reproductive healthcare throughout my reproductive life. In my family, the women have worked hard to become professionals, including teachers and nurses. But their grandmothers had huge families, and buried many at birth or near thereafter.

Thanks to birth control, I made it through college and became the first woman in my family to attend graduate school. 

— Ann

This was the easiest most comforting procedure.

I had an in office abortion and they walked me through so much information and really made sure I knew what I was getting in for.

Everyone was kind and helped me feel comfortable the whole time.

— Kandi

I was 19 and a college student when I had an unplanned pregnancy.

I had a safe abortion at Planned Parenthood, and I was able to continue my education because of it.

— Lauren

PP has afforded me the chance to be who I need to be.

Without Planned Parenthood, I would have struggled much more to access the care and support I need for gender affirming care. PP has helped lift me from a very dark place.

— Adam

My wife and I utilized Planned Parenthood services in the 1970's before we got married. We have 3 kids that were planned.

Thanks to Planned Parenthood for their help.

— Richard

Thanks to Planned Parenthood, I was able to get my abortion at 19. I was taking birth control actively, and still got pregnant. I wasn’t mentally or ready financially ready to bring life into this world.

Thank you to the doctors who helped me and are helping other girls.

— Parks

I had my abortion (in 2023) and I'll never forget that day. My ENTIRE experience from scheduling to registering to the care provided and the staff was BEYOND my wildest dreams.
I was terrified and emotional, but staff was able to ease and comfort me, as well provide exceptional and above and beyond care. I was able to receive funding through sources provided to me by Planned Parenthood and therefore had minimal cost.

— Heidi

I have a chronic autoimmune disease.

After living with it and years of complications, Planned Parenthood doctors were the only ones who explained to me that this disease affects women differently, explained the how and why, and gave me the proper resources I needed to manage my disease as a woman.

They were a godsend.

-  Shay

I am a single mom of two and a teacher . I have experienced a lot of trauma related to pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum experience. When I found myself unexpectedly pregnant again, I panicked. Planned Parenthood was so kind and non-judgmental throughout the entire process of me choosing to end the pregnancy. The care I received during this process healed so much of the trauma I have received at the hands of doctors.

They literally held my hand, let me cry, encouraged me, and overall were so compassionate to me and I will never forget it.

— Christy

I have counted on Planned Parenthood for reproductive healthcare throughout my reproductive life.

In my family, the women have worked hard to become professionals, including teachers and nurses. But their grandmothers had huge families, and buried many at birth or near thereafter.

Thanks to birth control, I made it through college and became the first woman in my family to attend graduate school. 

— Ann

I have a terminal illness and the only thing elongating my life is my medications I take every day that I cannot take during a pregnancy, so I cannot have one in this life and that is okay. Not all women walk the same path.

Planned Parenthood held my hand after a hard time and unexpected pregnancy.

I forever owe them my gratitude for making sure my life can continue on with my family that is here for me through the time we have left together that we are celebrating thanks to PP!

— Mary

I have gone to Planned Parenthood for preventative care and birth control options since I was a teenager. I initially got on birth control to help ease the pain of my menstrual cramps, which would get so bad that I'd miss school. I received my services for free because I was young and did not have a job.

I still go to Planned Parenthood to receive preventative care and regular checkups at a discounted price thanks to the sliding scale, so I am able to continue taking care of my body!

Without Planned Parenthood I would not be able to afford my reproductive healthcare!

— Rebecca

I grew up in a sheltered home with my father. I am his only child. My father did not know how to speak with me about sex, STD’s, periods, and birth control. It made him a bit uncomfortable and also didn’t quite understand how a vagina worked.

He located Planned Parenthood, and we had a conversation with one of nurses who gave my father and I some resources that we can use to look into certain information. Also, Planned Parenthood help educate me on the different birth controls that can help me.

Planned Parenthood is an AMAZING resource and we as people need this organization.

— Nyota

I was 26 when l found out l was pregnant. It's hard to imagine that was 10 years ago. I remember being terrified about what the 'right' decision was for me- looking back on that now I am so grateful that 26 year old woman had access to the choices l did so readily available to me.

I chose to have an abortion, and through the support of Planned Parenthood that was possible. I think often about how fortunate l was to make the choice l made, that I've never regretted that choice. No one should be allowed to take that choice from someone.

The body is ours to govern. I won't go back. I stand with Planned Parenthood.

— Haley

Planned Parenthood has been a life saver for me, allowing me to access gender-affirming care (which never felt accessible to me, as a person from a background of poverty and a strictly religious upbringing) for an affordable cost.

More than that, Planned Parenthood has, from the get, been the friendliest, kindest, and most empathetic medical experience I could have possibly imagined.

Everyone from my doctor to the nurse practitioners to reception has treated me with care and kindness. At my first appointment, my doc was so happy for me to begin this journey in a way that was so validating and kind! I could not be more thankful. 

— R.

Planned Parenthood has been an absolute life safer for me. 'Care, no matter what' is a motto more doctors should adopt. As a transgender woman, finding a doctors office that makes me feel safe and welcome is a nigh impossible task. Planned Parenthoods informed consent model of gender affirming healthcare is rooted in human decency and respect.

Not only do they make accessible healthcare services that most others 'gatekeep' but they do so in a way that is empathetic, respectful, and accepting.

Planned Parenthood is a model for how healthcare SHOULD be in this country, and I have nothing but respect and admiration for all of you.

— Jade

First of all, as a young woman I find it disturbing that laws can be made about my own body, especially when I'm not even included in the discussion. Whether I make the decision or not, it should be my choice because it is my future that is affected.

Anyone that wants access to reproductive healthcare (including abortion) needs to be able to have it because it is simply a basic human right.

Second, it is important for the general wellbeing of all people who could potentially need reproductive healthcare and education, to have access to these things because this promotes gender equality (furthering societal progress), reduced infant mortality rates, general safety, and much more.

— Aanya

I had an abortion when I was 22. I had one partner and was taking birth control. I thought I was being responsible. When my birth control failed, my partner at the time left me. I had no supports, no ability to care for myself or anyone else, nothing. I was also in the height of addiction and bringing a child into my life at that time would have, undoubtedly, been harmful to the health of the child.

I cannot imagine going through that time without access to the health care that Planned Parenthood provides.

I was able to afford treatment on a sliding scale as I was a full time student at the time. It took me years to understand that what happened to me wasn’t my fault and I have forgiven myself for making this impossible choice, but I am thankful that I had a choice. 

— Sarah

My abortion saved the lives of the children I already had. We were already struggling to stay afloat and the man I was pregnant by was not emotionally nor financially mature for that responsibility.

Making that decision gave me the opportunity to not take away from the daughters I already had. I never regret my decision ever.

Having the ability at the time to make the choice about my life and my body was liberating... but now...my daughters that I have fought to protect and raise do not have the same ability. Planned Parenthood saved my life and the lives of my children.

Thank you.

— Erin

I’ve wanted to send this for 7 years. I found out I was pregnant in 2016 and was terrified. The day after taking 5 pregnancy tests, my partner headed to work and I went to Planned Parenthood in Pasadena. I was met with the most compassionate nurse who cared for me, provided nonjudgmental information and next steps for whatever my decision was.

I knew I was going to continue with my pregnancy, but the love and care I received, the information about all of my options and the respect to make my own decision is something I’ve never forgotten. I had not told anyone in my family yet, was scared, feeling vulnerable and facing the unknown and that nurse was like the light that I needed to know it’d all be ok.

Today, I have my beautiful 7 year old and have never forgotten the care I received at Planned Parenthood.

— Mackenzie

I had an abortion 11 years ago and the Planned Parenthood in Denver was so kind and compassionate. I’m forever grateful. 

— Johanna

Thank you for taking such good care of my amazing best friend! You were so compassionate and nonjudgmental and focused on HER well-being. Thank you so much!!! You do such incredible work!!!


— Rachel

I just want to truly thank you because I know in this changing and ever evolving world your job is very difficult. Thank you for waking up everyday and choosing to help people.

— Dolores

Planned Parenthood, when I was 16, you welcomed me, gave me the birth-control I needed, and allowed me to stay in control of my life and future. I never needed to have an abortion, thanks to you... and I know I could have had one if I had needed it, thanks to you. I am grateful for all you do.

— Jennifer

My friend's mom took me to Planned Parenthood in my freshman year of high school. They told me all of the facts and birth control options. And always made me feel valued, even at 15. Thank you so much for all that you do!

— Robyn

Thank you so much for your compassion and care during some of the hardest times in my life. I appreciate everything you do to preserve women’s agency and reproductive freedom. Thank you for standing between us and those who would take away our right to choose.

— Lana

Thank you for everything you do — your sacrifice and support does not go unrecognized. You are so loved & immensely important

— Danielle

I'm thankful for PP, who took care of a scared college student anytime I had any health issues. Without insurance, away from home, their care helped me take care of myself. Thank you!

— Crisha

Planned Parenthood was there for me during my abortion, and I don’t know what I would’ve done without them, I am forever grateful and supportive of Planned Parenthood!

— Megan

I had an abortion in 2011. I was terrified and found so much comfort in the staff at Planned Parenthood. They didn’t judge me, but held me in one of my most vulnerable moments.

The care I received was top notch and I am forever in gratitude for all they do and have done for me in my life.

— Lauren

I am now a senior citizen, but the compassionate and supportive care I received at Planned Parenthood in Los Angeles in 1977 helped me make the choices I needed to make to determine the course of my own life.

I will always be so very grateful that you were there.

— Michelle

I want to thank Planned Parenthood. 33 years ago, I had a unplanned pregnancy and two young children & could not have another due to health issues.

That is why it is so important for young women to get the help they need, like I could. Thank you.

— Teresa

Thank you for helping me, at age 14, understand the facts and make an educated choice, and then providing the care I needed with kindness and professionalism. Because of that, I was able to stay in school, go to college, and have a career.

I am now raising my incredible13-year-old twins.  Thank you!

— Brianna

I’ve been coming to Planned Parenthood for years, I recommend your services to everyone I know. I know that every time I visit, for every reason from pregnancy scares to STI testing, I will be treated with respect, discretion, and empathy.

You do more to comfort and heal our spirits than all the chicken soup in the world.

— Lindsey

I could have cried for hours in relief and appreciation after my appointment for the care that I received.

I have never felt my vulnerability - and I’ve rarely felt more vulnerable than I did entering my exam room - be met with the simultaneously compassionate and matter-of-fact support that my providers offered. I am so grateful for the people of Planned Parenthood.

— Zoe

You guys were fantastic with me. I felt safe and cared for.  Thank you!

— Sue 

Thank you for supporting my decision.

— Ro

Was my daughter [who went] and everything was done with care and respect. thank you.

— Stephanie

Thank you for always advocating for your patients. So many women have suffered in our history. Please keep on fighting and know that there are people out here fighting alongside you. Much support from my little town in Pennsylvania. 

— Terri

Thank you for being somewhere we can turn to when we have to make life decisions. For being caring, non-judgemental and always having your office open thru and thru. For listening to how we feel and helping us thru whatever reproductive obstacles we encounter. Thank you Planned Parenthood !

— Christina 

Thank you for being there during some of my darkest days, thank you for the compassion your staff showed, thank you for giving me options, thank you for changing my life for the better.

I appreciate you all SO much more than words could ever explain.

— Lauren

I want to give my sincerest thanks to Planned Parenthood and their providers for being there for me when I was 22 years old, newly graduated from college and about to start my first real job as an adult.

Without their care and compassion and providing me an abortion, my young life would have been much more difficult.

I’m not sure I would have had the ability to get my masters and embark on my career as easily and now that I am married and we are ready to start a family, I am so grateful for my ability to wait until the right time for me. You all are heroes!

Thank you for everything you do to provide options and care for women in all parts of life.

— Hannah

I have used Planned Parenthood several times in the past. When I became sexually active, I was able to be seen to get access to birth control at a low cost when I couldn’t afford much. And a couple years later, I was able to get access to abortion care.

Each time I was seen, all staff treated me with respect and created a shame free environment. Especially when I was seen for abortion services, I was so scared and embarrassed. But they made me feel cared for, gave me all options for moving forward, and allowed me the space to make a decision that was best for me. They didn’t make me feel ashamed for my decision either.

I’m so grateful for the care I received. And for all the staff and providers who were so nice to me when I felt so fragile. It meant a lot to me. Thank you so much!

— JD 

Thank you so much to the providers at Planned Parenthood in Alaska. You respected my decision, my body and my well-being during extremely vulnerable times.

I’ve had two abortions and both times were extremely difficult to navigate. Thankfully, the staff and providers at Planned Parenthood’s listened to me intently and guided me through every step in the process that I asked to take. The emotional support of the women in the operating room was so profound.

Our community is so fortunate to have those women there doing what they do.

Everyone deserves access to safe abortions and reproductive healthcare.

— Kirsten

The staff at any location is great, especially when someone is in crisis or in need of special care.

Emotional support and non-judgmental care is so very important. Women need people like that in general and especially in our reproductive health, well being and doing what's best for our bodies and lives. Thank you.

— Jeanette

Access to a safe and legal abortion some 50+ years ago surely changed the trajectory of my life, enabling me to finish high school, college, marry, have a successful 30+ year career and parenting one daughter when the time was right.

Thank you for your dedication to continuing to provide the same to women today.

— Tanya

My younger daughter and I headed to our local Planned Parenthood because she wanted birth control pills. Upon entering the office, we were cordially greeted by staff & our daughter was able to get those birth control pills.

Thank you Planned Parenthood!!

— Diana

Thank you to Planned Parenthood for everything you do. I’m FTM Transgender youth and have always been treated with compassion and care when i go. To have a place who respects me and my community is life changing and life SAVING.

From using MY name and pronouns, to providing my mother with an abortion, and helping me with birth control - you have done it all. THANK YOU!

— Sage 

Planned Parenthood was there for me when I didn’t have insurance, and gave me access to affordable birth control, as well as care for anything else I asked.

It’s been years since I’ve visited, but Planned Parenthood will always be a company that I defend and praise loudly. I am forever grateful to have access to feminine care in a state like Texas.

— Alexandra

Thank you to the providers at Planned Parenthood.

Through kindness and understanding, you help us through tough decisions. When our families, friends, partners don’t understand why we chose our decision, you do.  And that’s all the support we need sometimes. You are appreciated.

I think about my nurses and doctors who helped me get my abortion. I think about you all, all the time. I’m thankful for you.

— Kaylee

Planned Parenthood has been a life saver.

They’ve provided me affordable care on short notice. When my birth control implant unexpectedly broke inside my body, I was able to get help so quickly, to get everything fixed and back on track.

I’ve always felt so safe and heard every time I’ve been there. It felt like they all really cared about me and my safety.

Thank you for all you do to keep healthcare for people like me safe and affordable.

— Elizabeth

The abortion care I received as an 18 year old saved me from a terrible situation with someone who was not safe.

I was shown so much compassion and care by strangers who had no idea that they were saving my life a creating a better life for my future children. My kids are 18 and 16 today and they have both received different kinds of care from Panned Parenthood.

I will be forever grateful for what PP does for my family and so many others.

— Jenni

I have been fortunate enough to be able to access abortion care three times when I desperately needed it.

The providers involved were almost all amazing women that treated me with the most compassionate care. I am eternally grateful to all the staff at Planned Parenthood for giving me (and a potential child) an avenue out of a life of certain abuse and poverty.  

I owe my freedom and my happiness to this organization and it's staff.

— Autumn

Planned Parenthood supported my annual health care needs and pregnancy prevention when I could not afford health care in my early twenties. I'm so grateful for these necessary services towards women's health!

— Koryn

You didn't help me in terms of a unplanned pregnancy, but you definitely helped a couple of very close friends, and I appreciate all you have done for women. I was able to get contraception through Planned Parenthood when I was young and I am grateful for that as well. Thank you.

— Tina

I am forever grateful to Planned Parenthood for the work that you do in communities for the health of so many thousands of people and their families. I am so proud of you, hold your heads high!

— Caitlin

My trans son needs you all and you’re always there for him! A million thanks!

— Jana

Planned Parenthood was my doctor when I was 23 and had no insurance. I will always be grateful for the care I received.

— Amy

Very helpful to my granddaughter who had a single parent father.

— Gloria

I am in awe of your courage, dedication, and service to women. Twenty years ago, you were the only place I could go for healthcare when I lost my parents' insurance after college and didn't yet have a full-time job.

I will never forgot the difference you all made for me then and countless other women.

I'm a proud supporter of the work you all do and pray for your continued safety, well-being, and thriving of Planned Parenthood as you risk your lives to give women the healthcare they so desperately need.


— Jill 

Thank you!  Planned Parenthood has helped myself w/ the morning after pill. Your organization has helped a few friends over the years w/ their situations. I will continue to support Planned Parenthood.

I have two daughters that are aware of services that are offered at Planned Parenthood. Many teens, like my daughters, are embarrassed/too scared to go to their parents/ guardians.

I’m glad the staff at PP are there for them.

— Melissa 

I had my first pelvic exam and birth control prescription from Planned Parenthood. My experience was easy and kind. My life at that time was not easy and kind.

Planned Parenthood allowed me to take my health into my own hands, and for a person in her teens, that was appreciated.

My experience was almost forty years ago, when the conversation around reproductive health felt much more underground than it is today. All the work that is done by the staff is important and necessary. Thank you for doing what you do every day.

— A

Thank you for helping a scared teenager who had no safe space except her best friend and Planned Parenthood. Keep doing what you do. You make the world a better place.

— Sarah


It’s been 10 years since I had a PP Abortion.

Y’all didn’t just provide healthcare that day. You saved me and allowed me to escape domestic violence.

— Avery

I don’t know what I would’ve done throughout college and the first few years of my career to get an annual exams, birth control and STD testing.

Thanks so much for being there for me Planned Parenthood.

— Stacy

In 2003, I had to have an abortion because I was on blood thinners. At 7 weeks, the  medication was already fatally catastrophic to the baby. The decision to abort was intellectually easy — and emotionally excruciating.

The Planned Parenthood team were so supportive to me. I was (am) so grateful to have had the choice.

No person should have to fight for a “choice” for necessary medical care, they certainly shouldn’t have to die for it.

— Renee

Your dedication to our futures is unparalleled. I could go breathless telling you all the ways abortion care saved my life, but I’ll just say this: you are the most kind and authentic providers I have ever met.

This is often a thankless industry as we’re not focused on gratitude during these trying times.

I’m so glad you’re receiving recognition for the difference you’ve made for me and so many others.

— Summer

As an uninsured person, I received low cost birth control from Planned Parenthood from ages 17 to 24. This allowed me to graduate from nursing school (30 years and counting!).  

Planned Parenthood allowed me the freedom to pursue my dreams and become a productive member of society without the burden of unplanned pregnancies.

Thank you, PP, for being a lifeline when I needed it most!

— Sandra


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