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A note from a Planned Parenthood supporter named Annie that says "The nurse at Planned Parenthood made me feel safe and validated!"

Thank your Planned Parenthood health care provider

Planned Parenthood health center staff show up every single day to deliver excellent care to every patient who walks through the door. No matter who they are, where they come from, how much money they make, or what they need. 

If you or someone you care about got care and compassion at a Planned Parenthood health center, values the work doctors, nurses, and other staff do every day, or knows how important Planned Parenthood health centers are to their communities, send a note of thanks.

Help Planned Parenthood support patients and protect our rights 💝



I couldn't afford birth control when I left my parents house, and for my first few years of college. Thanks to Planned Parenthood, I was able to receive condoms and birth control pills on a sliding scale.

Thank you so much for giving me control to plan my life!! Your care is literally life-saving!!

— Alzira

When I was just 20 and visited Planned Parenthood for care, they found that I had abnormal pap smears. It was the beginning of very close monitoring and treatment to ensure that I was not developing cancer.  

PP's care very likely saved me from a very unfortunate outcome. Grateful to them every day.

— Mary Kay

Thank you for being a living embodiment of kindness and compassion. Your efforts may be done quietly due to the private nature of the work - but your efforts and awesomeness is not ignored.

Thank you so much for each and every kindness you share with every person you encounter in your important work.

 — Casey

  • 18 - I had my abortion.
  • 21 - I graduated from college.  
  • 29 - I graduated from medical school.
  • 31 - I provided my first abortion.  

Never did I regret my decision. I want to thank  my abortion provider. Without him and the clinic I am 100% sure I would not be where I am today.

— Lindsay

I am so thankful for the people at Planned Parenthood. They helped me get access to birth control in helping me start my journey of protecting myself.

I hope you all know how valued you are, not just as providers but as individuals.

Stay strong guys, because I know you can do it!

— Mia

Thank you so much for fighting for our right to health care.

Please know you have the support of so many of us working in other areas of health care.

I proudly stand with you.

My access to abortion allowed me to advance my education, career and have the family I wanted when I wanted.

— Megan

I've had several interactions with Planned Parenthood Representatives and I've had nothing but amazing experiences. I love everything you all do in not only accessible services but also outreach and education.

Never stop what you do, the world is a better place with all of you, sending so much love <3

— Kiara

Planned Parenthood is an absolutely essential place for women to receive reproductive counseling and care. They provide women with safe, responsible, private care and vital medical information.

They provide all of these essential services regardless of the negative, uniformed stigma attached to them.

— Maureen

Dear P.P.,

We definitely have a history. Like since 1983 type history. I’ve never had a bad experience in all those years. I brought my daughter in however many years ago. When the time comes, I’ll bring my granddaughter in as well.

Thank you all for fighting the good fight!

— Stephanie

Some of the kindest, best care I have received in any medical setting.

Thank you for everything you do every day, and for being a reliable source of compassionate care of so many kinds. I don’t make very much money but PP remains and will remain on my monthly donation list! Thank you!!

— Sylvia

As a trans woman, the services provided to me saved my life.

I am so grateful for the services you provide to ALL women. I'll always stand by my sisters in solidarity for our rights. I feel Planned Parenthood has led the battle for justice and equality in healthcare. I thank everyone involved!

— Ruka

Planned Parenthood is an AMAZING group of practitioners =)
I've always been so grateful for the help and support received there. I've raved about the quality of care, knowledge base, and sliding scale fees.

Many gratitudes and well-wishes sent to all who work there, past/present/future.

— Lara

The care you all, doctors, nurses, all health center staff, provide is essential to the well being of women and their families.  

Given the current attitude towards women's health care, I applaud you for your bravery and devotion to the care you provide.  Thank you.

— Linda

I volunteered for Planned Parenthood when I lived in Cincinnati, Ohio, in the late 60's and early 70s when abortion was illegal.  I saw the good work that they were doing first hand. Every patient was treated with respect and was given excellent medical care.

I was proud to be part of the team. Now I contribute to Planned Parenthood yearly.

— Eleanor

I just want to thank all that the Planned Parenthood staff do for us. You guys constantly have to deal with so many setbacks and yet you all still keep fighting for what's right and still help to save lives every day.

At the moment I haven't ever needed your services, but I feel good knowing that If I ever do you guys will be there with open arms.

— lauren

Thank you for being there for me when I needed it the most.

I am grateful for a safe, friendly place that provides facts and choices.

— Tamera

Planned Parenthood provides valuable services to those who have need.

Your staff deserves our heartfelt thanks and appreciation.


Thank you for all that you do to empower and support people with the care they determine is best for them.

This is invaluable work!

— Zoe

My life would be completely different if it were not for Planned Parenthood providing me with support in times of critical need.

— Sonia

Thank you for showing up every day and delivering excellent care to every patient who comes to you for help, no matter their need.

— Susan

I'm glad to know that Planned Parenthood is around to provide reproductive health care to those who need it in Maryland!

— Timothy

When in my early 20s, I was treated with simple kindness, caring, respect and professionalism at a great Planned Parenthood clinic in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. I didn’t have a lot of money, but wanted birth control, and they helped me out.

It was such a relief and a comfort. I have much gratitude for that.  Thank you Planned Parenthood!

— A

Planned Parenthood is a beautiful example of the kinds of organizations that I would imagine in an idyllic society.

Everyone I've encountered at Planned Parenthood has been very kind and helpful to me and I am beyond thankful that they exist as a healthcare opportunity to the many, many people who may otherwise receive the care they need.

— Joie

Thank you to all members of PP staff, you are helping folks take charge and keep charge of their physical health! You have provided a safe space for health and well-being and I will continue to be forever grateful for your professional and thoughtful care.

You are making a difference in the lives of so many,  keep up the great work!

— Laura

Thank you so much for providing care for those in need.

With all the turmoil surrounding women’s health, reproductive rights, and gender-affirming care, I can imagine it’s a little crazy to go to work each day. Despite this, you all still do.

Thank you on behalf of me and everyone else who needs this care. Keep doing amazing things and don’t forget how truly grateful everyone is for the work you all are doing.

— Julia

I'm so grateful to Planned Parenthood. When I needed them the most, the staff were so caring and nice. When I lived in a state where there was no PP, I drove five hours to the nearest one out of state to get birth control; its the only place I'm comfortable getting it. They actually listen to me and have given me valuable knowledge back.

Planned Parenthood needs to be protected at all costs.

— Grace

Each and every one of you are AMAZING. Thank you for all you do to keep women’s reproductive health going.  Please know you are vital to women everywhere. I appreciate what you do!  Planned Parenthood was a vital part of my healthcare for many years. I will always appreciate the care but also the education and guidance.

Thank you. Please take care and always remember you are incredible.

— LeLynne

THANK YOU for your dedication and your bravery!  


— Stella

Planned Parenthood has always done fine work.  

Thank you! 

— Hugh

I want to thank you, especially for helping young people!

Love and Peace.

— Jack

Take heart —  your good work is not unnoticed and we will always be with you!

— David

I thank you for the health of our mothers, sisters, daughters and friends.

— Lorraine

Fifty years ago where my best friend needed you, you were there; thank you.

— Dee

I appreciated all the personal care I received as a teen and young adult. I am happy to support PP with a monthly donation as an adult.

Thanks for what you do!!

— Amy

Thank you all so so so much for being there for the women who’ve needed you over the years.

Please don’t give up. You are so appreciated.

— Lynnette

Planned Parenthood is one of the most important organizations in the country.

Thank all you hard workers for always being there for the women who need you most.

— Ann

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for what you do!! Thank you for helping me and countless folks like me, especially in today's political climate.

You're true heroes!

— R

It takes courage & commitment to do what you do everyday. Thanks for being the helping hands, listening ears & shoulder to cry on/help lift the burdens.  

You are the best!

— Betsy

Thank you so much for your dedication as a Planned Parenthood staff person!  I’m sure that there are many days when this is not an easy job.

I give thanks for the PP staff!

— Judy

PP has done more for my reproductive freedom than I could ever repay in a lifetime!

Thank you for continuing to do all that you do. My daughter’s future is worth fighting for!

— Yamirelis

Thank you for providing care to so many different people, no matter who they are.

Your work gives so many people hope and empowers them to do what they want and be themselves.

— Lucy

You’ve been there for me since I was 17. And I am grateful.

I continue to march, advocate and donate for reproductive rights and healthcare. Thank you for continuing the fight!

— Kara

Long ago I worked as a health-worker and Spanish interpreter in a feminist health clinic providing information, education, community care and the range of reproductive-choice options. I deeply believe that choice is sacred, and what you are doing is sacred work!

You are doing great things for people and their extended families. I hope you also receive nurturing, effective care, and know what a positive, hopeful difference you make.

— Amanda

Thank you for all your efforts on my behalf. You were my first health care provider, and only one until my mid-thirties. At twenty eight you were there for me when I needed to terminate an unplanned pregnancy. I am now seventy and still appreciate the care you gave me in my youth. And I especially appreciate that you’re still giving much needed services to the women of the current generation.  

You will forever be in my heart with gratitude.

— Michelle

I received care at the San Bernardino Planned Parenthood. They went above & beyond to provide me exemplary care in one of the most difficult times of my life. I felt safe, supported & valued as I made a decision that I knew was best for me & my family. They saved my life, honestly.

I have such a deep admiration, respect & gratitude for the work that happens at Planned Parenthood & tear up a little bit when I reflect on how much I was supported & cared for.

— Haley

My daughter has received perfect care for which I am extremely grateful.

— Lucy

Thanks to everyone who supports and uses Planned Parenthood's services.

— Mary Alice

I am forever grateful to Planned Parenthood in SC for pregnancy testing.

— Connie

Thank you for your work in the post Roe vs. Wade upside down world.

— Joseph

Planned Parenthood was there when I needed it: I'm so glad it was there.

— Caro

Thank you for your time and service in a very difficult career field.

— Alice

Thank you for all you do for people, some of my relatives included.

— Nancy

I admire your commitment to providing needed services to all women.

— Matthew

Thank you for making sure that women get the health care they need.

— Cynthia

During an incredibly scary time in my life, Planned Parenthood staff made me feel safe and cared for.

I cannot thank you enough for your services, care, and support. The trajectory of my life remained my choice because of the work you do. Thank you.

— A

Thank you. Your work is so unbelievably valuable. Thank you for your strength in these difficult times.

I so wish you didn’t need to be this strong. It’s beyond unfair and so deeply wrong.

Thank you for helping women be safe. I am deeply grateful.

— Melissa

Your work is crucial to so many people for more reasons than abortion. You are the faces of family health.

Please know that you are respected and appreciated. You give not only medical care, you give hope when it is desperately needed.

Thank you!

— Patricia

Planned Parenthood has been a trusted resource for me since I was a young teenager.

Now in my  70’s I share your foundational findings with my children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews. I trust your advice and value your work. Thank you.

— Katharine

You are all so important to so many people -- providing vital services to people who have nowhere else to go.

And not just the medical personnel, but the people who answer the calls and make the centers safe and welcoming places. Thank you.

— Sarah

It has been many years since I needed to patronize Planned Parenthood, but their local staff was caring and kind and handled my obgyn needs with concern, compassion, and knowledge.  

Thank you, Planned Parenthood.  Keep up your good work.

— Nedene

 My mother was a huge supporter of Planned Parenthood and the right to choose. I’ve always made annual donations to PP in her honor. And even though she died this year, I have and will continue to do so.

Thank you for all that you do.

— Karen

As a health care provider I know that what you do is incredibly rewarding but your specific care is especially challenging and too frequently dangerous.

I applaud your dedication, compassion & commitment. Thank you for all you do!

— Rita

Thank you, Planned Parenthood, for providing me and countless others with excellent health care.  

If I hadn’t been able to turn to you for an abortion in 1989, my life would be completely different and not in a good way.  Respect!

— Jess

I’ve relied on Planned Parenthood for reproductive healthcare since I was a teenager. I’m now almost 30 y/o and remain a proud patient of and donor to Planned Parenthood.

Thank you to everyone who makes this organization great!

— Kimberly

Thank you for you expertise, empathy, and effort to treat all people that come through your doors for assistance!!

Planned Parenthood was available when I was young and I want it to always be available for all future generations!

— Barbara

Thank you Planned Parenthood. You’ve had my back for 52 years.  And I’ll always have yours.  

Honestly, I’ve never had better care from a private physician than I’ve had from your dedicated staff.  You are truly appreciated.

— Beverly

It was Planned Parenthood who discovered our youngest daughter’s cancer.  We have been grateful for over thirty years now as we have watched her become a teacher, a mother and now a grandmother!  

We truly know the value of PP.

— Sharon

As an eighty year old white man I feel it is important for you to know you have my admiration and support. Parenthood training and medical help should be open to all, and be confidential between a woman and her doctor.  

Keep it up!

— Tim

Planned Parenthood is a beacon of hope in the chaos that is the world. I always feel so welcome and safe within those walls, and that is not easy to find these days.

Thank you for everything you do, all of you are true heroes!!!

— Malka

You guys provide high quality, judgement-free care to a diverse population. Even with protestors outside, coming inside for an abortion felt safe when I was scared.

Never thought I would feel so close to staff before. Thank you!

— J

Planned Parenthood was there when I needed an abortion  & everyone was kind & empathetic.
They were there when I needed affordable birth control.
They were there when I needed affordable gyn care.

Thank you for always being there.

— Hope

Planned Parenthood - thank you. Thank you for having the courage to offer the services and support women need.

Thank you for your advice, knowledge, support, skills ..... thank you for being there for me.

With much respect and gratitude,

— Hilary

My husband Joseph worked for PP almost twenty years before cancer killed him. Grateful for all of you who continue to do the 'good work'.

Be kind to you and your loved ones. Know that you are in the good fight! Thank you continuing his legacy.

— Vicky Ruth

Thank you for your bravery and perseverance in providing reproductive rights for women. I was able to make the choice for myself when I was 19,  and am still grateful.  

You have millions of us supporting you. Thank you for continuing to fight.

— carol

Thank you for your efforts in providing care to everyone who walks through your many doors. Without your service, many would have no where else to go.

You are to be commended for your courage and dedication. Thank you.

— Karen

Thank you for doing the very hard but necessary work to keep women’s reproductive health and our choices free.

It is not always easy to do the right thing, but please know how much we appreciate what you do, often under adversity. Thank you again.

— Maureen

Thank you SO much for all you do every day to keep us reproductively healthy, particularly in a time when the political climate has been so divisive and constrictive.  

Your courage, commitment and compassion are OUTSTANDING!!!   

— Kari

Hello.  To whoever reads this, I hope you have a good day.

Thank you for all you do to provide comprehensive and affordable healthcare, and for always being so kind.

As a non-binary queer person, I appreciate the respect and lack of judgment SO much.

— Micaiah

Our whole household has appreciated you for generations.  

Thank you for all you do!

— Frank

Thank you!

I appreciate the work you do every day to provide access to health care.

— Gretchen

You are amazing!

Thank you all for hanging in there with what you have to go through!

— Patricia

A friend of mine volunteers for PP, in California, and I salute all the P.P. people!

— Mitchell

The care and information I received at PP in Phoenixville Pa in the 1980’s was great.

— Jennifer

I am so grateful to Planned Parenthood for providing excellent care to my patients!

— Holly

Endlessly grateful for the work you do.

Planned Parenthood makes this world better.

— Paige

Planned Parenthood is the only place I'd trust to handle my HRT.

Thank you so much.

— Z

Keep fighting for our freedom of choice!!

Future generations are depending on you!!

— Raymond

Although I'm not currently a patient, Planned Parenthood provided all of my birth control pills and gynecological needs for many years.

The staff was always proficient and compassionate. I appreciated the sliding scale fees, which were much lower than what I would have had to pay for an OB/GYN in private practice. My birth control pills were much less expensive than the prices at pharmacies. When my income was very low, I didn't have to pay anything.

I am very grateful for the work that Planned Parenthood does and will continue to make small donations when I can. Also, I continue to support efforts to make abortion care widely available and affordable.

Thanks to you, I had both of my children when I wanted to and had an abortion when I knew I would be unable to properly care for a third child. My husband also had a vasectomy at no cost when we knew we were done having children.

We are extremely thankful for that, as we no longer had to use birth control for the rest of my childbearing years. Now I'm 67 and have insurance that pays for preventive care from my primary care provider.

You have done so much for so many people and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

— Wendy

When I was 16 (I'm now 65) I was in a 1-year relationship that was starting to explore sexually in a way that made me concerned about preventing pregnancy.  

A girlfriend and I skipped out of high school and drove my mother's car into Minneapolis so that we could visit a Planned Parenthood and get the protection that we needed and deserved.  

We were welcomed and treated with respect.  After our appointments we went out for a celebration lunch and then back to school.  

Planned Parenthood allowed me to stay safe and in control of my reproductive health while exploring my sexuality.
 Thank you, Planned Parenthood.

 I was able to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, get an education and now I am a mother to two adults and a grandma to 4.   I'm not sure how my life would have unfolded if a safe place like Planned Parenthood wasn't there for me when I needed it.

Thank you again.

— Sarah

Dear Planned Parenthood Staff,

I am writing to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for the incredible work that you and your team do at Planned Parenthood. Your unwavering commitment to providing comprehensive health and reproductive services to women and LGBTQ+ individuals, especially those in greatest need, has not gone unnoticed.  

In a world where access to reproductive healthcare is often a challenge, your organization stands as a beacon of support and care. The services you offer are not just essential, they are a lifeline for many who may not have access to quality healthcare elsewhere. Your dedication to ensuring that all individuals, regardless of their background or circumstances, receive the care they need is truly commendable.  Your commitment to providing a safe and judgment-free space is crucial in fostering trust and making healthcare accessible to everyone.

While it is heartening to know that there are organizations like Planned Parenthood prioritizing the well-being of their patients above all else, I know that it  is what you do each and every day that allows Planned Parenthood to have that reputation.  Please convey my appreciation to all members of your team. Your work has a profound impact on the lives of those you serve, and I am grateful for your continued dedication to the cause. Keep up the excellent work, and know that your efforts do not go unnoticed or unappreciated.  

Wishing you continued success in all your endeavors.  Warm regards!

— Penny

Thank you for many years of supporting women’s health care needs, safely, expertly and without judgement.  

Planned Parenthood was my main source of healthcare when I was younger and I’m so grateful I could find my full range of healthcare, affordably with such a supportive team.  I am even more grateful now to all of you for being so dedicated in such challenging times.  

May you all find goodness coming back to you tenfold!

— Sandra

As a retired operating room nurse, I send my deepest gratitude to you.  

Because of your work, one patient in particular who was diagnosed with advance cervical cancer and required surgery by a Gynoncologist. It through her I learned how much you do beyond the reproductive assistance you offer.  

I support and sincerely appreciate the continued work you are doing women/girls and their families across this country.

— Kathryn

The compassionate women at Planned Parenthood were there for me when I was 18 and unexpectedly pregnant.  

Now that I'm 59, I know that their help made it possible for me to have the life I have lived. Every day, compassionate women at Planned Parenthood continue to give women of all ages their health and their lives back.  Take heart and be strong, knowing that you make a difference!

 Love and hugs!

— Cindy

Thank you for all you do to provide women and families with the respect, freedom and healthcare your services provide.

Your tireless hard work matters so much to me personally, and to women and families across the nation, especially within so many climates of hate, ignorance and hostility.

From the bottom of my heart—thank you for your courage, work, and fortitude.

— Dewey

I don't know that I know someone that has used your services, but I do know that it's very important that you are able to provide them, now and into the future!

Each and every one of you are fighting the good fight on behalf of women, men and families that may not have (affordable!) access to your services anywhere else.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

—  Barry

Two years ago I found myself pregnant just before Christmas, weeks before a cross-country move, with an 18-month solo trip planned for the next year.

I needed an abortion. The team at Planned Parenthood took such good care of me at a stressful time.

Thanks to the availability of this care, I was able to move forward with my big plans and big dreams. Thank you!

— Sachi

Thank you for continuing to be an excellent resource for patients, their families, and the community . I am appreciative and grateful for all the work you all do in all the spaces you can still be in. I support and admire all who work in reproductive health care!

Keep showing up and please also most importantly, keep taking care of yourself first and each other!

— M

Planned Parenthood gave me access to HRT for the first time. While talking to one of your healthcare providers about the risks, she mentioned, 'There is risk, but this is about you feeling at home in your body.'

I had never once considered that people even felt that way or that I ever could until that day- she helped me take the first step to make that a reality.

— Sigma

Someone I care a lot about is alive because of Planned Parenthood.  You found her cancer during reproductive health screenings and I am endlessly deeply grateful.  

Thank you for that, and thank you for providing humane reproductive care to all, often at the hardest times of our lives. Your kindness and determination are beautiful.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

— Lauren

You guys are heroes! 

— Paul

Your work saves lives.

— Ander

Sí se puede, mis amigas!

— Belinda

I am grateful for you.

— Debbie

Thank you, y’all rock!

— Mara

I see you and I thank you!

— Glynnis

Since the 70's, PP helped me!

— Rebecca

You're doing essential work!

— d

Take courage - we're with you!

— Steven

Thank you for being so compassionate and taking care of patients in their most challenging times.

Sending lots of love and prayers for your well being.

— Sonali

Planned parenthood was one of the first health care providers I went to as a teenager.

I continue to support the amazing work you do for so many women!

— Whitney

Planned Parenthood was there in my time of need. I was very young and scared and you helped me when I needed it the most.

Thank you and keep helping.

— Victoria

PP was the first place I got birth control and where I felt most comfortable talking about my sexual health. I still go to this day!

I am forever grateful!

— Maddie

Planned Parenthood Health Care Staffers, you are my heroes.

Thanking you for your expert service and devotion to every patient who walks through the door.

— Lisa

Thank you for helping me through one of the most difficult times of my life.

I felt so alone and PP staff treated me with dignity and respect. Y'all rock!

— Mariah

You're why I didn't need an abortion.

You had care for me even when I was broke.  And when I got insurance, you had a good PA who was my primary care doctor.

— Catherine

Thank you for the endless support and resources.

Planned Parenthood has been and always will be a place where I can comfortably turn without fear of judgement.

— Malynna

Thank you -the PP Staff across the USA for the hard work and dedication providing much needed health care to women and our youth.

Keep up the good work!

— Dorothy

I love Planned Parenthood, as do my daughters, who have found it a reliable source for birth control.

Some years ago, my wife and I attended an excellent several-week birthing class at our local Planned Parenthood, in expectation of the birth of our first child. We're still friends with folks we met at the class, and have watched our kids -- now adults -- grow up together.

— Don

Thank you all for the work that you do to help others!  

When I was young, poor, and no where to go for healthcare, Planned Parenthood helped me, and make me feel safe and cared for.  I, and so many others, owe you our lives - you saved me and countless others from unnecessary suffering, and potentially lifelong health issues.  

I Thank You, way beyond what words can express!

— Sandra

I have only had the most positive, caring experiences form Planned Parenthood staff. The value of their services has extended to my daughters and my son's partners too.  

Thank you all for being the true backbone of support for all reproductive rights and care and allowing myself and my kids to be able to have agency over our lives with reproductive choice.

Much love!

— Alice

Since I was young (in the 70s), knowing our Planned Parenthood center was here in our town has always made me feel safer…one of the few places that truly understands women’s experiences and issues!

 I thank you more than you can imagine for all of the fine work you do past, present and on into this difficult future. You are the true angels!

— I

I've lived on two other continents, one was Europe after college, & the other, Australia, my husband's country. An American whose lived around the world can see through many eyes.

I wish all of our country had enough experience with life to realize what a TREASURE YOU ARE, helping give us a better & kinder society that helps ALL. Thank you!

— Di

I volunteered for PP in Houston in the 1980's as an RN who did contraceptive/STD teaching in high schools.  Oh my, times have changed but PP still is doing all it can to assist in reproductive rights and other health issues.  

I hope more people understand the significance and necessity of such a fine organization.  Thanks to all the workers!!

— Marilyn

Thank you for all you do. I first went to a Planned Parenthood clinic for birth control 50 years ago; and am glad that you are still supporting women to get the birth control that they need to prevent unwanted pregnancies , in addition to providing regular gyn care.

I make a monthly donation to Planned Parenthood. I’m grateful for what you do.

— Devorah

I am grateful to know that Planned Parenthood is still trying, still there to help all of us, despite the bombardment of awful attacks and the horrific overturning of Roe v Wade.  

I am an ally, I am an advocate of Planned Parenthood and women rights to medical care.  Keep up your efforts, they are noticed and respected and honored by many of us.

— Judith

I can’t imagine the things you all have to go through working at PP, but please, please don’t stop. The things you do matter so much.

I pass a PP on the way to work just about every day and for a good portion of this year there have been people protesting outside it, and I can only imagine how stressful that would make working there.  Love y’all.

— Jessie

To those who continue to fight, thank  you!  You are courageous and bold to do what you do.

— Rev. Edwin

You are all brave folks weathering the storm.  Thank you for your strength and perseverance.

— William

My mother received excellent care through birth control and pregnancy care for two children.

— Carol



Thank you for saving lives every day.

— Carrie

It is very reassuring that you are there.

— Marie


Thank you so much for everything you do.

I have hope because of you. 

— Celina

Thank you for your courage.

You are valued beyond what we can express.

— Linda

You made a huge difference for me when I was young.

Thank you SO much!

— Vivian

I am so thankful for advocates and providers for this basic health care.

 You were there when I needed you, and when millions of others needed this basic health care service.  

Thank you!

— Deborah

I needed Planned Parenthood 45 years ago and you were there for me.  I will continue to donate to PP monthly.  

Thank you for what you do to help women.  You are amazing, keep up the fight.

— Peggy

Thank you for being there when I needed you, allowing me to make the decisions that were right for me at the time.

Your staff was kind, compassionate, and I'll be forever grateful to them.

— Carol 

Thanks for all you do for reproductive health care.

I am proud to be a supporter of PP for over 50 years and hence have a long history of appreciation of your work for the health of women.

— Lee

Planned Parenthood does so much for those in need!

Even though I haven’t needed your help, I have friends who have and you have helped them every single step of the way.

We love you guys <3

— Tallia

I remember going to Planned Parenthood  for care in my 20's, I'm now 55.  

The care you provide women is incredibly valuable.  Thank you for all you do each and every day!  It means so much!

— Susie

Thank you to Planned Parenthood of Oregon for extending their services to Idaho women who are behind the barbed wire of the inhumane and unjust recent laws restricting nearly all abortions.

— Ruth

Thank you to the ultrasound technician, Miriam, in San Bernardino.

You along with the rest of the staff have made me safe and comfortable during one of the hardest times of my life. Thank you!

— Lizbeth

Your utmost fearless dedication is the best in the world!

Thank you for your constant & endless help with patients to make a better planet. Know that every day you are loved and appreciated.

— constance

Thank you so much for everything you do! You were there for me when I needed you almost ten years ago.

Because of that, I have been able to spend those years focusing on my goals.

Without you, my life would be extremely different.

— S.S.

1st of all Thank You!! to Planned Parenthood...you were there when I needed you - in the early 70's!!

Thank you to all medical providers who sometimes risk their lives doing what their conscience tells them is the right thing!!

— Caroline

I went to Planned Parenthood for a checkup and they found cancer. The doctors found an experimental treatment program to help me since I had no insurance and all my money was going to student loans.

Planned Parenthood saved my life.

— Rebekah

Thank you so much for doing the work you do to educate, protect, and heal folks in the Twin Cities. I imagine it must be hard to go to work knowing that you might face protestors on your way in or out.

You are such a value to the community and I hope you know how appreciated you are.

— Mark

1976 — first time I visited a Planned Parenthood. Your help 46 years ago gave me freedom to live my life. FREEDOM my mother and sister did not have — birth control!

Not a day goes by I am not full of gratitude and advocacy for your dedication and very difficult work.

Thank You! My three sons also Thank You!

— Debra

Planned Parenthood was my first woman's health care provider when I was a college undergraduate.

I appreciated the care I received then and want to share my support for all PP staff past and present.

PP is a vital healthcare provider and I'm very grateful for the positive experiences I had!

— Christiane

Thanks for providing great care to people of all genders!

— Fran

We are so grateful to you for your kindness and support.

— Andreia

Planned Parenthood has ALWAYS been there for me. Thank you!

— Megan

Thank you for your continued fight in supporting access to women’s health care and fundamental rights.

Several years ago, I moved from Pennsylvania to California, and I thought my IUD had moved or fallen out. I had no health insurance, and I was worried. I was able to be seen by a Planned Parenthood, and it turns out, everything was fine.

I’m still grateful for the experience of being able to be looked at by a medical professional, especially since I had just moved and did not have the funds to be seen a doctor. Planned Parenthood allowed me to be seen by a doctor, and I believe every woman, no matter their income or status, should have this same right.

Everyone at Planned Parenthood was professional and extremely helpful in addressing any questions or concerns. Planned Parenthood is a MUST, and I will always stand by your efforts and all the good that you do for the women in this country.

— Kalli

I wouldn't be here without Planned Parenthood. I was in college and in a long distance relationship with someone I thought I loved. I was on birth control, but I asked him to use a condom. He wouldn't. He left to go back to his state; I was alone. When I missed my period I took five tests because I didn't want to believe it. I cried every day. I couldn't eat.

I cried on the phone to Planned Parenthood that I couldn't afford an abortion and they said they'd help me with a payment plan. The staff were the kindest I've ever encountered. One nurse held my hand the whole time and asked me about my college classes to distract me. She asked me what I wanted to do after I graduated. She squeezed my hand and said ""Honey, you'll be okay. You'll graduate and you'll get a job as a writer and everything will be okay. You won't even have to look back on this."

But I do, often, because I remember how compassionate everyone at Planned Parenthood was and how different things would have turned out if I didn't have that option. I would not be here. I would not have been able to mentally handle the burden of that on top of everything else I've been dealt in life. Planned Parenthood let me keep going. A couple years later, after I got a job, I donated the difference of the procedure cost I couldn't afford back when I had it. I kept donating every year. We need these little safe havens around.

— Hannah

What you do REALLY matters. When I moved to San Francisco in 1970, I became involved with sexual partners, starting at age 14. Myself and everyone at school went to Planned Parenthood for free contraceptive services. I went to college in Boston.

While there, I became pregnant. My mother was dying of cancer, and I got an abortion. When I was grieving the loss, only Planned Parenthood, in both Boston, and California, gave me free counseling about my emotions and sadness.  I will never forget my counselor at Planned Parenthood, and how kind and compassionate she was. After I was married, I had a very early miscarriage, and again, Planned Parenthood was right there for me.

I strongly support the RIGHT to free, legal, safe abortions for ALL women. I have a young granddaughter, and I am appalled at the loss of the HUMAN RIGHT of abortion.  Everything I received at Planned Parenthood was free and confidential, and the contraceptives I received prevented many unwanted pregnancies. Thank you for all that you do. It means everything. Today's laws are cruel, disgusting, and unfair to ALL women.

— Elizabeth

Planned Parenthood saved me from being permanently tied to my abuser. Without the help and support of the doctors and nurses on staff my life would look very different.

I'm now safe and happy thanks to the work that y'all do. I've also had 3 different friends reach out to me for support while having a termination and was able to assure them they'd be safe and taken care of at Planned Parenthood. Thank you for all that you do.

— Meredith

Thank you the entire Planned Parenthood staff for allowing me to have a safe, well-informed abortion.

From the initial phone call through the final walk-out after the procedure, I felt so taken care of in a judgment free environment.

Incredibly lucky to live in a state that protects my bodily rights as a woman, and so grateful for the work that goes into providing the same kind of access for all people who can get pregnant.

— M

Planned Parenthood is where I went to get all of my gynecological needs met. Its wonderful to have a safe and professional place to go to where I didn't need to worry about not having the money to pay for the services.

Planned Parenthood kept me healthy and kept me from getting pregnant when I most definitely would not have been prepared for such an important responsibility. Thank you Planned Parenthood.

— Lucy

Planned Parenthood was there when I did not have insurance and needed care.

— Beth

Thank you for being there.  Where would we be without you and all you do?

— Judy

Thank you for your dedication and compassion during these difficult times!

— Gordon

Thank you for being there when I needed you at a price that I could afford.

— Tara

Thank you to the very hard-working staff of the Planned Parenthood clinics!!

— Maureen

Your compassionate care under these extreme conditions is deeply appreciated!

— Alexis

A simple thank you isn’t enough for all of the necessary work you do day in and day out.

I would not be where I’m at today if I didn’t have the help I did 18 years ago from Planned Parenthood. Thank you for all you do.

— Diana

I was able to plan and start a career thanks to birth control.

When I was married and we both had an income, we had our children and their lives have been much better because we were better able to care for them that way.

— Amanda

You have been doing a great service for all of us at a great personal cost. I want you to know that I support you 100%, and I will always support you.

You are a wonderful part of our community.

I wish you every happiness.

— William

Reasonable people understand that Planned Parenthood provides life saving services to women and men. Keep up the good work!

People want and need reproductive rights, and access to essential healthcare that benefit all.

— Carla

Both of my daughters have chosen Planned Parenthood as their preferred providers not only because of the excellence of health care sevice but also for the respectful and caring attitudes of all the employees.

Thank you!

— Elizabeth

Decades ago, I was saved by PP when I lived in Tennessee, and before that in New Jersey. 

I have always hoped for the same for all women and it's because of the people who work there that I was able to count on you.  Thank you.

— Ionna

Thank you, for providing compassionate and life saving care to those who can get pregnant.

I know it cannot be easy, that it hasn't been easy. I wish I knew how more to help.

Thank you. These are just words but I mean them with my whole heart.

— Sarah

Thank you so much for giving individuals the choice to control their own bodies. Thank you so much for providing a safe, judge-free environment. Thank you so much for continuing to do so even after so many have fought you.

You are AMAZING!

— Kandra

I'm 17 years old. I was treated so graciously and respectfully. I will forever have Planned Parenthood’s back.

They do so much for the female community and doing it with their head held high. I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart.


— S

The healthcare Planned Parenthood provides is the most heart & human centered experience I have had, time & time again.  

And in a sea of otherwise bottom-line driven 'medicine', the attention you all give us patients is incredibly appreciated.

— Rose

At 59, I have been a lifelong supporter of PP.

My older brother's girlfriend worked for the organization when I was in HS & helped guide me through the process of making a decision about a pregnancy when I was starting my Senior Year.

— Renee

Thank you that in the face of a local governments turning against you, you continue to provide safe spaces for options and procedures to those who need them regardless.

Thank you for continuing to see this as a HUMAN matter, NOT a political one.

— Michelle

I am a labor and delivery RN and appreciate all the care you give!  

I have the utmost respect for all of you.  You are appreciated!

— Renee

As a Planned Parenthood patient as well as a volunteer, I'm so grateful for the vitally important work you continue to do.

Thank you!

— Quinn

Thank you so much for helping  to provide reproductive healthcare to all who need it in very trying times.

Your work is so important!

— Henry & Judith

Thank you Planned Parenthood doctors, nurses and support staff for your courage and compassion.

You are an inspiration for all of us!

— Sherri

I hope that you continue to find the strength to keep up the good work.

Thank you for all that you've done so far and continue to do.

— Karl

Thank you for all you do. There are so few organizations for which I have so much respect.

Please know that we know how much you care.

— Donald

Thank you so much for fighting the good fight for everyone who can give birth. We appreciate you.

Thank you for allowing our right to choice.

— Ashley

Keep fighting! You are saving lives <3 no one has the right to say what happens to our bodies except for us!!

Keep going. We are ALL with you.

— Mariessa

Thank you to the Boston staff who provided excellent care 10 years ago.

I felt safe and well cared for, which made the situation much easier.

— Jackie

I am so thankful for the work you do and the services you provide.

Especially in the current climate, I know things can be very challenging and emotionally taxing, but you continue to show up and make life-changing differences for so many.

You are so important! Happy holidays!

— Justine

Thank you so very much for all that you do.  We will soon be three generations of women in my family this December.  

Knowing that you will be there for my daughters and granddaughters gives me some piece of mind in this turbulent time for women's rights.  Keep up the great work!

— Teresa

The support of Planned Parenthood is so important. As a teen this was a place to go for private support. As an adult my yearly healthcare routine is the result of the care I received as a teen.

Thank you for the continued help for women. You are so important and so appreciated.

— Gretchen

I am incredibly grateful to you for your commitment to providing patients and their families with crucial reproductive health services, no matter what obstacles are being put in your way. Thank you for your bravery and perseverance.

My heart is full, knowing you’re doing what you’re doing!

— Michelle

Thank you so much for continuing to show up for all clinic patients when there are so many objectors out there every day trying to stop you.  It takes a ton of courage and commitment to the mission to keep being there.

 I respect what you all do every single day so much. Many many thanks.

— Lica

Planned Parenthood has always been there for me throughout the years, and I hope to also be there for the people who make it possible. Every one of you makes a huge difference in people's lives, and you are appreciated beyond what words can describe.

Thank you for always being there to help.

— Alex

Thank you so much for everything you’ve done and are continuing to do in such trying times.

You guys are the real superheroes and I hope you know how much your work is appreciated by the community.

— Luca

Thank you SO MUCH for all that you do for folks in the community, from STI checks to gender affirming care to pregnancy/abortion education.

It is such critical work and I know that this organization has changed the trajectory of my life personally. THANK YOU for all that you do, it changes lives!!

— brittany

I needed Planned Parenthood back in the 70s when I became a young mom at 16. They helped me get birth control and information about it. They were so welcoming and non-judgmental, which was very important to a confused young mom.

Thank you so much for your support and understanding. You guys rock!

— Kerry

During these incredibly difficult times, your courageous efforts to help women and families shines a light in the darkness.

— Sharon

Thank you for your contributions, commitment and tireless support of women and their well-being.

So grateful to ALL of YOU.

— Dr. Elsbeth

I would like to thank you for your time, especially in this time of possible darkness .

Thank you for standing up to opression.

— Ron

I admire everyone of you for doing what is right and good in the face of horrible adversity.  

Thank you and keep on trucking.

— Lori

Thank you so much for all that you do! It truly means so much.

Our lives wouldn't be the same without your care and support!

— Maya

A simple 'thank you' could never encapsulate all of my gratitude, but please know that I am grateful each day for all you do.

— Gabriella

Thank you to PP. I’m in my 60’s now and PP was a staple for us gals in HS and college to get birth control . You helped my sister in her older years when she didn’t have insurance and offered mammograms and other OB/GYN care.  You helped other friends through very difficult decisions. I’m glad you are there . Hang tough.

As a nurse , I understand how difficult it is when others don’t understand women’s healthcare isn’t a simple black and white issue. Thank you!

— Laurie

Thank you for everything you do. I took my 15 year old grand daughter to see you. She needed to understand her body and sex in general.  

The staff talked with her an hour and she came out so relieved and comfortable with who she is.
 Thank you so much.  We love you and you will continue to be part of our family. I marched for you in the 70s and marched again for you in 2022. Next time I march, my grand daughter will march with me. Hugs and love across the miles!

— Karen

I found the closest Planned Parenthood to me and was delighted to find out they had a midwife who provided me education and prenatal care through my pregnancy. I was scared because I was young and had no money, but they helped me. Not once did the staff there use scare tactics or pressure me or my partner to choose one way or the other.

They were kind to me and helped me feel confident that I could take care of myself and my infant. Thank you, Planned Parenthood!

— Cynthia

Having access to your services saved my life - thank you for all you do to support women!

— Bonnie

You are a remarkable, dedicated group of people.

God Bless you and keep up the good work!

— Ann

We are grateful for all the work you do. Thank you for your care, sacrifice, and support.

— Karrye

Thank for a million times for all you do and all you endure. You are all the best!

— Patty

Thank you for providing your services!  I appreciate the fact that we had a choice!!

— Cheryl

Thank you for your continued fight for women to have control over their own bodies.

— Susan

Thanks for persevering under difficult conditions since Roe v Wade was overturned.

— Larry

You have always provided wonderful service to all who request it.  Many thanks!!!!

— Leimomi

Thank you deeply for your commitment to our health care rights and women's rights.

— Elle

In these tough times ...I'm proud to know some people still are willing to help others.

— JW

Your team was so supportive and helpful when I needed it.

Thank you for all you do!

— Cynthia

I want to give Kimbooozzieee a great thank you for her hard work and great service.

— Aileen

Soooo much good that you do, you can count on me to do my best to be there for you!

— Fred

My Mom told me Planned Parenthood was there for her as long ago as 1945.

Thank you!

— Leslie

Your compassion and care are changing women’s lives.

Thank you for your bravery!

— Amber

Thank you for the excellent care you provided to my daughter.  

So much appreciated!

— Diane

Keep up the good fight. It is the right thing to do.

You are doing an awesome job.

— Janet

Thank you for educating me on sexual health more than any public school ever did.

— Alivia

Thank you for helping people who feel their most helpless when they need it most.

— Marian

You’re putting women’s choice and autonomy and freedom first.

You are heroes.

— Jod

I learned how to do a breast exam at a Planned Parenthood years ago.  Invaluable!

— Ann

Without Planned Parenthood, I would not have been able to get the hormones I need to feel comfortable in my skin.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to each and every one of the staff members who make it possible for people like me to exist comfortably.

— Sam

As a hospital worker I applaud the work you do to provide healthcare to the women of America.

 As a parent, I'm in awe of your bravery and courage in the face of such adversity to do the work I appreciate so much.  Thank you!

— Garett 

Reaching out from California and DC to say thank you for all that you do, it is appreciated everyday!  Thank you for helping all the patients that you do and for helping to protect abortion and women’s rights.

Keep doing good & be safe! Happy holidays!!!!

— Emma

I found myself pregnant at age 20 and I don't know what would have happened if Planned Parenthood hadn't been there for me. I didn't have money so that was my only option.

The kindness will never be forgotten.  I thank you and my daughter thanks you too!

— DiAnne

I know it's been tough, but you are so needed and appreciated by so many.  Thanks to some like you, I was not forced to start my family before my husband was ready.  

Life has been better for all four of us because of that.  Thank you.  Please hang in there!

— Lila

Thank you for all you do.

Planned Parenthood was there for me in 1977 when I really needed them.  My life would have been very different and difficult if not for Planned Parenthood.  I hope you are around forever, helping future generations as I was helped.

— Deborah

I've never used Planned Parenthood services. But I have a daughter ... and granddaughters ... and who knows, they may need you at some time.  

Knowing you're there and fighting;  just carrying on -- means the world.  
Thank you.

— Wendy

You’re helping people. There’s no nobler cause. The people that are mad at you (and us) all have issues, whether it be regrets or just bad information.

Don’t ever doubt that you are on the right side of history and that the universe is unfolding as it should.

— Daniel

This country would be lost without you. Thank you for being a beacon of safety and sanity in a dangerous time. You are profoundly needed and profoundly valued.

Please take care of yourselves as you take care of so many around you. Thank you for all you do.

— Louise

I know how it feels to be doing good & being judged. Please know we are out here — grateful, caring, supportive & in your debt for standing up for our rights and caring for those who need you. Going against the minority who are being loud to seem bigger.


— Selena

As a former PP patient, I greatly appreciated everyone I encountered and everything that was done to help me.

Twice I was unemployed but needed care, and I was able to receive it thanks to PP. Now I have PP in my will. And all of you have my respect and thanks.

— Mary

I appreciate you all and my gratitude goes out to everyone that helps the Planned Parenthood effort! I'm behind you all the way.

My grandmother started Planned Parenthood in El Paso Texas and she fought hard and put her life into it. Thank you all!

— Kurt

Thank you so much for everything you do and for fighting on these frontline.

I personally don’t have any Planned Parenthood related stories, but I have many friends who do.

— Victoria

Planned Parenthood was the first place I received supportive reproductive care when I was a teenager.

Now I’m a 64-year-old grandmother, and still remember the kindness and concern that was shown to me all those years ago. Thank you for the important work you do!

— Lisa

I know that the past year and a half has been awful for all of you.  But you continue to soldier on helping people with the care they need.  I donate $10 a month to Indiana Planned Parenthood.  It is a small amount but I hope it helps. 

I wish you all the best!

— Pam

Thanks to Planned Parenthood, I was able to get birth control back in 1990 when my Mom freaked out about asking for it. Thanks for helping me!

I was trying to be a responsible 16 year old and went to Planned Parenthood for my care well into my 20s without judgment!

— Jessica

Thank you. This is not said nearly enough. And I hope that you may receive these words in a spirit of peace and hope.

I appreciate your work, carrying for my spouse and other women like her. We are better because of the work you do, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

— Sean

Thank you for everything you do despite the ever-increasing dangerous disinformation coming from uninformed politicians and conservative activists.

Everyone, regardless of background, income level or identity deserves access to quality healthcare! YOU ARE TRUE HEROES!

— D

Your compassionate practitioners were there for me as a young woman, uncertain, with questions I was afraid to ask. You are there for my young adult daughters, supporting their strength, awareness and proactive decision-making.

May you be there for generations to come!

— Kylie

You help women so much, and sometimes in their darkest hours. You helped me, too, in so many ways over the years.

You are so brave and caring, and I want you to know that your work is not only appreciated, but necessary. Women deserve care, so I thank you for all you do.

— Sarah

Myself and countless friends have recieved care from your wonderful staff. I have always been moved by their kindness, care, gentleness, helpfulness, and intelligence. When I had nothing, you were able to help me.

Thank you for everything you do. I am so grateful for you!

— Anika

I want to thank the staff at Planned Parenthood for the healthcare they provide women. It is a very challenging to be providing care to women right now.  

I appreciate your dedication. Women deserve to have options for their health care.  Thank you for being there for them.

— Margaret

Thank you to all the providers, and care staff at Planned Parenthood. I'm so thankful for your care and for all you do for the community. Thank you for bringing affordable care, support, and all the resources you provide.

Sending all my love and gratitude to all of the PPH family. Your work is so important and so appreciated.

— Alyssa

Thank you for all you do and even for the risks you may take.  

I am old enough that I had to leave the country to have an abortion many long years ago--it became legal in NY State, almost but not quite soon enough for me.  I would not like to be that young woman in today's atmosphere, but I'm glad you are there for the ones who need you.

— Gayle

When I was 18, I was pretty sure I was going to have sex. I drove to my Planned Parenthood. I was treated kindly and warmly and with dignity. It made the whole process so much better. Thank you.

I a now 65. And started a nonprofit, 100 Women Charitable Foundation. I did so because of what Planned Parenthood did for me. Thank you for all you do.

— Teri

Think mid 70's and into the 80's - PP supported me on my health and mental well being as a young woman with no health insurance and also as a younger woman w/ limited options.

I am forever grateful and have always recommended to young people who do not know that they do indeed have a safe place to go to for their healthcare. Grateful always —

— K

Without Planned Parenthood, I wouldn't have been able to get the procedure I needed for a pre—cancerous thing.  Without Planned Parenthood I would have been treated so much differently and without such humanity and kindness and understanding every time I've been.

Thank you for all the years you've been there for me and so many others.

— Arielle

Thank you so much for helping provide necessary health care that many people rely on.

There’s so much hate in this world and it’s so so sad I’m so happy we still have a community of people showing up for each other.

Again, thank you. As a woman, a daughter, and a soon to be a teacher, what you do means more than what you understand.

— Kendall

You've been there for my family in the darkest moments... when no one else could understand what they were going through... The hard times have passed but the gratitude will remain forever... thanks for listening and allowing people to exercise their bodily autonomy.  

We would not be who we are without your work day in and day out.

— Sara

Thank you to all the wonderful staff that were very kind and gentle with me at my last visit! The staff made me feel comfortable and I was able to get my birth control removed safely and in a timely manner. With no pain!

This wonderful team of staff made me feel heard and met my personal needs! I am grateful for all of you!

— Alisa

When I became sexually active, I went to Planned Parenthood to get a prescription for birth control. I got so much more. Including counseling for reproductive care and the health impact of taking birth control.

No shaming, and matter-of-fact information. It was the Planned Parenthood doctor who convinced me to stop smoking.

— Holly

When I was a scared confused teenager without anyone to turn to, Planned Parenthood was there for me. The staff was always so kind and understanding. They taught me so much, and gave me the opportunity to break free from an abusive relationship.

I’m so thankful for all of the people at Planned Parenthood and all that they do!

— Alyssa

One of the best doctors I have ever seen was at a Planned Parenthood. They took care of me and I felt seen and heard. In typical doctor's offices, I often feel ostracized.

Thank you guys for being there for anyone who needs your services. Your patients appreciate everything you do even if it doesn't feel like it some days :)

— Bailey

I used your services for birth control when I was an undergraduate more than 40 years ago.  I donated to PP as I could but have been a consistent donor the past decade or so because I recognize the importance of PP’s wide range of health services often in underserved areas.

I deeply appreciate the caring, competent staff.

— Bonnie

I find the idea of living in a world without an institution like Planned Parenthood a very scary prospect. I am very grateful for all your good work and perseverance. Thank you for standing up for personal choice and freedom for the individual.

May you continue to be guided and protected by what is right, true and just.

— Leslie

My RA in college sat down all the freshman girls to tell them about Planned Parenthood where we could get advice on birth control. Thanks to her guidance, none of us got unwanted pregnancies.  

Thank you to all the doctors and staff who have braved verbal and physical abuse to protect the reproductive rights of us women.

— Diane

You were there when I needed you.

— J

Thank you, Planned Parenthood!

— Naomi, Deana, and Richard

Thanks for everything you do!!

— James, Doug, Nona, Sheila,  Stephen, Jerry, Kristen, and Jessica

Thank you for all that you do <3

— Raymond

Blessings for what you're doing!

— Joanna

Thanks from an old social worker!

— Rose

Thank you for all your hard work!

— Caitlin

Your bravery is much appreciated.

— Kathleen

Planned Parenthood is a GODSEND!

— Harold

You are extraordinary human beings.

— Geralyn

Keep up your wonderful, caring work!

— Mary

Thank you for your service! I love you all!!

— Windy

The first Planned Parenthood I walked into was in West Chester, PA in the early 1970’s. I was a college student looking for birth control.

They were so kind and helpful, I will never forget them.

— Cynthia

Thank you so much for being there for those who need your services!!  Especially when I had no insurance, being able to get an exam and a birth control.

Prescription at a low cost was invaluable.

— Susan

Thank you all for your ongoing work to provide health care to all.

Know that you are appreciated by those who need your services as well as those of us who continue to support your important work.

— Dee Dee

I had no idea the difference in health care for women vs men until I raised my daughters. As a dad I was appalled at the barriers in place just to get birth control.

Thank you for all that you do.

— John

Planned Parenthood is a household name familiar across our country and rightfully so.  

Planned Parenthood is synonymous with excellent, circumspect women's healthcare.  Men's too!

— Robert

Thank you for showing up to give care to people who need and want it.

Thank you for showing up despite the political climate.

Thank you for prioritizing appropriate, evidence-based care above all.

— Kendra

Thank you so much for everything you do. I am forever grateful that your centers gave me access to birth control and care in my time of need during Covid-19.

Keep up the amazing work, it’s so appreciated!

— Kelsie

Thank you so much for providing me care when I was on Medicaid, for providing my sister contraception in college, for providing my friend an abortion, and for referring another friend to an adoption agency!

— Jessika

Planned Parenthood helped me with excellent care. The providers have been very supportive and non-judgmental.

I do not know what I would have done without Planned Parenthood. Thank you for all that you do.

— LaTois

*offers hugs*

— Joann

PP is great.

— Shelton

Thank you!!!!

— Connie and Shannon

Keep fighting. 

— Craig

I value the work that you do. 

— Ruth

Together we stand in strength and peace!

— Jeannine

A personal thank you for meeting my healthcare needs. You were there for me when I needed it, no judgement.

I stand beside you now as an OBGyN RN. Thank you!

— T.A.

Thank you for all that you do to provide a safe place for the women that you serve! You are the much needed lifeline for so many women!!!

You are the BEST!!!!!

— Sara

Planned Parenthood has a strong moral code we should all follow and support.

Good job and thank you to all the staff who never waver in the face of adversity!

— Aimee

Three generations of women in my family thank you for your care and unwavering determination to maintain Planned Parenthood’s mission.  

“Care. No matter what! “

— Susan

I recently found out that my mom, 96, who passed from COVID-19 in 2021, was a Planned Parenthood supporter, and I will carry on her legacy.

Thanks for being you!

— Guy

Thank you Planned Parenthood! You've opened my eyes to all I can do with advocacy and community involvement.  

You are inspiring me with what I go into post-grad!

— Janey

Planned Parenthood provides an essential life line for so many.

I am a long time believer of the healthcare, advice, resources, and compassion, Planned Parenthood provides. It is unthinkable to me that my granddaughter may not have the option for reproductive healthcare choice that I have always had.

— Michelle

I've been a supporter of Planned Parenthood for many years because I believe everyone is entitled to care.

I am so grateful for all that you do to ensure healthcare is available, to ensure that these most important decisions are informed, unbiased, and made without government intervention. Thank you.

— Jeffrey

Back in the 1970's I found a haven of caring individuals for my health care needs. Every day all of you still standing strong in your commitment to serve one and all who come to your facilities to find the passionate care they need.

Thank you cannot express how impressed I am by your commitment. 

— Sharon

I made my first trip to Planned Parenthood 50 years ago with my boyfriend for birth control. When I needed abortion care, another PP center cared for me.

Planned Parenthood has always been there when I needed them. I no longer need their care, but I will always appreciate the care I received. Thank you.

— Bonnie

PP was there for me in the 1980s, and here for my daughter in the 2020s.

I have so much gratitude not only for patient-facing providers doing this good work, but for all the administrators and fund-raisers that have provided this organization with the enduring stewardship to treat generations of women.

— heather

Years ago I returned from a trip with a yeast infection.  I was enormously uncomfortable but could not make a quick appointment with my doctor.  Planned Parenthood, however, allowed to come in almost immediately, and I was able to get the ointment I needed.  

I'll always remember that with gratitude.

— Linda


Only because you all fight every day to provide factual information and devoted care, do young women discover the rights and benefits they stand to lose if women are not allowed to pursue full health care pertinent to their future.

Please strive for them to have rights many women have historically enjoyed. Bless you!

— Karen


I’m far too old for these services now, but PP was there for me as a teen in the 1970s, through college, and into the 80s as a low income wife/mother for my gynecological needs.

I have continued supporting them through the years in honor of my daughters and all of the other women out there they have helped.

— Melodie

Just knowing that Planned Parenthood exists gives me a peace of mind I wouldn't have otherwise. I know that all the women in my life feel similarly.

Planned Parenthood stands up for women of every race and class and religion; its strength is in its determination to keep women's bodies within women's control.

— Elizabeth

When my daughters were in High School, I sent them to the Planned Parenthood Center to be ready if they fell in love.They both waited with sex, but it was a good feeling to have them know where to go, in case.

We also went to the center with minor ailments and were always met with kindness and excellent care.

— Reirin

Thank you for everything you do, always.

I'll never forget how you've been there for me throughout my life, from getting the pill when I was a teenager, to STD testing and pregnancy testing, and my husband even got his vasectomy done there when we were finished having our very much planned and loved children.

— Jennifer

Thank you for providing essential care to those in need, even in the face of cruel and ignorant opponents who choose hate over love, and refuse to give others the basic human right of autonomy over their own bodies.

It's a lot to face on a daily basis, thank you for helping even in the face of such adversity.

— Hailey

Please take heart and try to keep the faith!

We all appreciate all your hard work.

— Millray

THANK YOU for the work you do!!!!

You save lives, physically and emotionally !!!!

— Doris

I appreciate your dedication and kindness.

Thank you for bettering women's lives.

— casee

You are all so appreciated for your commitment to health autonomy for everyone!

— Joann

Thank you for ensuring that my rights and those of all other women are protected!

— Allyson

I’m still grateful for the difference Planned Parenthood made in my life in 1968.

— Laura

Thank you so much for fighting the good fight.

Without you there would be so much more injustice. I appreciate you <3

— Samantha

Thank you for helping women live their best life in as many ways as possible.

You are making a difference with courage.

— Deb

The work that you do is essential healthcare and must be continued.

Stay strong as you serve the needs of so many women.

— Eileene

My gratitude to Planned Parenthood goes back to the 70s when you were my source of  excellent health care as I maneuvered through my young adulthood and deciding what my values were and the attendant choices. Then later making informed/ supported choices around when/ if to parent.

I am now the parent of healthy conscious/ contributory adults...and Grandma to the next generation of  (5y/o grandson!) evolving souls .

May you know what an important role you have fulfilled, even more important in these divisive times, in fighting for a world where care becomes and remains available to ALL. May you be Blessed!!

— Sandra

Your dedication to reproductive health and education has a profound impact on the lives of countless individuals, and I want to take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate the hard work and compassion that you demonstrate.  Navigating reproductive health is a sensitive and challenging journey.

Thank you for the vital services you offer, and for your unwavering commitment to ensuring that everyone has access to comprehensive and confidential healthcare. Your work not only empowers individuals but also contributes to building healthier and more informed communities.


— Cee

I have never had to use any of Planned Parenthood's services, but I am grateful that you are there for all those who need them.  

I understand that it has been hard at times, especially since those of us who take time to know about Planned Parenthood's mission and services know that you provide much more than just abortions.  

Having worked with the American Red Cross as both a paid staff member and as a volunteer. I've seen more than my fair share of women who didn't have the money to obtain critical healthcare that you provide.  On their behalf -- and mine, since it hurts to see people go without healthcare -- thank you!

— John

I have been an on-site and financial supporter for more years than I can remember.  Years ago my sister and niece were lucky to be able to terminate unplanned and definitely unwanted pregnancies.  

I personally have never needed to use your clinical services thankfully but so very grateful that the health staff is there for all who need the health services.  Your dedication, hard work, long hours and even working under fearful conditions because of anti-choice people is so appreciated.  

I can't imagine our society and world without Planned Parenthhood as your services have helped individuals, in our country and many throughtout the world.


— Shari

I am thankful for abortion providers because you are dedicated to people.

The wonderful people at Planned Parenthood patiently and lovingly walked me through my options and made sure I was comfortable with my decision.

Though I had support from friends no matter what decision I made, it wasn’t until I talked with a social worker that I felt equipped to be sure about my choice. I am amazed at your dedication and strength during this time when it feels like everything is falling apart.

We truly appreciate everything you do and hope you know that no one else can do what you do. Sending love and a reminder to take care of yourselves as you take care of us.

— S

In the early 1960s, I went to Planned Parenthood to obtain birth control information.  I was pleased that I was treated professionally without judgment.  

In the early 2000s, I began volunteering for Planned Parenthood in the offices which were separate from the clinic.  In that capacity, I gained an appreciation of the complexities involved to bring health services to women.  At that time, the potential for violence was known and measures were taken; however it was not nearly so volatile as now.    Consequently, I truly appreciate the risks and bravery shown by all of the staff on a daily basis at all health centers.  

My thoughts are with you all.  Thank you for all you do.

— Carol

I don't know what I would have done as a scared 20 year old who thought I had no options if it wasn't for Planned  Parenthood and the caring staff!

You are an important institution and I will always cherish your services.

— Darcie

Words can't express how grateful I am for the doctors, nurses, office staff and escorts who work at PP.  I got birth control from Planned Parenthood when I was in my 20's on a sliding scale.

Please keep up the good work.

— Robin

My whole life changed for the better at age 18 because I had access to quality reproductive healthcare. Thank you so much!

I appreciate it more and more as I age and see how very important it is that everyone has the same.

— Carrie

Planned Parenthood was there for me in one of the hardest times in my life.

Thank you.

— Kim

Your work makes reproductive health a reality, not just a possibility.

Bless you!

— Melissa

Thank you for your courage and dedication to women’s health.  

Keep up the good fight!

— Allison

Your work matters to so many, and so much.

Dont ever let anyone say anything to make you think different xo

— Katrina

Thank you for all you do for women in spite of so many obstacles.

I support you financially and emotionally!

— Suzan

Getting affordable birth control from Planned Parenthood when I was 18 absolutely changed my life.

Thank you!

— Margaret

Without the care I received from Planned Parenthood I may never have finished college!

I thank you for providing life saving & life changing health care to people who often have NO other access to basic care.

— Susan

The work that you do within your organization is one of the most important things in our society.

The right to bodily autonomy is perhaps the most important that there is. Thank you for everything that you do.

— Brian

For many years my wife worked for Planned Parenthood.

We continue to financially contribute because we believe all women need access to the services Planned Parenthood provides. Thank you for your brave service.

— George

Wow what a valuable institution!

I’ve found the staff nothing but supportive and the services offered at Planned Parenthood are no less than essential to the physical and mental wellbeing of our society.


— Jeremy

Thank you for continuing to provide essential care during these trying times to people that really need it.

I’m sure that you know how much it means to the community you serve, but it’s always nice to hear it.

— Kelly

You have always been there. Even though it’s over 50 years ago, I know how much you’ve meant to others in the years since and mostly in these somewhat scary days.

Thanks for doing what you do and always being there.

— Anita

The work you do is so important and means so much to so many.

Everyone has a special place in their hearts for Planned Parenthood and how you were there for them in a difficult moment. Words will never be enough!

— Britni

While neither I nor my wife have visited a Planned Parenthood facility in many years, I am still thankful for the assistance you have provided us in the past.  

Please keep up your thoughtful and professional work!

— R

Planned Parenthood staff and administrators have been working for years and years.  They are the ones who have always spoken up for healthcare.  For women and for others.

So grateful for all your years of caring,

— Anne

I am a nurse and I stand with you.

Decisions about good, safe patient care should not be made by anyone other than clinicians and patients. Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do. We will fight.

— Kate

Planned Parenthood has saved my life.

Many friends have similar stories of Planned Parenthood being there with safe, affordable, reliable care when family, friends, church, and the medical establishment could not.

— Christine

I’m 71 years old. There were times, down through the years, that I would have had no health care at all if not for Planned Parenthood .

My thanks to each & every one of you on the front lines & behind the scenes!

— Terry

The work you do saves lives!

— Erin

Hang in there — we need you!

— Cindy

Thank you for everything you do - you are true heroes!

— Alison

Planned Parenthood was there for me in the fall of 1973, the same year abortion became legal, to advise me and guide me in finding a place to have my abortion.  And then again several years later to help me with contraception.  

You are an essential provider of health care!!

— Gina

Too often, negative thoughts and comments seem louder than the positive ones. I hope you all let these positive notes protect you from any bad vibes being sent this holiday season. 

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for everything you do. You are appreciated and loved.

— Erin

The first time I went to Planned Parenthood, I was so nervous. I think the staff caught onto my anxiousness, and they did their best to make me feel comfortable. They treated me with such kindness and care.

I am so grateful for their help during a stressful experience for me.

— Emily

I have never needed the services of Planned Parenthood but have always admired the dedication and courage of everyone associated with Planned Parenthood.  

Thank you for decades of helping and especially for your steadfastness through todays increasingly hazardous environment.

— David

Thank you for taking care of me for years when I had no health insurance! Thank you for always reminding me to come in to make sure the pre-cancerous cells were still gone!

I have now had two normal results in a row and am now pregnant! Thank you to everyone at Planned Parenthood!

— Melissa

I want to thank each and everyone of you who work tirelessly each day to make sure women have access to good health care.

When I was attending college in the 1970's Planned Parenthood provided me with health checkups and birth control. The staff was always so kind and professional.

— Dorothy

Best Wishes and an awesome season to all those who continue to support women's health care in the United States.  Your battle and fortitude tell the world about your care for human life.  

Your work not only helps women but me as well.  Thank you for your support and for being there.

— Robert

Thank you all for the good care you are giving to so many people who could not otherwise afford this care and advice.  I think of you and your service every day.  

I hope you will have a great holiday.  Please take extra care if you are driving on Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year's.

— Janice

Thank you for helping me afford gynecological care and birth control before the Affordable Care Act was in place. I would not have been able to afford the $50 cost for my pills monthly otherwise.

Planned Parenthood was a safe place for me to get the care I needed. I’m forever grateful.

— Valerie

I visited PP when I was a young person and needed help. Staff were kind supportive and non-judgmental.  I was given treatment without fear of eternal damnation.

The work PP does is important for so many people like myself. I am personally grateful for that. Thank you to everyone at PP!

— Sarah

My first birth control (at 16) came from Planned Parenthood. I have been a monthly donor to PP ever since becoming financially able. I have been attending state and national marches and lobby days for 45+ years.

Thank you for always being in the forefront of the fight for women’s lives!

— Karen

For-profit healthcare can be incredibly crummy/unjust/shortsighted, but Planned Parenthood rises above that and offers services to folks across the socioeconomic spectrum.

Thank you for the hard work that you do. For all of us who work in healthcare, you have my deepest respect and gratitude.

— Molly

I am so grateful to Planned Parenthood for being there when I needed them. I accidentally became pregnant at the age of 23, but I knew immediately that I did not want to have a baby or go through pregnancy.  I had plans for my life, including medical school.

Fortunately, I was able to safely receive an abortion at Planned Parenthood. I have never once regretted this decision and later went on to have the family I wanted, at a time when I was ready and eager to be a parent.

— mami

Thank you for your dedication and courage in providing services to women who need the essential health care you provide.

In 1960, when I was 18 years old, after barely surviving the disastrous effects of a pre-Roe v. Wade illegal abortion, I availed myself of birth control provided by Planned Parenthood. I subsequently had three planned pregnancies, resulting in three healthy children, and then was able to continue to take charge of my body.

— Merle

Thank you for helping me through difficult times with STI testing and counseling and good times with my vasectomy.  Thank you for checking to make sure it wasn’t under duress.  PP has always cared enough to make sure I was okay through it all.  

Thank you for helping a previous partner  with the morning after pill when we decided we weren’t ready to be parents. It was a horrid day for us, but PP respected our decision.

— Paul

We appreciate all you do to keep full service women's health care safe and available.

Thank you.

— Ed

Thank you so much for  everything you do to help support people from all over-.

You all are heroes!

— sima

I am 68 and have never used your services, but I appreciate what you do for all women.  


— Jean

Planned Parenthood people are providing life saving care compassionately.

Keep up the great work!

— David

Thank you for all you do. You saved my life when I was 19, 50 years ago.

Keep up the good work!

— Debra

Thank you for the work you all do.  Never underestimate how important it is.  

Grateful for you!

— Tami

Deeply appreciative of your courageous service to all the patients you've served over the years!

— Ron

Thank you for all you do in keeping reproductive help available to women after the fall of Roe.

— Sara

I will never forget your loving care given to my identical twin sister as she battled bone cancer.

— Terry

Thank you, Planned Parenthood, for being there in times of need.  

We will stay strong together.

— Nancy

Thank you for holding the line in the face of adversity.

Your courage is very much appreciated.

— Richard

Thank you for saving my life Planned Parenthood!!!!

I don't know where I'd be without you!

— Taurie

Thank you for your tireless work on behalf of all women!

We're so grateful to Planned Parenthood for supporting women and reproductive rights.

— Linda

Thank you for being heroes in the battle for women's reproductive rights.  I never thought we would be in this situation again.  

You are appreciated so much.

— marcia

Thank you so much for everything that you do to take care of women and protect their decisions.

You are brave and amazing and I support you! Lots of love!

— Christa

Thank you for all you do, in spite of all the negativity that you face each day.  

Know that you are changing the lives of those in your care for the better.

— Susan

Planned Parenthood was my first source for birth control.  A safe place for a responsible young person to go —  and isn't that the goal?

Thank you!

— Ellen

I appreciate all Planned Parenthood staff. I needed them years and years ago in my time of need. I am grateful to all of you!

Stay strong, we shall prevail!!!

— Nancy

Thank you for courageously carrying on with the care you provide.

My adult daughter is an active PP volunteer, and your work means much to our entire family.

— Philip

PP was there at the very beginning of my first pregnancy with information, encouragement, and support.  

Forty-two year later and I am still forever grateful.

— Patricia

When I was young , I got pregnant. I was a single parent of 2 small boys.

Planned Parenthood  helped me get an abortion. Never had any regrets. Just grateful!

— Debbie

When I ask my sister what they want for Christmas, they say “A donation to Planned Parenthood.”

I am so proud of them and pleased to be in a position to help!

— Jennifer

PP saved my life.

They were the only medical clinic that realized I had an ectopic pregnancy that had ruptured! They immediatedly sent me to the closest ER.

— Jill

Planned Parenthood was always available to me as a teenager and as I got older! A well needed organization.  

Grateful you are all still doing the right thing.

— Ann

I have been grateful for Planned Parenthood since I was in college 40 years ago.  

Thank you for all the important, wonderful work you do for women everywhere.

— Harriet

Fortunately, I was taught in 7th grade about my Reproductive Rights and birth control options and what organizations like Planned Parenthood do.

I support Planned Parenthood so others may have the information and access I was provided.

— Taylor

Thank you for helping me feel safe as a woman despite so many conservative efforts to control female bodies.

I don’t have to be afraid for my reproductive rights with such a strong organization built on a foundation of serving all womxn.

— Kaili

Planned Parenthood changed my life as an employee.

I learned what it means to take care of every person, be present for people in difficult situations, and celebrate parts of being human that are generally looked down on in our society.

— Kimber

Thank you for saving my life when I was 15.  I received counseling and a referral in order to access a safe legal abortion.  

My family would have hurt me if they found out I was pregnant.  I would have been verbally and physically abused.

— Andi

You were there for our oldest as she transitioned, when Kaiser and Blue Shield were quite clueless!

She’s now living her best life in New Orleans. Our only regret is she’s 2000 miles away, but we get to vacation there every once in a while.

— Brian

Thank you Planned Parenthood for what you keep doing every day.  

All women in this country have a right to choose and not a bunch of men who think they know better.  They are not doctors and yet they seem to know everything.  Keep up the fight!

— Cynthia

When the pandemic began, people banged on pots and pans every night to thank the first-line health workers. They were heroes then, and you are heroes now.

Many, many years ago, I got birth control pills from Planned Parenthood, and I'm still grateful.

— Dana

You helped me when I was in college and had had a traumatic experience at a [crisis pregnancy center]. I’ve spoken out about the danger of fake clinics and the importance of Planned Parenthood.

Never doubt the importance of what you do in women’s lives. We need you.

— Susan

Planned Parenthood is where I chose to go for quality information and care when I needed birth control, and the experts there were wonderful.

I received excellent care, and I appreciate how kind and brave PP workers are to continue offering the community care.

— Rachel

I have been a supporter of Planned Parenthood since my college days. When I graduated, I used Planned Parenthood for my OBGYN care. Planned Parenthood has always been a trusted place for women, and I continue to support them today.

Thank you for All Your Hard Work in Keeping Women Informed and Medically Safe.

— Marisa

Fifty-three years ago, when my high school girlfriend and I decided to begin our sexual love life together, we went to Planned Parenthood in Oakland, CA to learn about contraceptive options.

I'll never forget how kind the staff was to us, and unlike other adults in our lives, affirming of our rights to a love life.

— Charles

Planned Parenthood is a candle in the darkness that is enveloping our nation.

— Jonathan

Thank you for all you do and have done. You have brought care and comfort to so many.

— Suzanne

Thank you for being there Planned Parenthood health center staff, now and always.

— Hernando

Thank you!

— Gary, Arenah, Heather, Anette, Georgia, Thomas, Margaret, Utkarsh, Mary, Benjamin, Briana, C, Franci, Liz, Bryce, Judith, Ina, Linda, and Mi

I admire you so much and the important work that you do. 

Thank you for all of your hard work. You are a hero!

— Melanie

Planned Parenthood has the BEST educational resources!!

Teaching comprehensive sex education is not easy, but PP has made it so much easier!

— Mackenzie

Planned Parenthood has always been a beacon of hope and care.

When I was a young woman, I knew I could go there and be treated with respect.

— Meg

Your work is vital and irreplaceable, and is matched only by your courage.

Please know that many, many Americans support and appreciate you!

— Karen

Planned Parenthood is the health care provider that fights daily to provide safe health care services for all women.

Thank you!

— Stephanie

I’ve used Planned Parenthood many times during my life.

Such as after my divorce, when I no longer had major medical insurance, birth control, etc.

— Judy

Thank you so much.

Planned Parenthood has always been there for me, and informs me when I don’t know something about my body.

Thank you again!

— Mari

I cannot imaging a world without Planned Parenthood and all of the caring employees who dedicate themselves everyday to reproductive freedom.

— Cynthia

Thank you from the very bottom of my heart for always advocating for us women and for being there when we have needed you most.

You all rock!

— Susan

Thank you for your service in California, which my daughter and I used for many years.

My daughter and I both appreciated it.

— Sudy

You were there for me & my daughters, and hopefully will be around to provide excellent care for my granddaughters.

Thank you for ALL you do!

— K. D.

PPH Staff, You are the anchors that allow women’s heath choices and care keep going.

You are appreciated and respected. With gratitude,

— Lauri

You saved my life & were there for me when no other medical professional or insurance was.

Appreciate you + all you do for women + the people.

— Anonymous 

Thank you for your wonderful work!

When I was young I relied on Planned Parenthood for reproductive healthcare.

Your services are so important!

— Amy

Planned Parenthood clinics are essential for sex education and family planning and health care for women of all ages!

That’s why I support you!

— Mary

Thank you for everything you do - we appreciate you for standing strong and continuing to provide care in the midst of difficult circumstances.

— Alyssa

Thank you all for your dedication (& in today’s world,) courage to do this important service.

May you be blessed with the fortitude to continue.

— Barbara

Your dedication & courage to do what you do is remarkable. It matters to women & families.

Thank you for all you do. PP couldn’t do without you.

— Gwendolyn

Thank you for always being there for women who need you.

I am an educator and always feel confident referring my students to Planned Parenthood.

— Meg

Thank you for fighting for equitable and gender-affirming health care for everyone!

You are a support network for so many and are so appreciated.

— Erin

I'm thankful.

— John

Go girls!

— lawrence

I love Planned Parenthood!

— Robert

Gratias tibi!

— Bruce

We <3 you!

— Dianne

PP ROCKS!!! <3 <3 <3

— Jessycah

Thank You for being there for all the people who need your services!

— Alyce

I always hear from others that Planned Parenthood gives great care.

— Lynne

Thank you for securing a future for my daughters and granddaughters.

— Catherine

Thank you for all you do for women everywhere.

You are so important!

— Kathrin

Planned Parenthood performs a vital service.

Keep up the good work!

— William

Thank you so much for your courage and dedication.

You give me hope.

— Jessie

Planned Parenthood was there for my friend when she needed them.

I am so thankful for all the work they do.

— Lillian

Planned Parenthood was there for me 50 years ago, with care, support and truth.

I will always support them!

— Cathy

PP and its doctors and nurses are awesome.

Thank you for everything you do and supporting women everywhere.

— Patricia

Thank you for the work that you do to provide women with a safe CHOICE.

I am very grateful to PP and to you!

— Laura

Giving thanks to you for the important, life affirming and life saving care you give each day.


— Christina

I am so grateful for the hard work you do day in and day out for all of us.

Stay strong and happy holidays.

— Debbie

Thank you for all you do!

With appreciation from a 74 year old sustaining member.

— Annette

Thank you for all you do for individuals and families.

Your care is so appreciated.

— Shana

Thank you for providing this very essential service.

I know sometimes it isn't easy.

— C

Bless Planned Parenthood for always being there to support all women no matter what!

— Joanna

Thank you for being there to help me when I was a young adult, over 40 years ago!

— Susan

Thank you for providing me with birth control and being there for so many others!

— Schafer

Thank you so much for the incredible work you’re doing, every day, to save lives.

— Caroline

Thanks for just being the most amazing workers making a difference for so many!!

— Louise

Planned Parenthood helped me when I needed it most and I will never forget that.

— Robyn

Thank you for making me feel safe & supported, without judgement, when my normal OB/GYN didn't.

— Keely

Forever grateful for the competent and supportive care I've received —  since I was a 15 year old!

— Joann

Thank you for standing up for woman's reproductive rights now and for the future.

— Laura

Thank you so much Planned Parenthood for being there for me 44 years ago, when as a college senior I had an unplanned pregnancy and decided to terminate it.

The clinic staff were so supportive, respectful, and kind, even though the clinic was very busy.

I will always be grateful to PP for helping me through that difficult time, when I couldn't tell anyone and felt so alone.

— Mary

I was 16 and afraid to tell my parents I needed birth control.

PP made me feel secure and confident about my decision to be on birth control. No questions asked. It was just given to me for free.

You guys do so much more than provide abortion.  I tell people my story every time some man says something they have no business HAVING any opinion about!

— Shannon

Thank you for your honorable work as you continue to provide invaluable support on behalf of women’s rights, especially during a time when things make little sense as people in power have taken that basic right away.

You have enormous purpose and I want to thank you for all the work you do from giving us a voice to caring for women who need you most right now.

We appreciate you SO much!

— D

I started advocating for women’s reproductive rights in college and went knocking door to door for Planned Parenthood before an election.

I value you and the work you do even more now as a new mother ten years later. I really loved and appreciated my care team throughout pregnancy and after delivery and know that you do the same for countless women.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

— Emma

As a teenager, I wanted to get birth control but my mother wouldn’t take me. She felt it was giving me permission to have sex.

I went to my local Planned Parenthood where I was educated and examined and given my birth control options. This was all at low cost as I was a high school student.

Thank you for being there for women, not only for pregnancy decisions, but for healthcare as a whole.

 — Michele

Dear Planned Parenthood Providers and Staff,

Take this note in deep appreciation of the work you do to provide care and spearhead the fight for reproductive justice.

I have gotten the opportunity to both work alongside some amazing individuals affiliated with your program, as well as received care myself from one of your clinics. Sincerely,

— Sarah

Bless all of you who care so compassiontely for us.

You are the ones who, often unnoticed and unheralded, keep this world afloat in selfless kindness and often at great personal risk. We support you in every way possible and promise to do our part to help you. Bless *all* of you who help - especially those who do so in spite of their own life challenges.

— Francis

My gratitude cannot be fully expressed in a simple message. Planned Parenthood has been a supportive part of my entire adult life and I can't imagine them not being there the past 2 decades of my life.

They were there through some of the worst and most important stuff I've been through and I am crying over here, thinking about how much y'all mean to me.

— Ashley

When I was having problems with my IUD, my OB/GYN couldn't get me in for months. I chose to go to Planned Parenthood. They were able to get me an appointment right away, explain everything, took great care of me, and were overall incredibly helpful and friendly.

I appreciated the nonjudgmental and outstanding healthcare I received at Planned Parenthood.

— Tasha

I first visited PPH in Oakland CA in 1964. Everyone was infinitely kind and helpful. Over the many decades these have been the hallmarks of their service along with their professional skills. Infinite thanks to all.

In addition these doctors saved my life by discovering an ovarian tumor when it was tiny. I will continue to support PPH throughout my life!

— Ann-Judith

I thank each and everyone of you who work or volunteer at PP. While in college, with my rights intact with Roe vs. Wade, I used PP as my doctor. I had no health insurance.

Now I am 58 yrs old and my own daughter who is turning 18 yrs old this week does not have her own rights. This has got to be corrected and I support all of you! Thank you! Thank you!

— Robin

Thank you so much for all that you do. Your work is so essential and your task so great. You are a beacon of hope to many women who are floundering and feeling betrayed and abandoned.

It should not take courage to provide excellent health care to women -- but it does in present times. You have stepped up and put your patients first. Thanks so much!!

— Leslie

I write to thank you for what you do every day to help women take control of their bodies and get the care they need despite so many barriers being placed in their (and your) way.

I am so grateful to you, the humans who staff Planned Parenthood, for being there for the people I love in times of life crisis. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

— Donna

I eloped with a fellow student in college & had no money to see a doctor. Thanks to Planned Parenthood my husband & I were able to graduate & start our careers without an unexpected pregnancy. We had our son when we could afford to give him a home. Now he's a college graduate too!

Thanks PP for helping couples stay in school!

— Jeanne

Thank you Planned Parenthood for making access to birth control accessible & sensible! I give credit you for never needing an abortion because PP makes healthcare services convenient. While my regular Dr's office & insurance has road blocks, Planned Parenthood is efficient & makes sense.

Thank you for giving me a great quality of life that I wouldn't have had otherwise.

— Christine

I volunteered at a city non-profit encompassing a large area advocating for individual survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking for 8 years. Your work makes a difference in the lives of women who have survived abuse. Thank you.

As a male monthly donor I support your individual efforts to make ours a better national community.

— Fred

Planned Parenthood has been a leader in ALLOWING WOMEN to CHOOSE their birth control methods. NO ONE has the RIGHT to TELL a young woman what she should do or not do. EVERY woman is in charge of her own body.

Planned Parenthood has stood up for a woman's right to choose for DECADES and I hope will be around for more decades long after this 73 year old is gone!

— Eileen

Planned Parenthood saved my life.

I was a poor college student and my university medical center did not offer routine gynecological care. I got a pap smear at Planned Parenthood and it indicated cell changes on my cervix. They performed cryosurgery and I've been good for 50 years! Everything was free and the staff were so caring. Thank you, Planned Parenthood for my life!

— Tanya

Thank you for everything and all you do! Please know that your hard is acknowledged and appreciated. Words do not express how much your understanding, knowledge, and support means every American.

God Bless you and know you'll always have my support. We will be lost without your empathy and services. Continue the good fight, no matter what. Sincerely yours, 

— Dominique

Dear PP health center staff: Thank you for showing up. Thank you for keeping at an important job in difficult times. Thank you for standing for high quality health care for all humans.

Your work and your contributions matters. And I personally appreciate it. Love and Light, 

— Stephanie

HUGE shout out to all the wonderful staff at PP across the nation who continue to be brave and strong while combatting the ugly anti-abortion extremism.

Remember, there are MILLIONS of us out here who’ve got your back and are taking to the streets to show our solidarity. Thank you for your service! Hang in there, we will weather this together.

— Cathy

During a financially difficult time in my life, Planned Parenthood took care of my health care needs. Now I am in a much better place in my life, but am thankful for having a medical facility that could see me.

It was so comforting to know that I could rely on a real doctor and real medical experts. I knew I was in good hands. I used to be proud of this country and thought that we took care of women in need.

— ames

Hi Planned Parenthood staff! I wanted to thank you all so much for providing informed and understanding medical care to your patients. Women and female-presenting people have historically (and are still) so often not believed or trusted in scientific and medical affairs so to have a clinic free from that injustice really means a lot- it feels like a very important step forward.

All thanks to the work that you do.

— Tosha

I know from firsthand experience, how panic-stricken a 17 yo girl can be upon learning she's pregnant and knows she's too immature to care for a child. I was extremely lucky to be able to obtain a safe abortion pre-Roe vs Wade, because my parents were supportive and had funds to pay for the procedure.

I'm grateful now for Planned Parenthood continuing to provide health care in states where it is still legal to do so.

— Anne

Although I have personally NEVER used Planned Parenthood, I honestly think that they are doing a WONDERFUL job helping not only women of child-bearing age get birth control, abortions, std treatment, gynecological exams and other services, but also men, LGBTQ+ people, poor people, and just about anyone else who needs help.

May Planned Parenthood keep up the superb job it is doing for as long as it is around for ALWAYS!!!

— joyce

Thank you to Planned Parenthood. I was new to Minnesota when I found out I had an unwanted, unplanned pregnancy. I knew I could go to Planned Parenthood for help.

There were no hecklers outside of Meadowbrook Clinic the day I and my boyfriend arrived. Thankfully! He joined a group discussion while I had my abortion. We got married about 7 months later. We have two grown children, ages 42 and 39. We have been married 46 years now.

— Sara


Thank you for wiping me tears away of an unwanted pregnancy due to a rape. Your referral to both an OB/GYN and adoption agency allowed me to be the first woman in my family to graduate from high school. I have control over my own body because health care providers allow me to go on any birth control method of my choice without any judgement.

You gave me the strength to say “no” and walk away which led to my college graduation. You helped me become a legacy in my family.

— Kim

You ARE healthcare!!

Thank you for what you do to keep women healthy!!

— marni

Thank you so much for being there when I needed you.

This is true love.

— Stephanie

Thank you for you work.

I've been a client and supporter for 35 years!

— Michelle

Your work gives me hope for the future.

Thanks so much for being there.

— Jim

Thank you for staying in the fight for our rights.

You are appreciated!

— A

Going to PP stands out as my best ever healthcare experience.

Thank you.

— Camille

Thank you so much for your dedication and care for those you support!

— Elaine

Thank you for all the very important care you provide to so many people.

— Mary

Planned Parenthood is the best of family planning services in our nation.

— Donna

I keep your sticker reading We Won’t Go Back on the mirror in my guest bathroom.

I need you there for the many younger women in my family.

— Sarah

Planned Parenthood has always been there for the people in need of their services.

Stay strong and thank all of you for what you do! 

— Donald

Thank you for taking the time to be there for those when it seems like the world is against them.

You're appreciated more than you know! 

— Kathy

I am eternally grateful for all of the knowledgeable and compassionate care I have received throughout the years.

You all are heroes to our community. Thank you!

— Angela

As an OB/Gyn physician, I learned very early the value of Planned Parenthood. I don’t know how I could have practiced without you.

You’re always there, thank goodness!

— Joy

Thank you to everyone at Planned Parenthood.

Many, many years ago you made a young woman feel comfortable with her body and her choices. I appreciate you even more now.

— Martha

Every girl growing up knows PP is a safe place. A no judgement zone and complete support and acceptance. You know, the way the world SHOULD BE!!

<3 Planned Parenthood!

— Kristina

Many, many thanks to all of you who face very difficult circumstances just getting into work every day.

You believe in what you do and millions of women believe in you!

— Anne

Planned Parenthood was there for me when I was a teenager and now is a wonderful resource for my daughter.

Prayers to all that we can keep it going for years to come!

— Robin

Thank you very much for all of your hard work!

Accessible reproductive healthcare is of the upmost importance in our current climate and having a reliable resource available, like Planned Parenthood, is imperative.

— Grace

I'm thankful that Planned Parenthood is available for the full range of reproductive healthcare services.

Office staff and providers have always been professional, helpful, and kind whenever I have visited a center.

— Chelsea

Ultimate gratitude to Planned Parenthood for always being there with open arms and empathy.

They assisted my sister when she was as 16 and saved my life at 40. I will always be on the front lines with you!

— Nanci

Thank you for everything you do! The Decatur IL Planned Parenthood helped me get started on testosterone, and I will be forever grateful for that!

Thank you for providing essential healthcare for many people like me!

— Ryan

Thank you for risking your lives everyday for what you do! It means more than you'll ever know.

We will continue to fight to help out in the fight to restore our rights to enable your job to continue. GOD BLESS YOU!

— Michelle

Thank you so much for all the work you do in spite of such opposition! Reproductive health care will always be needed, as well as the other forms of health care and screening Planned Parenthood provides!

God Bless You!

— Matthew

Thank you so much for helping to ensure women have autonomy over our own bodies!

Thank you for the risks, physical and emotional, that you take to keep health care including abortion both safe and accessible.

— Charlotte

Thank you for all you do. I am past the age of needing your services but I want to make sure you will be there for my granddaughter, if need be.

Please continue to care as much as you can. 

— Mary

You are doing important and meaningful work! I can only imagine what cost it may at least at times extract.

Please know that it is appreciated, noticed, and that it counts at a personal and collective level.

— Birgitte

I am a dedicated supporter of PP and basic human rights - thank you thank you for all you do.

It’s an amazing accomplishment in life to have purpose and commitment to what’s right and good in the world.

— Sandi

This organization has provided valuable information to me as a woman, a wife, and a mother.

I trained as a volunteer, marched in support of this organization and donated monthly. Thank you for all you do.

— Ioie

Thank you for always being there to support women's health and our rights.

Some days it must be hard, and some days it must be frightening, but please know you're making a positive difference to millions.

— Elizabeth

I’ve never had to personally use Planned Parenthood but I support them with all I have.

Women’s rights and being pro-choice are fundamental human rights. Let’s not go back in time.

— Marina

Thank you so much to everyone that works at Planned Parenthood. I am incredibly grateful to all of you for being there and showing up for all that need your services.

Stay safe and know you are appreciated.

— Brandy

Thank you all for standing up for health care rights for all; it is so important that we ALL have that right!

You are truly appreciated by so many and so brave in the face of animosity and anger. Thank you!

— W

I was 19 when I married. I went to your clinic. 3 yrs later, I started my family. We have been married 55 yrs, with 2 daughters who graduated college and have a family of their own!

Thank you ALL!!!

— Susan

Thank you for all you do! Planned Parenthood was there for me when I was young and had no health insurance.

I didn't need an abortion, but if I had they would have been there. Your work is so important!

— Toni

Planned Parenthood in L.A. was there for me when I was a scared 24-year-old with know nowhere to turn.

I am so grateful for the care and support I received, and that others continue to receive every day.

— Michelle

Thank you for all of the love and labor you continue to do to support the reproductive rights for all. I feel safer knowing y’all are here in the world.

Much love and happiness to you this holiday season.

— Kelsey

Thank you for working towards what's right!

I appreciate all that you do, I hope you are taking care of yourselves as me, and the many others that you take care of, would want that for you. You deserve it.

— brettney

THANK YOU, Planned Parenthood staff, for being there for me and so many others when we needed you most.

It is no exaggeration to say that I wouldn't be where I am today without you. It means the world.

— Laura

Over 50 years ago the staff at Planned Parenthood in Albany NY took care of me when I thought I was pregnant. I've never forgotten that and that is why I support PP today.

Thank you for all you do!

— Christine

The only place I ever felt welcome and recognized as a person and not just a patient.

The only place I would ever have gone for female / reproductive issues and /or care if available. Thank you !!!!

— Lisa-May

I think Planned Parenthood is one of the best things to happen to and for women.

I hope and pray that Planned Parenthood stays a force to be reckoned with regarding women’s rights to their own bodies.

— Patrick

You were there for me when no one else was or could be.

I’ll forever be grateful for the life I have because of you all!

— Jess

Thank you for being a safe, non-judgmental space for many folks.

I’m grateful for the education and services I received.

— Xochitl

Planned Parenthood was the only way I was able to have contraceptives as a teenager.

Thank you for your care and support.

— Rebecca

We will prevail!

I admire the staff and the dedication that is evident in keeping this practice going despite adversity.

— Meredith

Thank you, PP clinic staffers, for continuing to support women' health during these difficult times.

You are appreciated.

— Richard

Thank you for your dedication. Thank you for your courage. Thank you for caring.

You're an outstanding example to us all.

— Linnell

Thank you for all you do and please take time for self-care- we couldn’t do it without you!

You are very important <3

— Mary

Planned Parenthood was there for me when I was 19.

Thank you for all that you do everyday. Know that you are appreciated!!

— Jane

Your frontline commitment to protecting reproductive rights is amazing and inspiring.

I am thankful every day for you all!

— Emily

You people are so important, courageous, and dedicated.

I am proud to support you and want you to know you are respected!

— Kerry

Thank you for your work and dedication, especially when faced with stress and unsupportive people!

Grateful for your work!!

— Victoria

Thank you! Thank you!

For your courage and commitment to the important work you do, which THE MAJORITY of Americans support.

— Phil

Keep up the good work!

PP was there for me when I needed it as a young adult. You are making a difference in women's lives!

— Lori

Thank you for all you do.

I needed Planned Parenthood many years ago and I can’t imagine what I would have done without it.

— Kathy

Thank you for your tireless, lifesaving and non-judgmental care to all who are in need.

You are true angels in our society!

— G.

Just — thank you!!!

— Linda

You are the best!

— elene

We do stand behind you.

— Edith

Thank you for all that you do!

— C, Brian, Daryl, J, Robert, Carol, Ronnie, Emily, Peggy, Peter, Amanda, Fionna, Denis, Judi, Melinda, Barbara, Olivia, Abbie, Betsy, Deborah, Rowan, Sara, Elisabeth, Joan, Dalia, Susan, Stephen, Joy, Massey, Janette, Nadia, Andrea, Janis, Dwight, Nancy Ann, Amanda, Margie, Diana, Amy, Meredith, Kyf, Leah, and Alexandria

Planned Parenthood is an outstanding and wonderful organization!

When I was a young women, I visited Planned Parenthood because I had questions. The staff were absolutely wonderful. I was totally amazed and so grateful

— Helen

We went to PP on Long Island, before we were married in 1955.

The information we received, in a warm and welcoming environment, when we had little money, enabled us to joyfully welcome our first child five years later.

— Jack and Mir

Thanks to Planned Parenthood, I have a planned son, no STDs, and an abiding respect and admiration for all of your staff, who work so hard, and brave increasingly difficult environments, to provide such vital services!

— Cynthia Jean

Planned Parenthood was there for me 50 years ago, and is still helping women in need.

Their contribution, filling the female healthcare gap for millions of women, is essential, and brave.

— Diana

I did not use your services, however thank you for providing excellent care to so many people. You are doing such important work that greatly enhances our community.

With gratitude,

— Kristie

Thank you for providing sound health care.

In college, the care provided kept me safe as I transitioned to my adult self, and I can't thank you and the team at PP enough for meeting that need.

— Sarah

When I was younger, and needed accurate information about contraception, Planned Parenthood was there to help and educate me.

Thank you all for keeping young people informed and healthy!

— Helen

Long ago someone once said 'Never give up a right your granddaughter might need'.

I stand with all of you and thank you for your courage, perseverance, and dedication. You are all heroes.

— Wendy

Thank you ever so much for your devoted and challenging work to take care of patients every day, especially in such a fraught environment!!!

Know that you are appreciated every single day!!!!

— Patricia

I have not personally ever been to a Planned Parenthood clinic, but… I am SO thankful as a woman, to know you are out there helping and caring for US women!

Thank you ALL for all that you do!

— Shelby

Thank you for the health care you provide to our communities! You help make our country a safer, healthier, happier place.

Thanks for all that you do and don’t let the naysayers bring you down!

— Aryanna

Thank you for all the amazing work you do. Thank you for caring for the folks who walk into these spaces seeking care and for allowing them to make their own choices.

Keep up the amazing work!

— Shakira

Thank you so much for all that you do for us.

My daughter and I are grateful for your continued help with our bodily autonomy. You are a very important part in the fight for women's rights.

— Rebecca

You were there for my mother and for me when I needed you and it is my hope that you will be available to women for a long, long time.

You calm fears rather than stoke them and I am grateful.

— Jeri

So thrilled that you continue to provide necessary care for those in need.

Thank you many times over.

— Marian

Thank you for the important work you're doing.

Never give up the fight for justice and our freedoms.

— Billy

Thank you for my wife 50 years ago and thank you for my daughter 20 years ago.

We donate every year.

— William

I thank you for fighting for reproductive rights. Your service is precious.

Thank you for all you do!

— Peter

Thank you for all the good you do for the health of you communities everyday!!

You are rock stars!!

— Heidi

Because of you, my daughter can receive the care she needs.

Thank you for your service and courage!

— Susan

Dear staff of Planned Parenthood,

You have a difficult job. Medicine is difficult enough as it is, but add to that the super charged moral and political environment that swirls around the work you do. I want to let you know that I appreciate all your hard work so much.

I have always received excellent care at your hands, whether it’s been helping me pick out the best birth control option for myself or attending an annual wellness exam. Everyone is always pleasant and attentive, and I’m always amazed at how on top of the emerging science of health you have been. I wish more people would realize what wonderful services you offer to the communities you serve.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for being in my life and the lives of thousands of other people. Keep up the amazing job.

— Stephanie

I visited the PPIL center in Chicago for a pregnancy termination. I was met with kindness, support, comfort, and warmth during every step of my appointment. From checking in with patience at the front desk, to having my hand held post procedure and being reminded that it does not make me a bad person to feel relief, to the joyful caring atmosphere in recovery (thanks for all those graham crackers).

The support that the staff provided to me on that day helped make this difficult experience one that I can look back on with gratitude and peace, and even a smile. With your help, I was able to make a decision to prioritize my own mental and physical health, the care of my two young children, and my family.

From my whole heart, thank you all for everything you did for me, and for all that you do.

— Emily

I just want to say how grateful that I am for everyone working to help save lives at Planned Parenthood. You have done SO many good things for people in need. You are to be honored, and you are by me.

Even though I personally haven't had to use you, I see the good that you do. Do not allow hate or ignorance to get you down. You are loved by many!! The healthcare that you provide for those in need is excellent, and it's needed everywhere!

Thank you so much for standing and fighting for women's rights to their OWN BODY!!!! I TRULY 'Thank You' from the bottom of my heart. I spent some of the 60s and 70s fighting for what you are now. Who ever thought this would happen!! You are ANGELS and I'd like you to KNOW that. I . AM . GRATEFUL . FOR . YOU . ALL! May you be Forever Blessed.

— Joan

I support what you do.

Health care for women should not be decided by a bunch of old white men. Medical decisions should always be between the patient and their doctor. Politics does not apply.

— Kevin

Your LOVE and CARE to women in need is impressive, courageous and needed .

You were there for me as a young woman — the care will never ever be forgotten: my gratitude is never ending .

— Barbara

Thank you so much for being there.

It is a tough job to keep going in the face of hostility, pandemics, and the just plain overwork that goes with working in health care at the best of times.

— Elizabeth

Thank you for your commitment to providing care for those who may be experiencing hardship in getting good care and may be in poor life situations.

You are heroes everyday. May God bless you.

— Donna

Thank you so much for the hard work you put in every day to help promote and protect women’s health and rights. You are on the frontlines.

What you do is not easy, but it is crucial. Thank you.

— Courtenay

Two members of my family received supportive and reliable care from warm and attentive PP professionals.

Thanks so much for all you do to support women in these perilous times. You’re the best!

— Nancy

Planned Parenthood saved my life.

Thank you for your dedication and hard work.

— D

Thank you for fighting for reproductive rights.

Thank you for fighting for us.

— Margaret

Thank you for the wonderful care you give to your clients.

So grateful to you.

— Susan

Thank yo very much for fighting for the right to have a safe, legal abortion.

— Julia

Thanks for being the only health care I was able to access for all of my 20's!

— Amy Jo

Just knowing Planned Parenthood is out there has always reduced my stress :-)!

— N.V.

Planned Parenthood’s support changed my life!

— jeanne

Thank you for being on the frontlines everyday!

— Tamarra

Happy to have Planned Parenthood in my corner!

— Jennifer

I will always be grateful for the kindness, council and help that was given to my daughter by Planned Parenthood.

Thank You!

— June

Thank you for fighting for our autonomy in controlling our health decisions, our reproductive rights and overall health!

— Barbara

As a retired abortion provider family practitioner I admire the job you’re doing.

It is very important —  please keep it up!

— Tom

Thank you for your services over the years for information about an abortion for myself, a granddaughter, and a daughter at critical times in our lives.

Your kind, thorough explanations and referrals for alternatives were very helpful. My step-daughter received contraceptives and exams as a young woman in college. I am a retired SAUSD teacher and value very much the sex education programs with the resulting lower than pregnancies being noted.

I am very grateful for All you do and am a continuing supporter.

— Susan

I went to a Planned Parenthood center to get an STI test after having unprotected sex and all of the staff were so friendly and helpful to my concern. They gave me clear instructions to complete, were not judgmental, and recorded my history when I told them how I think I might've gotten an STI.

I did not want my parents to know I might've gotten an STI and thankfully my results were sent to me very soon and in private so my family will not know. Thank you so very much! I now know that I am STI free.

— H.L.

My first ob-gyn exam was as with Planned Parenthood as teenager back in the 1970’s.

Had they not been there I could've gotten pregnant; something that would’ve changed my entire life’s trajectory. It appalls me that women of my daughter’s generation are once again facing the danger of unwanted pregnancies and that the patriarchy is trying so desperately to ‘put women back in their place’ by controlling our rights within our own bodies.

Please keep up this valuable & life affirming work.

— Leslie

It's about ALL women having the ability to quality health care.

My thanks goes out to everyone at PP that is a part of that, especially in these trying times. Keep up the good work!

— Vicky

I appreciate all of the work you do! You are making such positive differences in people's lives.

Thank you for being a safe place for people to go to get educated and health services.

— Kayla

Planned Parenthood was there for me in my younger years after my father kicked me off his insurance without telling me.

I will always be an advocate for you and the great work you do!

— Meridith

Your work is absolutely vital to the health of women. Thank you for caring for all of us, no matter what.

I wouldn’t have had access to gyn care for many years as a young woman and into my 30’s, I’m so thankful that you were there when I needed you and that you continue to be there for women.

— Christine

I will forever sing praises of Planned Parenthood because the wonderful staff was always welcoming and informative.

They never judged me for my lack of knowledge surrounding birth control and I always remember leaving feeling supported and empowered. Thank you for everything you guys do!!

— Natasha

Thank you to Planned Parenthood for the work you do every day and to all the staff for the way I was given help and treated with respect. I’m always grateful for Planned Parenthood as a safe place for my friends and I during scary moments.

Your work is so important and you are appreciated.

— Sara

Thanks for all you do. I worked for RMPP as my first job in Denver in 1978.

What you are providing is health care that really matters. Thanks for your commitment and showing up.

— Debbie

Thank you for providing amazing compassionate care to people who desperately need it and fighting to keep doing so!

You are appreciated more than you know, thank you Planned Parenthood!

— Valerie

Planned Parenthood was there for me in my teens and early twenties for my birth control needs.

I don't know where I could have gone for this elsewhere given my conservative upbringing.

— Kerri

Thank you Planned Parenthood for your guidance and support when I was a teenager who needed both.

It was great having a non-judgmental place to go when I needed advice and/or treatment.

— Colleen

Sending gratitude and thanks to all you heroes working for women’s health care and freedoms.

And I will always support your efforts for our future’s sisters and daughters. Thank you.

— Niki

Blessed are they who suffer persecution for justices’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Thank you for all that you do.

— Alice

I support Planned Parenthood!

— Steve

Thank you, Heroes!

— K Kay

Abortion is a right of women.

— Barbara

We all benefit by what you do!

— Nicola

Thanks for your priceless work!

— Rev. Sheila

Planned Parenthood does AMAZING work!

— Nancy

Thank you for fighting for our rights!

— Constance, Louise, and Helen

Don't ever give up. You're needed and valuable.

— Brent

To PP helping so many, so often, timely & well!

— Linda

When I was in college, I interned for Planned Parenthood, answered the hotline, did teen talks, and worked with the staff at Cook County Hospital offering birth control education to women waiting for an abortion and on the maternity ward.

I saw the great work being done, as well as the challenges many decades ago. When I graduated, in a new city, and had a missed period as I was irregular, I went straight to Planned Parenthood knowing I would get wonderful care. We sat in a circle and did our own tests - very empowering!

Having experienced Planned Parenthood from both sides, I will forever support its work and its caring and committed staff. Thank you for all you do. Even the small things impact lives forever.

— Barri


As a sexually active young adult, I didn't receive reproductive care until I was 24. Since I had no health insurance at the time, Planned Parenthood was where I went. Not only was I able to get birth control pills at little to no cost, I felt seen, heard, and cared for.

As a sexual assault survivor, I insisted on a female doctor, which was provided with no question. I also really needed to be walked through everything that was being done to me, and again, this was done with no question. I am so grateful for everything Planned Parenthood did for me back then, and I will always recommend PP to anyone and everyone who will listen.

Thank you for caring about the human beings who are your patients.

— Theresa

I brought my friend to Planned Parenthood my freshman year of college,  spring 2019.

Her parents were adamantly against birth control but she wanted to protect herself and was interested in her options for BC. She was VERY nervous about this appt as her parents wouldn’t have approved, but the PP workers at the downtown Burlington location were SO informative, supportive, and walked her through all her options.

They talked her through the insurance process and gave her options for payment if she decided to go through with a form of birth control without her parents knowing.

It was honestly one of the best experiences, I love PP so much!!!!!

— Ashley

Thanks to PP, I am never without a source for care, wherever I am (NY, SF, etc).

PP has provided me with information, contraception, and abortion, since the 1960's! I can't imagine navigating female health care without you.

— Michal and Mike

I’m very thankful for Planned Parenthood DFW, they sent some printed resources to my local LGBT group free of charge when I asked them for some.

I was expecting to be given PDFs or to have to pay, but they were just glad to share.

— Sophia

I thank each and every member of the health care staff that welcomes and cares for those in need.

I've been that person many decades ago, and I appreciate the care you give, under much duress. I support you, and thank you.

— Deb

The amount of suffering your work averts is incalculable.

Thank you to the escorts, receptionists, doctors, nurses, security, cleaning and other support staff and all who are brave and kind enough to work at Planned Parenthood.

— Stephanie

I have given monthly to Planned Parenthood for a long, long time.

I totally agree. I agree with the purpose and the help of this good organization. I bless you all and pray that you have a more peaceful holiday season and new year.

— Maribel

Very lucky to have a location near me for routine gynecological care, especially as an uninsured person.

Everyone has been very warm and welcoming. I'm not even religious, but I must say that y'all are truly doing the Lord's work.

— Lauren

You, and your patients, work hard together doing hard work.

Thanks for honoring them, the difficulty of tough choices, and the importance of having choices.

Here's to having more choices made easy. Let's keep the dream alive.

— Anne Marie

On this Thanksgiving Day and ever day of the year I am grateful for Planned Parenthood, its staff members, and its advocates for providing important health care in the face of obstruction.

Bless you and keep up the good work!

— Beth

I’ve lived without health insurance for most of my life. I was able to get my first birth control and an iud at the best out of pocket price. The providers were so kind and amazing to me.

I'm so grateful to Planned Parenthood and would recommend anyone go there if they need good care.

— Maddy

Best Wishes and an awesome season to all those who continue to support women's health care in the United States.

Your battle and fortitude tell the world about your care for human life. Your work not only helps women but me as well.

Thank you for your support and for being there.

— Robert

When I was seventeen years old and ready to have sex with my boyfriend for the first time, I went to Planned Parenthood for birth control.

A kind doctor saw me and prescribed birth control pills. I will always be grateful to Planned Parenthood for helping me avoid a teen pregnancy.

— Lisa

The first time I went to Planned Parenthood, I immediately felt very safe and comfortable and that’s a feeling I’ve never felt anywhere else.

Knowing that I'm safe and respected is a very refreshing feeling!

I love being able to go there for any concerns I have and knowing I’ll get the support and answers I need.

— Reagan

I was 18, completely alone, and far from home for military training when I found out I was pregnant. The staff at the local Planned Parenthood Center helped me through an incredibly difficult decision and my choice to have an abortion when I had no one else to turn to.

I cannot imagine what I would've done if not for them. Thank you for always being there for the people who need you the most!

— Elizabeth

I honestly don’t know where I would be today if Planned Parenthood did not exist.

Thanks to y’all, my reproductive health was ensured and I could choose the life I wanted. Planned Parenthood is an invaluable resource and I thank y’all for the continued fight for women’s reproductive rights. Not sure why in this day and age we’re having to fight so hard, but fight we must.

— Tracy

Your compassionate, skilled, and loving care of people who are scared, nervous, and potentially afraid of judgment when seeking reproductive care is a service we literally cannot live without.

I cannot imagine what it would be like for my job to be politicized when I'm just trying to make a living and do something I feel good about! I cannot thank you enough for continuing to show up every day.

— Cassie Lynn

Thank you for your dedication to providing essential health care to your patients who need abortion care, birth control and general gynecological services.

I obtained affordable yearly checkups at PP of Metropolitan Washington (DC) in the 1970s and an abortion there in 1976. I contribute as I can to the local and national organizations, including PPAF, and I intend to include PPFA in my estate plan.

— Ronnie

Already feeling mentally unstable and just defeated, I'm forever grateful for the most non judgemental & caring staff @PPH Milwaukee! I don't think anything can really prepare you for the whirlwind of emotions that is due to follow certain procedures at PPH.

Had nothing but positive vibes from the first staff member I interacted with to the very last. Thanks again for making me feel nothing less then human!

— Holley

Big thank you all. Eight years ago the free pregnancy clinic told me twice that I wasn't pregnant twice!!!! My doctor wanted to charge me $250 for a blood test and 48 hour wait.

Planned Parenthood charged $40 and took only 2 hours!!! Found out I was pregnant. Now I have a healthy son. Thank you all for everythjng you do for our health. Thank you for caring, being affordable and going above and beyond!!!!

— Erica

Thank you for hanging in there and doing good work in this destructive political climate!

— Kristina

What a great service you provide for those who turn to you for assistance in their care.

— Richard

Not enough words to properly share gratitude for the work you do / services you provide!

— Kate

Thank you for caring for women's health and well being.

You are all much appreciated.

— Diana

Please stay encouraged.

There are many of us who believe in and support your mission.

— Cecelia

I wouldn't be where I am today without care from PP. 

A million thanks to the staff!!!

— Jessica

Thank you for all your hard work and courage.

You make a difference in so many lives.

— Jean

Thank you for standing up for all that is right!

Keep fighting, we've got your backs!

— Susan

Thank you for the vitally important work you do.

I'm grateful for Planned Parenthood.

— Lorna

Don’t stop what you are doing.

There are many out there fully in support of your work.

— Karen

Thank you so much for your bravery, kindness and humanity.

You are heroes to millions.

— Michal

As a pediatrician, Planned Parenthood is vital to my patients and community.

Thank you!

— Amita

Thanks so much for all the hard work you do!

It's deeply appreciated in the community.

— Vanessa

So grateful for the work that you do helping patients in their time of need.

Bless you.

— Sharon

Thank you so much for persevering during this dark time.

You are appreciated and loved.

— Angela