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2020 Legislative Priorities 

Planned Parenthood Empire State Acts advocates for bills that are essential to our health and that expand access to quality health care and support services. While the New York State legislative session runs from January to June, PPESA never stops working to ensure that our state's public policy protects access to reproductive health care and advances other intersectional issues. The legislation we support during New York State’s 2020 legislative session includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) (A 6512 Nolan/S 4844 Metzger): The inclusion of comprehensive, medically accurate, culturally, age and developmentally appropriate sexuality education (CSE) in publicly funded K-12 schools statewide.
  • Abortion Access Fund (A 8681 Reyes/S 6632 Biaggi): This legislation would establish an Abortion Access and permit taxpayers to voluntarily contribute to it on their state income tax return form. The money raised through this mechanism would be distributed by the Department of Health to non-profit organizations providing logistical and financial support to individuals who find access to abortion care out of reach.
  • Limited Service Pregnancy Centers Study Bill (A 8212 Glick /S 6311 Hoylman): Anti-abortion pregnancy centers often masquerade as full-service health centers promising customers services including free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds and unbiased counseling. Anecdotal evidence suggests their main purpose is to persuade women not to seek abortion care. PPESA supports legislation that will advance the study of Limited Services Pregnancy Centers (commonly referred to as CPCs) in our state to understand how they function and affect reproductive health care.
  • Removal of Loitering for the Purpose of Prostitution (A 654 Paulin/S 2253 Hoylman): Repeals a section of the Penal Law, relating to loitering for the purpose of engaging in a prostitution offense.  This section of the law has led to arbitrary and discriminatory enforcement by targeting cisgender and transgender women of marginalized communities that are at high risk for sex trafficking or other exploitation and abuse. 
  • Vacating Offensives Resulting from Sex Trafficking (A 6983-B Gottfried/S 4981-B Ramos): During the course of their trafficking, survivors may be convicted of other types of offenses that were done at the direction of their traffickers. This legislation will enable survivors to seek relief from these associated convictions.
  • Essential Plan for All (A 5974 Gottfried/S 3900 Rivera): Supports a state-funded Essential Plan program for immigrants whose status makes them ineligible for other state and federally-funded coverage. Everyone's health depends on access to health care and coverage. 
  • Protect Our Courts Act (A 2176-A Solages/S 425-A Hoylman): Prevents civil arrests and detention by ICE inside or near New York courthouses. This measure would require law enforcement officers to present a valid warrant or order signed by a judge before carrying out a civil arrest of any victim, defendant, witness, or loved one accompanying their family members to court.  
  • Ending the Practice of Solitary Confinement (A 2500 Aubry/S 1623 Sepulveda): PPESA supports efforts to eliminate solitary confinement, including legislation that codifies in New York state law the prohibition against the use of solitary confinement for pregnant inmates - a critical reform measure designed to protect the health and safety of pregnant people while they are incarcerated. 
  • Voluntary Intoxication and Sexual Assault (A 8634-B Dinowitz/S 6679-B Biaggi): Current New York State law implies that you forfeit your right to consent when you ingest intoxicating substances and are subsequently assaulted. This legislation would enable prosecutors to bring charges in cases where the assaulted individual voluntarily consumed intoxicating substances. All survivors deserve the ability to seek justice and respect within the judicial system.