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Planned Parenthood can help you figure out what you need to do to keep your coverage.

Already got insurance through the Marketplace? That’s great! Now is the time to update your information, check out your options, and see if you want to keep or switch plans.

If you enrolled in a Marketplace plan during the last enrollment period, your coverage will most likely be automatically renewed. Renewed coverage will begin on January 1, 2018, unless you take action or switch plans before December 15, 2017 – this is to make sure coverage is continuous.

Even if your plan automatically renews, you can still go back to the Marketplace and update your information or switch plans until the end of the open enrollment period.

Why should I shop and review my options if I already have a plan I like?

Health insurance plans and costs change from year to year — including monthly premiums, copays, covered medicines, and provider networks. Even if you like your plan, you should go back to the Marketplace to update your information and check out your options to make sure your plan fits your needs. Even if you’ve looked before, health insurance plans and costs change every year.  And you could get financial assistance that can help you afford the costs.

Many people qualify for plans that are less than $75 per month. The amount of financial help you get could change from year to year based on many factors, like income and family size. It’s important to update your information to the Marketplace so you get the correct amount of financial help.

New health plan options could be available in your area, so it’s worth checking out! Last year, consumers that shopped around and enrolled in a new plan saved over $300.

Your provider networks can also change — check to see that the plan still covers your doctor or health care provider. (In Minnesota, MNsure plans will include Planned Parenthood.)

This is confusing, I need help.

Planned Parenthood has MNsure certified Navigators to help you enroll—for FREE! Planned Parenthood Navigators can help you create a MNsure account, submit your application, and even help you enroll in a program or plan when you’re ready.


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Confused about health insurance?

Planned Parenthood can help with free, personalized assistance from MNsure certified Navigators.