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A firm believer in acupuncture and other alternative treatments, Mark went without health insurance for several years. For Mark, living without a safety net was better than spending money on coverage he didn’t think he would use. Yet when the Affordable Care Act passed, Mark knew he would have to get insurance to avoid a mess at tax time.     

At first Mark enrolled in a costly private plan, but the plan’s high monthly premiums forced Mark to cut back on basic expenses. After a year of tough financial decisions, Mark decided to visit Mary Jo, Planned Parenthood’s Lead MNsure Navigator.  

Now Mark doesn’t have to choose between affordability and peace of mind. Thanks to Mary Jo, Mark enrolled in a health plan that will save him $149 each month. He’s considering branching out and scheduling a preventative care appointment with a Western doctor, a service he receives for free under his new plan. 

Mark admits he was nervous to get help at Planned Parenthood, but he’s glad he did. "Don’t be afraid,” Mark encourages other skeptics. "Go talk to this woman.  She will understand your ignorance and your fears and walk you through it.”

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