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Candidate Spotlight

Where Does Donald Trump Stand on Sexual & Reproductive Health and Rights?

Birth control. Abortion. Sex ed. Reproductive health care as a human right. What do these have in common? They’re on the 2020 ballot — and Trump wants to restrict all of them. Find out where the candidates stand and if they stand with you.

Donald Trump

President of the United States


Abortion Access

​​​​​Trump has nominated more than 150 federal judges for lifetime appointments. Many of these judges, including his Supreme Court picks Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, have long anti-abortion records and will decide the future of Roe v. Wade. [Tracking Trump, accessed 9/5/19]

Birth Control

Trump has enacted a number of rules that restrict access to birth control including a rule to let employers deny birth control coverage to their employees, a rule that lets health care workers use "moral beliefs" to refuse care to  patients, and implementing both the domestic and global gag rules that threaten birth control and reproductive health care access for millions across the country and globe. [The New York Times, 1/18/18; Vox, 11/12/18]

Planned Parenthood

Trump and his administration issued a "gag rule" that bans health care providers in Title X — our nation's dedicated program for affordable birth control — from telling women how they can safely and legally access abortion. He is also the first U.S. president to release three annual budgets that singled out Planned Parenthood for “defunding.” [Planned Parenthood Action, accessed 8/28/19]

Health Equity

​​​​The Trump-Pence administration has taken many moves to strip immigrants of basic health care and rights, including detaining pregnant immigrants; issuing an executive order that separated immigrant families; trying to let the government jail immigrant children indefinitely (with or without their parents); implementing the Public Charge rule to prevent immigrants from accessing public services they’re entitled to; and working to deny asylum for immigrants fleeing persecution, discrimination, and violence. [Planned Parenthood Action, accessed 8/30/19]

Sex Ed

Trump has “issued new rules for funding programs to prevent teenage pregnancy, favoring those that promote abstinence and not requiring as rigorous evidence of effectiveness.” [The New York Times, 4/23/18]

The only way we can fight back against the harmful and dangerous laws and policies coming from anti-reproductive health politicians is by changing who's writing and passing them. Are you in?