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Washington, DC – Millions of people have already cast their ballots in this year’s midterm elections, but the races are far from over. Despite what some pundits may have you believe, anti-abortion politicans know that abortion rights are top of mind for voters. That’s why they  continue to desperately backtrack (and even scrub) their extreme views — not because of a sudden change of heart suspiciously close to Election Day, but because they’re on the wrong side of voters. But make no mistake, if elected, they will all work to restrict abortion. The game plan for now? Lie, deflect, and obfuscate. Unfortunately for them, it’s too late. Planned Parenthood advocacy and political organizations will continue to ensure voters know these politicians’ true stances on their health and rights. 

Here are just a few anti-abortion candidates across the country blatantly lying about their records on abortion: 

  • Blake Masters (AZ Sen. Candidate): The Masters campaign is arguably the most notable on the list because of the poor execution of his “flip-flop.” Masters has previously linked abortion to “genocide” and stated he is “100% pro-life.” Then his campaign infamously scrubbed his website to position him as more “moderate” — which 1) there is no middle ground, you either trust and support people to make their own decisions about their health, bodies, and families or you don’t; and 2) have they ever heard of screenshots? Because we have them.
  • Kari Lake (AZ Gov. Candidate): Kari Lake’s public stance on abortion depends on what day of the week you ask her. She said Arizona’s 1864 abortion ban is a “really great law that is currently on the books,” people who support abortion access are supporting a “demonic ideology,” and wants a Texas style abortion ban in Arizona. Then last month she told a ​​Phoenix talk radio host that abortion should be “rare but legal”. Then her campaign backtracked. They are using mixed messaging and intentional dysfunction to confuse voters and appeal to the overwhelming majority of Arizonans who support abortion rights. 
  • Mehmet Oz (PA Sen. Candidate): Oz is on the record saying abortion at any stage is “murder,” and life begins at conception. But in September he took a page out of the Masters’ playbook and backpedaled, now saying there should not be criminal penalties for doctors or women. Guess he figured out Pennsylvanians don’t want their friends and doctors going to jail for accessing and providing basic health care. But he can’t hide his true views from the public. At this week’s debate, he had the gaffe of the cycle by sharing he believed abortion should be between “women, doctors, local political leaders.”
  • Ted Budd (NC Sen. Candidate): In a new interview with WCNC’s Flashpoint, Budd doubled down on a claim he also made on the debate stage earlier this month: “[the legality of abortion] needs to go back to the states.” In case you forgot, this is the same Congressman Ted Budd that literally just co-sponsored a nationwide abortion ban last month. Lately, Budd is also attempting to walk back his extreme position on exceptions for rape, incest, or the life of the pregnant person despite his well-documented opposition. How convenient.
  • Herschel Walker (GA Sen. Candidate): On the debate earlier this month, Herschel Walker denied supporting a national abortion ban and “no exceptions” under any circumstance. Telling the truth is something the Walker campaign continues to struggle with on a variety of issues.
  • Brian Kemp (GA Gov. Candidate): Caught on tape at a recent campaign stop, Gov. Brian Kemp emphatically confirmed he would be open to restricting in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and “protecting” embryos. But then, his campaign backpedaled and claimed Kemp wouldn’t actually support such a bill. So which is it — was he lying then, or is he lying now?
  • Joe Lombardo (NV Gov. Candidate): Joe Lombardo is on the record criticizing Gov. Sisolak’s executive order that protects out-of-state patients seeking reproductive health care in Nevada from criminalization by refusing to cooperate with other state governments. Lombardo’s website used to say he would evaluate repealing the executive order. Now Lombardo says, if elected, he will keep the executive order in place.
  • Scott Jensen (MN Gov. Candidate): Earlier this year, Jensen said “I would try to ban abortion... there is no reason for us to be having abortions going on.” Fast forward to last month in a campaign ad when Jensen said “In Minnesota, it’s a protected constitutional right and no governor can change that. And I’m not running to do that.” Sure Scott, sure. 

Other GOP candidates who have conveniently walked back their out-of-touch views on abortion include Iowa Congressional candidate Zach Nunn, Michigan congressional candidate Tom Barrett, North Carolina congressional candidate Christian Castelli, and more.


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