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Donald Trump proudly reminded Iowa voters last night that he’s the man who eliminated their federal abortion rights:  

“For 54 years they were trying to get Roe v. Wade terminated, and I did it. And I’m proud to have done it.”  

He also clearly stated  that he will  sign a national abortion ban, finding “something everyone likes.”

Newsflash: That’s not it. Americans oppose a federal abortion ban by a 66 point margin

Statement from Jenny Lawson, executive director, Planned Parenthood Votes:

“Every candidate who took the stage in Iowa this week is a danger to our reproductive freedom, but it couldn’t be clearer that Donald Trump is the gravest threat. He’s going to sign a national abortion ban. To him, eliminating our reproductive rights is winning — and that’s the only thing he cares about. Donald Trump will say anything to get elected. He’ll lie his way to the White House, and he’s encouraging his fellow conservatives to lie too — if it means winning. It’s the only tool they have. Let’s be real: Voters in every election since Dobbs have seen through dishonest politicians like Trump and rejected their anti-abortion agenda. They’ll hold Trump accountable in November.”

Last night, Trump wasn’t the only candidate touting their record of stripping people's rights. Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis faced off — throwing out buzzy phrases like “pro-life for the whole life,” and claiming to have “compassion” for women.

But the facts are clear. Neither cares about protecting our health, lives, and futures.

Both Haley and DeSantis  have pledged to sign a national abortion ban. They each approved abortion bans that deny people control over their bodies, even in circumstances of rape or incest. And both attacked programs critical to people’s health: Haley blocked Medicaid expansion, and DeSantis opposed multiple initiatives to expand Medicaid coverage.




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