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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Abortion is on the ballot in Pennsylvania. In less than one week, voters will head to the polls to elect a new state Supreme Court justice in a race that will likely play a critical role in determining the future of reproductive rights across the state. GOP candidate Carolyn Carluccio may try to hide it, but her position on abortion is clear. She cannot be trusted to uphold precedent, has been evasive about how she will rule on cases related to abortion, and supports anti-abortion fake clinics. See what Pennsylvania voters are reading about Carluccio and what’s at stake for their rights this election: 

Washington Post: How abortion is playing in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court race

  • “But the race has emerged as yet another test case for abortion rights. Democratic-leaning groups and abortion rights proponents are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on ads focusing on the issue, underscoring the potency of abortion rights and the power state Supreme Courts have in post-Roe America.”
  • “[A]t least two antiabortion groups in the state are encouraging voters to put [Pennsylvania Superior Court Judge Daniel McCaffery’s] Republican opponent, Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas Judge Carolyn Carluccio, on the bench.”

Philadelphia Inquirer Editorial: Judge Daniel D. McCaffery belongs on the Pa. Supreme Court | Endorsement

  • “In a meeting with this board, Carluccio said she would follow the law in Pennsylvania regarding abortion. She said she did not scrub the ‘all life’ language from her website, but rather a political consultant ‘updated’ it before the primary. Bottom line: The antiabortion language was removed before election season.”
  • “Voters deserve judges who follow the law and not the political winds. Fortunately, the commonwealth has a highly qualified and fair judge in McCaffery — the best choice for the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.”

Rolling Stone: Meet The TikTok Billionaire Whose Campaign Cash Is Fueling the GOP’s Abortion Fights

  • “‘Republican leaders in Pennsylvania over the years have shown their cards, and we want to make sure that we’re able to have a champion on that front,’ says Breana Ross, campaign director at Planned Parenthood Votes. Ross points too, to a case that will be before the court soon that could have a positive impact on abortion access: Allegheny Reproductive Health Center v. Pa. Department of Human Services has the potential to require the state to cover abortion through Medicaid — and also explicitly affirm the right to reproductive autonomy as part of the Pennsylvania constitution.”
  • “When she was asked on a candidate questionnaire whether she believed Roe was ‘egregiously wrong’ from the start, Carluccio declined to answer, explaining that disclosing her views might force her to recuse herself from abortion-related cases in the future.”

HuffPost: Pennsylvania Supreme Court Race Tests Democrats’ Post-Roe Strategy On Abortion Rights

  • “Though she has made few public statements on her abortion position, Carluccio has been endorsed by state-level anti-abortion groups, including PA Pro-Life Federation and the Pro-Life Coalition of Pennsylvania. Those endorsements were touted in mailers during the Republican Party primary by Commonwealth Leaders Fund, an independent expenditure group funded by libertarian investor Jeffrey Yass.”
  • “‘Abortion is clearly on the ballot here,’ Breana Ross, campaign director for Planned Parenthood Votes, said. ‘The key is to make sure we’re educating voters on how this election will affect abortion access.’”

Daily Kos: Republican Pennsylvania Supreme Court candidate is trying to hide extreme views

  • “So this is the choice Pennsylvania voters have: They can vote for McCaffery, who the Inquirer described as ‘a highly qualified and fair judge’ who is ‘the best choice for the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.’”
  • “Or they can vote for Carluccio, whose position on abortion disappeared from her website during the campaign, who has encouraged a legal challenge to a bipartisan voting law that’s already been upheld by the state Supreme Court once, and whose first answer when asked if the president won the last presidential election was, ‘I have no idea.’”


Planned Parenthood Votes is an independent expenditure political committee registered with the Federal Election Commission.