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ICYMI: Mike Pence Holding NC Event at a Clinic That Falsely Ties Abortion to Breast Cancer

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, September 1, 2020
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Planned Parenthood Votes Pressroom

Washington, DC — On Thursday, Vice President Mike Pence will visit Gateway Women's Care, one of thousands of so-called “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” (CPCs) across the country. CPCs are psuedo providers that withhold information about birth control, including emergency contraception, or safe and legal abortion. Pence's visit is part of the administration's continued effort to promote its ideological agenda against science-based reproductive health. Even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Trump/Pence administration chooses to deny people's autonomy and reproductive rights rather than lead the country through a monumental public health crisis that has left almost 200,000 Americans dead and millions unemployed. 

Today, in a damning fact check, CNN released evidence on Gateway's harmful pattern of disinformation around abortion that endangers people’s lives. Falsehoods include Gateway's  spread of debunked myths about “abortion pill reversal,” an unfounded practice found to be too dangerous to research, as well as disproven  links between abortion and breast cancer.

Read more about how the vice president is advancing dangerous lies and distortions about  abortion during his CPC event this week:

CNN: Mike Pence to visit women's health clinic that falsely ties abortion to breast cancer
By Betsy Klein, September 1, 2020

  • Sarah Riddle, a spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood Votes in North Carolina, blasted the announced visit. "It says all you need to know about the priorities of the Trump-Pence administration when the vice president comes to our state not to talk about tackling the Covid-19 pandemic or systemic racism, but to visit a fake women's health center and spread more lies about abortion and reproductive health care," she said.

  • Gateway promotes misleading information regarding abortion on its website, specifically the assertion that abortion can lead to breast cancer.Studies linking abortion to breast cancer were found to have flawed methodology.

  • "Scientific research studies have not found a cause-and-effect relationship between abortion and breast cancer," the American Cancer Society's website says.

  • Gateway Women's Care also promotes the practice of so-called "abortion pill" reversal. "If you have started the process for a medical abortion (Abortion Pill) you may be able to reverse it in some cases," the website says. A 2019 trial designed to study the "abortion reversal" treatment was stopped early due to safety concerns.


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