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WE DECIDE 2020: Planned Parenthood Votes Launches Most Far-Reaching Electoral Program in Montana

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, September 10, 2020
CONTACT: Planned Parenthood Votes Media Office; 212-261-4433; [email protected]
Planned Parenthood Votes Pressroom

Planned Parenthood advocacy and political organizations kick off 2020 Montana electoral program in earnest to mobilize supporters across the state to vote for champions for reproductive health

BILLINGS, Montana — Today, Planned Parenthood Votes launched its electoral program in Montana as part of “We Decide 2020,” the people-powered electoral program to elect champions for reproductive rights up and down the 2020 ballot. We Decide 2020 is the largest electoral program ever for Planned Parenthood advocacy and political organizations with a historic investment of at least $45 million in key battleground states. 

From now until election day, Planned Parenthood Votes and Planned Parenthood Advocates of Montana PAC (PPAMT PAC)  will work on a nearly one million dollar program to mobilize supporters to vote for champions for reproductive rights up and down the ballot, and build on their power for the upcoming election. Planned Parenthood Votes will support Planned Parenthood Action Fund-endorsed candidates Governor Steve Bullock and Kathleen Williams, and PPAMT PAC will support Planned Parenthood Advocates of Montana-endorsed candidate Lt. Governor Mike Cooney and more. 

Statement from Laura Terrill, Planned Parenthood Votes’ Montana spokesperson: 

“Montanans are keenly aware of what’s at stake for reproductive health care this November. For years, we’ve had a leader in Steve Bullock who has consistently protected access to safe, legal abortion and expanded health care access in Montana. But in Washington, politicians like Steve Daines have done everything in their power to attack our health care, take away our rights, and put the government between Montanans and their doctors. This year, we have an opportunity  to make sure our reproductive health and rights are protected at every level of government. We are going to make that opportunity count.”  

As the country grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic and an administration that refuses to respect facts to protect our health, Planned Parenthood Votes will be running an innovative program with an emphasis on outreach that keeps volunteers and voters safe. Planned Parenthood Votes and PPAMT PAC will invest nearly one million dollars in a robust voter contact and digital advertising program that lays out the contrast between the candidates and  helps voters cast their ballots by mail or polling place in counties where that is an option. 

From Steve Daines to Greg Gianforte, from Donald Trump to Matt Rosendale — politicians on the Montana ballot this November have built careers out of attacking our health care and trying to outlaw abortion in our state. Every race up and down the ballot is going to be critically important to protecting our right to make our own reproductive health care decisions. Montanans deserve leaders who will fight nonstop for us — and that's why Planned Parenthood advocacy and political organizations and our supporters will be working to ensure we elect true reproductive rights champions this November. 

Voters want champions for reproductive health — including the right to access a safe and legal abortion — in public office, according to polls. Support for abortion access is near an all-time high, and there is no state in the nation where banning abortion is popular. In both the 2018 and 2019 elections, voters overwhelmingly elected reproductive health champions, and soundly rejected the attacks from  politicians who oppose abortion. For a fact sheet with more details on why supporting abortion is a winning political issue, click here

The stakes for reproductive rights in Montana could not be higher. From now until Election Day, Planned Parenthood advocacy and political organizations will be working to ensure that Montanans turn out in force at the ballot box to support reproductive rights champions. 

Planned Parenthood Action Fund Endorsed Candidates: 

Governor Bullock 

  • Bullock has held the line against anti-abortion legislation that could have erased abortion access in the state, and touted his record of stopping every attack on "a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions" as Montana's governor. 

  • Bullock supports Roe v. Wade, saying "We are 45 years past Roe v. Wade — we ought to have human beings promoting and protecting women's health, not trying to tear it apart." 

  • Under Bullock’s leadership during his two terms as Montana governor, health care became more affordable, and more than 90,000 Montanans were able to get coverage by enrolling in Medicaid expansion. 

  • Bullock has always been a steadfast advocate for Title X, the nation's only affordable birth control program, signing a bill in 2015 to "take federal funding of low-income women's health programs out of legislative debate."

    • Bullock joined other Democratic governors in threatening to sue the Trump administration over the domestic gag rule on Title X, stating in the letter, "We stand with women and men in our states by rejecting this administration’s efforts to interfere in the doctor-patient relationship, gut women’s access to family planning services, and force medical professionals to knowingly withhold information from their patients."


Kathleen Williams

  • Williams has vowed to preserve and expand upon important provisions in the Affordable Care Act, including protecting coverage for those with pre-existing conditions and allowing people to stay on their parents’ insurance until they’re 26.” 

  • Williams spoke out against the unconstitutional abortion bans in Georgia, Alabama, and Missouri. 

  • Williams supports the right to safe, legal abortion, and wants people to “retain their ability to make their own health care decisions without government interference.” 

  • In Congress, Williams will protect Medicare and Medicaid.


Planned Parenthood Advocates of Montana Endorsed Candidates: 

Lt. Governor Mike Cooney

  • Mike Cooney trusts women and supports our constitutional right to safe and legal access to abortion. Lt Governor Cooney has promised to veto any abortion restrictions passed by the legislature. 

  • Mike Cooney served as Executive Director of Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies, and helped provide essential health care to an additional 12,000 children across Montana.

  • Cooney has a “Keep Montana Healthy Plan” that will preserve Montana’s Medicaid expansion, protect those of us with pre-existing conditions, bring down the cost of prescription drugs, increase access to rural health, address Native American health disparities, and require insurance companies operating in the state of Montana to fully cover the cost of COVID-19 testing and treatment. 

PPAMT is particularly proud to be working to elect State Legislative champions across the state and will be prioritizing Jasmine Taylor (HD 22), Rep. Jasmine Krotkov (HD 25), Helena Lovick (HD 26), Rep. Jade Bahr (HD 50), Anne Guiliano (HD 51), Hannah Olson (HD 52), Brian Popel (HD 64) and Senator Margie MacDonald (SD 26).

The full list of PPAMT endorsed candidates can be viewed here


Planned Parenthood Votes is an independent expenditure political committee registered with the Federal Election Commission.