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What is the purpose of a walkout?

What does this accomplish?

  • The Bans Off Our Bodies Walkout is a national day of action to amplify the fight for abortion rights across the U.S., show support for abortion providers, and set the stage for future actions over the next few months. We’ll make it clear that we won’t back down — not now, not ever. 
  • We are all devastated by the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and allow states across the country to ban abortion. Planned Parenthood supporters, others in this movement, and corporate allies are looking for ways to keep the spotlight on the decision, and efforts to undermine abortion rights by lawmakers, and the impact this has on our rights and freedom. 
  • Abortion providers and other health care staff are doing everything they can to keep providing this essential care to patients who need it. The walkout allows people to applaud and show gratitude for those who give love and care to women and pregnant people every day. 
  • The walkout is intended to recognize people across the U.S. who are seeking abortion in states where abortion is already banned. They are being denied their fundamental health care rights. Our movement is walking out to reinforce the injustice that, post Roe falling, half of our country is now living in states that can deny equal access to health care and human rights. 
  • Since the June 24 decision, 13 states have already put bans into effect. The walkout sounds a loud message: This is not business as usual.

Are the health centers also walking out? 

  • This walkout is a show of solidarity and support for Planned Parenthood’s health center staff and others who provide reproductive health care. As Planned Parenthood staff at the national and local affiliate level play key roles in ensuring access to sexual and reproductive health care, staff will not be walking out. But, like others who cannot walk out, all are welcome to participate in the online conversation to stand with abortion care providers across the U.S.
  • As providers of essential sexual and reproductive health care services, including abortion, Planned Parenthood health center hours should not be affected by the walkout.

My local health center is open.
Why aren't they taking part in the walkout?

  • Planned Parenthood health centers are an essential part of the country’s health care infrastructure. The walkout should not impact the hours or services of Planned Parenthood health centers or their ability to provide care. 
  • While Planned Parenthood employees will not be leaving work early, they may choose to stand in solidarity with their colleagues and abortion providers by posting about the walkout on social media.

Where can I find a rally for the national walkout?

Where do we meet up in [X] city?

Can I start a rally of my own?

  • The Bans Off Our Bodies Walkout does not have a rally or meet up. 
  • Find out more information about how to be involved at BansOff.org

What should those who can't walk out do?

How does the walkout support those impacted by abortion bans?

How does it support clinics that are closing? 

  • The Bans Off Our Bodies Walkout is part of a larger mobilization this summer. If you’re not able to participate on July 13, or if a walkout just isn’t for you, keep an eye on BansOff.org to find out about future events. 
  • For people who want to participate and do not have the ability to leave work early, there are many different ways to take part in the Bans Off Our Bodies Walkout:
    • Post about the walkout on your social channels in solidarity with those who are walking out and in support of abortion providers and staff;
    • Donate to a local abortion fund;
    • Share your abortion story on social using #WhateverTheReason, 
    • Talk to your friends about abortion; and
    • Learn more about how you can take action at BansOff.org.

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