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Planned Parenthood Generation Action

Planned Parenthood Generation Action...

...is a network of young activists across the country who organize events on their campuses and in their communities to:

  • Mobilize advocates for reproductive freedom
  • Raise public awareness about reproductive health and rights
  • Educate young people about sexual health
  • Create lasting change in their communities

With more than 350 campus groups across the country, Planned Parenthood Generation Action is harnessing the power, energy, and enthusiasm of young people to fight for reproductive freedom and for fundamental justice for all.

Young people are THE changemakers in the fight to protect and expand our reproductive health care and our rights.

Young people have the ability to change our country and our states for the better.  Why? Because they know exactly what's at stake.  Learn more and prepare to be inspired:


Blogs from Young Changemakers

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In their own words, four young organizers discuss why they push for public policies that truly represent the Latinx community — and work to protect access to health care.

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Gun violence claims 100 lives every day in the United States. No other developed nation experiences gun violence of this magnitude.

Poll: 77% of Americans Want Abortion to Remain Safe and Legal

A recent survey shows overwhelming support for abortion access — and opposition to overturning Roe v. Wade.


Black History Month for White People

Black History Month should be a time of celebration for everyone.

To the Editor: The Tears I Shed Allow Me to Debate

I was utterly devastated by Donald Trump’s victory. I’m an undocumented student with DACA and I cannot vote.

What Young LGBT People Need To Hear After The Election

Know that there are millions who will fight for you because we know that you belong, that you are deserving of love and respect. That you matter.

The Election Didn’t Shatter Your Health Care Overnight — But Get Ready to Fight for Your Reproductive Rights

Here's what you need to know to fight like hell and make sure everyone in this country still has access to reproductive health care.