Planned Parenthood organizations work each and every day to protect and advance the sexual and reproductive rights of African Americans, who face numerous obstacles to obtaining affordable, high-quality health care services. Planned Parenthood is committed to increasing access and reducing racial disparities in reproductive health care, including the high rates of cancers, sexually transmitted infections, and unintended pregnancy among African Americans. We will continue to work tirelessly for a health care system that provides affordable, high-quality care and treats all people with dignity.

Celebrating Black History Month

The 2016 theme of “Past, Present and Future” challenges us to reflect on our history, assess how far we have come, and envision the world we want — a world of freedom and justice for all people.

Who We Are

Planned Parenthood (PP) Black Community works toward robust and flourishing African-American communities by partnering with institutions serving African Americans. In collaboration with our partners, PP Black Community seeks to create health equity and prosperity and reduce health disparities, especially around reproductive health.

Our Issues

Given the legacy of race and racism in the United States, the reproductive health challenges and opportunities that the nation faces are similar but often exacerbated for the Black community. They affect the community in very specific and unique ways.

In the Community

Through health, education, and advocacy we work within the community to engage African Americans in changing the discourse around sexual and reproductive health.