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Want to know which politicians running for office have — ahem — mysteriously changed their stances on abortion rights since they realized voters are not on their side? 

Planned Parenthood Votes has the receipts. Let's take a walk down memory lane.

1. Blake Masters 

Blake Masters, running for U.S. Senate in Arizona, wiped his website clean of any mention of his support for a national abortion ban. Funny thing: his website said he supported a national abortion ban just two weeks ago.


Blake Masters: *frantically scrubbing his website of his position on abortion rights, thinking we won’t notice it said he supported a national ab0rti@n ban last week * Us: screenshots exist.🧐 #AZSen

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2. Barbara Kirkmeyer

Barbara Kirkmeyer, who is running for Congress in Colorado, also removed her extremist abortion views from her campaign website. Interesting how these abortion-ban supporting candidates changed their views on abortion AFTER the primary, hm?

3. Bo Hines

Bo Hines, running for Congress in North Carolina, no longer has any mention of abortion on his website. Before … it said he believes “life begins at conception.”

(Hear a sound? Those are the shoes of anti-abortion politicians trying to run from their records as fast as they can.)  

4. Tom Barrett

Barrett, running for Congress in Michigan, has also scrubbed his website of any evidence of his extreme views on abortion. 

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5. Christian Castelli

Castelli, a nominee for Congress from North Carolina, has a website that — before his primary — displayed his out-of-touch anti-abortion views. 

Now, after the primary? Not so much:

6. Tyler Kistner

In 2020, this Minnesota candidate for Congress was "100% pro-life" — or in other words, pro taking your rights and making your health care decisions for you.

In 2022, Kistner strangely has — surprise — no mention of his stance on abortion on his website.

We could keep going — but you get the picture. Listing all the candidates scrubbing their records in this election might soon take all day.

Here's the bottom line, though: anti-abortion extremists are trying to hide their views because they know the power we have at the polls.

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