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We voted for new leaders and new possibilities. We won't rest until every single vote is counted. Mark our words: We will be heard.

It's Nov. 4, and we still don't know who our next president is going to be. But we did know this unprecedented election season would have delays. As the votes are counted, we're confident democracy is working.

We also know this: Our movement is strong because of you. Your vote and your voice matters.

Fight for Democracy. Demand Every Vote Gets Counted.

Right now, Trump and his allies are working against democracy. We won’t stand for it. Our vote is our voice, and we won’t be ignored. 

We will not rest until every single ballot is counted nationwide. Our reproductive freedom, health care access, and rights are on the line.

Sign the “Count My Vote” petition!

What's Happening Now

In states across the country, Planned Parenthood advocacy and political organizations are working to make sure that every cast ballot is counted.

And if Trump tries to play any games between now and the inauguration, Planned Parenthood advocacy and political organizations across the country are ready to push back.

In the meantime, you can track your mail-in/absentee ballot with this VoteAmerica tracker.

Celebrate the Silver Linings

While we wait and work to ensure every vote is counted, we can celebrate what we’ve already achieved!

Planned Parenthood Advocacy and Political Organizations

With “We Decide 2020,” Planned Parenthood advocacy and political organizations led their largest electoral program ever. This year, Planned Parenthood advocacy and political organizations contacted more than 5 million voters to get out the vote. And get out the vote they did.

Record Turnout

Americans faced daunting challenges as they cast their votes. And yet, total turnout is the highest in this country since 1900. People sent their ballots in by mail and showed up early in-person in record numbers. In fact, more than 101.1 million people voted early in-person and by mail to help protect themselves and others against the threat of COVID-19; many of those votes still need to be counted — and they will be.

Retaining U.S. House Majority

One big win: The pro-reproductive health majority in the U.S. House of Representatives is here to stay! This demonstrates that voters want representatives who will expand their access to health care, including sexual and reproductive care.

U.S. Senate Victories

Voters also showed up to elect many reproductive health champions to the U.S. Senate. Their votes show that supporting safe, legal abortion is a winning political issue. 

Reproductive rights champions who were up for reelection held onto their seats:

  • Minnesota: Tina Smith won reelection to a second term. She once served as executive vice president of external affairs for Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota.

  • Virginia: Sen. Mark Warner won reelection to a third term.

  • New Hampshire: Sen. Jeanne Shaheen won reelection to a third term.

  • New Jersey: Sen. Cory Booker won reelection to a second term.

State Wins

Voters in states across the nation heelected health and reproductive rights champions up and down the ballot.

  • In Georgia’s 5th district, Nikema Williams will be the next representative and she will carry on Rep. John Lewis's legacy. Williams spent almost eight years as vice president of public policy for Planned Parenthood Southeast Advocates.

  • In North Carolina, Gov. Roy Cooper was reelected — securing a reproductive rights champion as the state’s leader for another four years. 

  • Election night was one of historic firsts: In Delaware, Sarah McBride became the first openly transgender state senator nationwide and the first trans member of Delaware's legislature.

With all these leaders in office and on our side, we can get to work on not only protecting — but expanding — access to sexual and reproductive health care.

There is a source of power in each of us that we don’t realize until we take responsibility.

—Diane Nash


Moving Forward, Side-By-Side

This time of uncertainty is another moment to unite. And we know how to do that. 

We held candlelight vigils for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. We marched together all over the country to denounce white supremacy and protest police murdering Black people and terrorizing Black communities. When Trump implemented a travel ban, people protested at airports to show that Muslims and immigrants belong here, too. 

Hope is a woman who has lost her fear.

—Alice Walker


It’s time to lean on each other, to join together to call for justice once again.

You may feel completely drained right now. Maybe you're exhausted from having fought so hard for so long. Or maybe you’re just tired of it all. We get it. To everyone who shares the values of justice, equality, and democracy: We’re with you. You’re not alone.

We know we’re resilient. We can beat back the greatest threat to reproductive freedom, health care access, and civil rights in a generation. Let’s stick together to defend our freedom to control our bodies, our health, and our futures.

We have to be visible. We have to show the world that we're numerous.

—Sylvia Rivera


Ready to Fight to the End? So Are We!

We’re in the home stretch. Remember what we’re fighting for: the ability for everyone — regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or income level — to live the life they want.

Our North Star has always been a world in which your body is your own. Now, we’re ready to write a new chapter where we take full control of our bodies and our rights. 

No matter what lies ahead, we’re always by your side — fighting for you. 


Three ways to take action if you have 1 minute to spare:

  • Add your name to the Count My Vote petition to demand state election officials count EVERY vote.

  • Get your friends to text COUNT to 22422 to receive the petition.  

  • Share the #CountEveryVote hashtag on social media.

If you have 1 hour to spare:

  • Join the supporter briefing on Thursday, Nov. 5, at 8 p.m.

  • Planned Parenthood Action Fund and Planned Parenthood Votes will share an analysis of the election results to date, celebrate the work supporters did, and talk about the fight ahead to make sure every vote is counted.

Sign the "Count My Vote" Petition

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