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Washington, DC –– Since the beginning, Donald Trump’s campaign has been spreading his toxic message of sexism, racism, xenophobia, and hate. This week, Donald Trump has shown us what it means to put Steve Bannon — a leader of the sexist, racist, white supremacist “alt-right” movement — in charge of his campaign. It means that Trump has doubled-down on the same disgusting, dishonest stereotypes about African-American and Latino communities that the Breitbart site has peddled for years. All of this while Trump asks for the votes of these very communities and claims, as he told Anderson Cooper on CNN last night, “If they actually heard me, they wouldn’t be insulted at all.”


Statement from Daniela Ramirez, Assistant Director of Latino Media, Planned Parenthood Action Fund:


“Women of color are listening to you, Donald Trump. We heard you call Mexicans rapists and drug smugglers on the first day of your campaign. We’ve heard you say you want to kick out immigrants, keep out Muslims, and punish women who have abortions. We’ve heard your lies and insults about us, your incitement of violence against us, and your policies that would harm us and our families.  


“We will not tolerate the continued racist and sexist rhetoric being levied against the communities who have the most to lose in this election.


“Now you dare to tell us we should vote for you because we have nothing to lose. The truth is, under a Trump presidency, we could lose our health care, our reproductive rights, our voting rights, our jobs, our families — even our right to be in this country.


“We hear you, Donald Trump, and we are extremely insulted — and that’s why women of color are going to make sure we keep you out of the White House.”