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GOP senators facing tough reelection races in 2016 are running away as fast as they can from Donald Trump’s racist remarks about U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel.


Kelly Ayotte thinks Trump’s comments were “offensive.” Ron Johnson “disagrees” with Trump. Rob Portman thinks his remarks are a “distraction.” Joe Heck says he’s “wrong.” Pat Toomey is just refusing to answer. Chuck Grassley said he “would not say what Trump said.”


Yet, despite Trump’s blatantly racist remarks, each of these senators continues to support Donald Trump for president of this country. And what’s worse, they continue to block President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee in hopes that Donald Trump will appoint the next justice.


ICYMI: Huffington Post: GOP Senators Rip Trump’s Racist Attack On Judge, But Still Want Him To Fill SCOTUS Seat


“Republican senators are rushing to condemn Donald Trump’s statement that a Mexican-American judge can’t be impartial because of his ethnicity. They’ve called his comments “wrong,” “offensive” and the “definition of ‘racism.’”


“But they’ve just put themselves in a bind: those same senators are still arguing, somehow, that Trump is the best person to fill the Supreme Court vacancy, along with dozens of other federal court seats they’re holding open for the next president.”


“They’ve been holding out for a Republican president in the White House, who would, presumably, put forward judicial nominees more to their liking. Yet now that it’s clear that their party’s nominee will be Trump — a man many of them don’t like much — they’re still holding the Supreme Court spot open for him, regardless of indications that he may blatantly discriminate against certain types of people.”